Terror in Resonance Episode 2 – Call & Response


The aftermath of the bombing. Plus some more explosions.


I stand corrected of previous episode’s summary. The explosions, which were at Tokyo government office, did not kill people. There were no casualties, only some minor injuries. The police hold a conference where it’s revealed that the bombs used a reaction similar to that used in welding to melt the beams of the building and bring it down. A message is left behind, just 3 letters: VON.

We also see some of Lisa’s home life. Her mother seems to have severe abandonment issues and her treatment of Lisa is tinged with paranoia. No wonder the girl’s got problems. To make matters worse, Twelve kindly informs her that she may be their accomplice but she’s not one of them. I feel sorry for Lisa, dragged into terrorism of all things and left with zero emotional support. She was already a mess before, I don’t imagine this helps any.

Meanwhile, Nine and Twelve prepare for another bombing, complete with an uploaded video that gives the police a riddle from the Oedipus myth to solve. They jump the gun on the solution and mistake the target to be a DNA facility. The ex-detective from the OP, Shibazaki, figures out the actual solution but is too late and there’s an explosion in the Roppongi police station itself. I’m a little disappointed by how the cops screwed up the solution since their mistake was really stupid. But I guess it was the best way to bring Shibazaki back into the force.

What the boys stole in the last episode turns out to be plutonium and not what they used for the bombing like I assumed. Since the message ‘VON’ was left there as well, those in the police who are in the know are rightly worried. So am I (well okay I’m more curious than anything).

Other Stuff:

It’s funny how Twelve’s smile is shown during the OP’s “Your smile is like that of an angel” line when in reality, his smile looks borderline deranged.



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11 Responses to Terror in Resonance Episode 2 – Call & Response

  1. remyfool says:

    The show seems to be going for some minor twists already.
    Poor Lisa.
    I wonder if the ex-detective can match these young terrorists. I wonder if the police can actually do something right before the show ends.

    Gaaah I’ll try to catch up to you soon. You’re pumping these out fast!

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    • D says:

      I have a feeling most of the police will be just chasing their own tails. The ex-detective will probably be more effective. We can hope.

      Blame my lack of self-control. It’s already torture to limit myself to just one episode every other day. It doesn’t help that I really like it so far.

      Liked by 1 person

      • remyfool says:

        I guess that’s to be expected. The idea of an ex-detective being forced to cancel his retirement is kind of cool, to be honest.
        Mmm I feel you. It’s actually impressive that you’re limiting yourself! Hang in there!
        (I’ll try to catch up by the time you write about episode 3, but we will have to see)
        I’m glad to see that you’re enjoying the show thus far!

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  2. Karandi says:

    I really enjoyed the juxtoposition between that lyric in the opening and Twelve’s smile. Actually, I just loved the opening. It is beautiful and really interesting to watch.
    I do have to agree with you about your opinion on the police. It makes no sense that they are all completely useless except that one guy. Though I guess that is the case in almost all of these shows where someone is playing cat and mouse (Death Note anyone).
    Hope your curiosity will be satisfied.

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    • D says:

      Agreed about the opening. I’ve heard bits of it before (mostly that part when Nine is falling) but it’s the beginning that gets me every time. It’s a feast for the eyes as well.

      I’d actually heard that ‘4-2-3’ puzzle before and that was my immediate thought as well but then I noticed that the Sphinx gave ‘2-4-3’ sequence. The police could have cleared it up by just watching the video once more but nope, that would be too smart. You’re right about it being a rather common theme.

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  3. raistlin0903 says:

    Great, reading all these posts are making me even more curious to start watching this Anime now. I think I am going to be moving this one up a few spots on my list. Glad you are enjoying it so far 😀

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  4. When I started watching Terror in Resonance, I was awkwardly angry at Lisa. Maybe her personality and lack of use was getting me. I can’t say how she will evolve as I dropped the series. But the only thing I liked about the anime (before I dropped it) was its opening and yup Twelve’s smile was really ironical.

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    • D says:

      The opening really is something else. I can understand why Lisa would evoke that reaction. I’m mostly indifferent to her at the moment but her situation does suck.

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  5. The Otaku Judge says:

    Nt need to worry. I am sure they only pilfered the plutonium to power a Delorian time machine.

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