Terror in Resonance Episode 1 – Falling

I conducted a poll last week, featuring Terror in Resonance, Hellsing Ultimate and Deadman Wonderland as options for my first, experimental episodic posts. Terror in Resonance won with 40% votes and so here we are. Thank you, voters, for sharing your opinions and saving me from having to flip a coin.


Two boys with loudly hinted dark pasts blow shit up and kill people. A girl with no friends and her fair share of issues is dragged into the mess.


I’ve been looking forward to Terror in Resonance ever since I first came across it, mostly because I wanted to see how they would handle having teenage terrorists as protagonists.

In the first episode, we’re introduced to the three main players. Nine, a brooding boy of few words, and Twelve, a hyper-energetic guy with a few loose screws, are the aforementioned duo with dark pasts. The third one is Lisa, a quiet, troubled girl who seems to be isolated from her peers and also bullied. Lisa has a seemingly innocuous encounter with the two while she’s being picked on by some girls. True to anime fashion, both parties leave an impression on each other. Twelve’s bright smile and Nine’s cold eyes draw Lisa’s interest. As for the boys, the look in Lisa’s eyes reminds them of the kids in the ‘institution’ they escaped from. Already, I’m thinking of human experimentation and fun stuff like that.

Both boys transfer into Lisa’s school and during what seems to be a field trip, they blow up a large, populated building presumably using the explosive they stole in the opening scene. Lisa comes across Twelve as he’s placing fluffy pink explosive toys all over the place and the boys rope her into becoming an accomplice with the tried and true technique of ‘join us or die’. Lisa’s a smart girl and chooses not to die. We’ll see whether or not she regrets that since she is now a terrorist and bluntly told that she can’t back out.

Almost forgot the ex-detective who sees a warning video Nine and Twelve put up on the net under the name ‘Sphinx’. I bet he’ll be important later on. He’s in the OP after all.

I don’t have much of an opinion on the characters yet since all we know of them is their basic attitude. They all have potential for sure. The episode as a whole was rather good and I’m interested in seeing how everything will turn out.

Other stuff:

I want to marry that OP. I love the style and the slow, haunting music. The animation in general is fluid and excellent.


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12 Responses to Terror in Resonance Episode 1 – Falling

  1. I like this anime. I guess I gave this average in the past but when I watched it again…..something’s changed. LOL. And yeah! The song is sugoi!

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  2. Karandi says:

    It did have a great opening. I loved this anime and i”m looking forward to seeing your thoughts as it plays out.

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  3. raistlin0903 says:

    Finally…so that was what it was called. I had heard the story of this Anime, but I totally forgot what it was called 😂 Thank you ….well written post by the way: looking forward to the upcoming posts for this 😀

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  4. remyfool says:

    I’ve been meaning to pick this up. I’ll be following your posts of this show with great interest! Maybe I should pick it up too so we can exchange thoughts as we go through it haha.

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  5. Alane says:

    Oh, I’ve never heard of this series, but it looks interesting.

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