Terror in Resonance Episode 4 – Break Through


A third riddle is presented and the police screw up. Again.


The Metropolitan Police Department are left floundering in the aftermath of the last bomb threat. Though they defused the bomb, they’re not any closer to actually finding the culprit. Nine and Twelve have covered their tracks well, and despite some scepticism about mere kids being so skilled, the police are admittedly lost at the moment. Meanwhile, Shibazaki is attempting to get into the heads of the terrorists by visiting the place where Nine worked prior to stealing the plutonium.

Sphinx then releases a third video with yet another riddle from the Oedipus myth. This time, it gets a tremendous amount of public coverage. While Shibazaki tries to solve it, the rest of the police use a hint from some surveillance cams to storm the place where the bomb is despite Sphinx’s warning not to cheat. You can’t blame the police for taking action rather than ‘playing games’ but as expected, their initiative doesn’t end up well. Even Shibazaki finally solving the riddle doesn’t stop the countdown and the detonation turns out to be a mass release of the police reports on the Sphinx case rather than an actual explosion. But all that information is now available to the public and the Metropolitan Police Department now know that one of the terrorists can hack into their database. Yikes.

I’m really curious about Nine and Twelve. They’re clearly not your run-of-the-mill terror group. Apart from the hints that their unpleasant past is a major factor in their actions, we don’t know why they’re doing any of this or even why they’re going about it in such a roundabout manner. At this point, finding out more about them is my main reason for watching this show.

As for Lisa, I was right in speculating that she’s got no place to go after running away. After some miserable time on the streets, Twelve – who has been tracking her – finds her. Lisa wants someone to take her out of this world and Twelve does exactly that. It seems like joining terrorists might be the best thing that’s happened to Lisa in a while, which is really saying something. Nine is none too happy about any of it and is adamant that she can’t be trusted, but then Lisa faints on their doorstep so it’s clear they won’t be sending her away.

Other Stuff:

That hothead young detective is getting on my nerves.

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4 Responses to Terror in Resonance Episode 4 – Break Through

  1. remyfool says:

    The hot headed young detective is getting on nerves, too. Thought he realised that Shibasaki was the real deal after the previous episode, but I guess not.

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