Review: Another

Anime: Another

Studio: P.A Works

Episodes: 12

Original Run: Jan 10, 2012 to Mar 27, 2012

Genres: Horror, Mystery, Thriller

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Review: Steins;Gate

Anime: Steins;Gate

Studio: White Fox

Episodes: 24

Original Run: Apr 6, 2011 to Sep 14, 2011

Genres: Science Fiction, Thriller, Romance

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Favorite Scenes: Shiki

I’ve been planning to do this post for ages but it’s late to no one’s surprise. I’m half-afraid I’ve forgotten most of Shiki but that’s what re-watching is for, yes?

Shiki is a vampire horror anime that I’ve already gushed about a couple of times on this blog. It starts slow but is brimming with atmosphere from beginning to end, and the overall product is something wholly unique. This list contains the parts from Shiki that I found really striking. I wouldn’t say that they represent the best of this anime. That’s for you to decide yourselves. This is, as always, my own taste.

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Review: Lord Marksman and Vanadis

Anime: Madan no Ou to Vanadis ||  Lord Marksman and Vanadis

Studio: Satelight

Episodes: 13

Original Run: Oct 4, 2014 to Dec 27, 2014

Genres: Fantasy, Adventure, Romance

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Time to slow down and postpone

Now that my episodic reviews of Another and Gakkougurashi are complete, I should be gearing up to sink my teeth into My Love Story which won the last poll by a large margin.

Unfortunately, that’s not going to happen just yet.

Actually, it’s not going to happen for a while.

Since the first week of May, I’ve been chilling at home, waiting for my results to come. Now they’re here and I got to get ready to tackle grad school. I don’t know where I’ll be going but it’s sure to involve moving into dorms. There’s a lot of things to do before that too but I’m sure none of you want to know the fine details of my life.

Bottom line is that starting this week, my schedule is going to be hectic. Even I don’t know what I’ll be doing or when.

My time for anime is going to be cut down drastically especially since I’ll be devoting a lot of my free time to my writing and also some good old fashioned reading.

I’ll still watch anime of course and I very much intend to be active in blogging. There will be weekly posts and I’ll keep visiting other blogs.

But episodic reviews are going to be shelved for the time being. I suck at brevity so each one ends up roughly 1000 words long and I’ve taken to posting them daily. I could easily keep up with that before but not anymore. Rather than post them on a less frequent basis, I’ve decided to postpone them entirely until I’m properly settled in whatever college I end up.

It may take a few months. I am a lazy pancake who’s not looking forward to all the hassle but eh, c’est la vie.

Thanks for listening to me ramble on.

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Gakkougurashi! 12 – Graduation



The first batch of zombies Yuki runs into on her way to the broadcasting room is distracted with a fire extinguisher but she runs into another group just in front of her destination and is caught. She can’t really use the bat she’s carrying and it seems like all hope is lost before an infected Taroumaru charges the zombies near her, helping her out.

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Gakkougurashi! Episode 11 – Scar



Last episode ended with the barricade giving away as the zombies all rush inside the building to avoid the rain. Now we have Yuki whose delusion breaks just in time for a zombie of her classmate to show up. Yuuri hears her scream and turns to see a lone zombie shuffling past the room she and Kurumi are in. And Miki, who’s crying over Taroumaru’s fate, is cornered by a number of zombies.

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Gakkougurashi! Episode 10 – Rainy Day


Miki and Yuuri are in the club room and Miki has finished the book she got at the mall, which is about a group of kids travelling with their dog after their home burns down during a war. It has a sad ending where the dog dies.

Guess who’s gonna be dead this episode.

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Another Episode 12 – Stand By Oneself


I’m not even sure if I should do this session for this episode because most of it can be summed up in four words: attempted murder and murder.

But lemme try anyway.

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Another Episode 11 – Make-Up


The first scene is of Izumi being told by her friend in glasses, Takako, that she knew a girl named Misaki in elementary school but that she’s not the Misaki they now know.

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