Poll: Ore Monogatari!!, Sekaiichi Hatsukoi, Strawberry Panic

We’re halfway through both Gakkougurashi and Another. So here’s the next poll, a little earlier than usual because I want to leave it up for longer. And the genre this time is…



This is me, biting the bullet. I’ve been putting off the Romance category for so damn long but I figured I should stop being a chicken and get on with it. So here we have three 2-cour shows, one each with m/f, f/f and m/m pairs. Which one I watch is up to you. This time around, I’ll only blog one show because it’s way beyond me to simultaneously watch and review two romance anime.

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Another Episode 07 – Sphere Joint


The last episode ended with 9-3’s homeroom teacher pulling a knife on them and acting in disturbing ways. I thought he was going to attack them but no, he just rips up own throat. It’s gruesome. Arterial spray and traumatized kids everywhere.

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Review: Free!

Anime: Free! – Iwatobi Swim Club

Studio: Kyoto Animation

Episodes: 12

Original Run: Jul 4, 2013 to Sep 26, 2013

Genres: Sports, Drama, Slice of Life


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Review: Diabolik Lovers

Anime: Diabolik Lovers

Studio: Zexcs

Episodes: 12

Original Run: Sep 16, 2013 to Dec 9, 2013

Genres: Abuse, Crime Against Humanity, Bullshit


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Gakkougurashi! Episode 6 – Welcome


Miki takes over the narration in this episode and continues the story from after she was rescued by the other three girls.

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Another Episode 06 – Face to Face


Last episode ended with Mei and Kouichi in the former’s home, talking about 9-3’s messy business, and this one continues that conversation. We see that the class actually asked Mei about her being cast in the role of the outcast. It’s not much of a choice since it’s ‘agree or risk death’ so she complies. There’s also a glimpse of Izumi, Blondie and Kazami discussing how Kouichi transferring has resulted in an extra student. Turns out Izumi did check if he were the horrorterror thing (yes, I insist on calling the extra dead student that) but concluded he wasn’t because a) he hasn’t lived in Yomiyama before and b) his hands weren’t cold.

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Attack on Titan Episode 37 – Scream


As with the last episode, I’ll skip the recap and dive right into commentary. There was a lot going in this season finale and not all of it makes complete sense yet. But damn if it wasn’t a wild spectacle.

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Review: Blood Lad

Anime: Blood Lad

Studio: Brain’s Base

Episodes: 10

Original Run: Jul 8, 2013 to Sep 9, 2013

Genres: Supernatural, Action, Comedy

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Review: Deadman Wonderland

Anime: Deadman Wonderland

Studio: Manglobe

Episodes: 12

Original Run: Apr 17, 2011 to Jul 3, 2011

Genres: Action, Science-Fiction, Horror

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The Entertainer Blogger Award

It’s been a while since I did one of these posts. My apologies to those who tagged me. I haven’t been able to find the time for an award in a while. But today I was just languishing with no motivation and then meltingpotsandothercalamities tagged me for an award I hadn’t done yet so I thought I’d go ahead with it. You should check out their blog – it’s got a lot of interesting material from anime reviews to fun tags.

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