Terror in Resonance Episode 5 – Hide & Seek


Nine and Twelve are outsmarted by a newcomer, which may not be a good thing.


As expected, Nine and Twelve allow the feverish Lisa to recuperate at their place. Their opinions on how to handle her are divided. Twelve wants to let her stay while Nine is reluctant to risk it. Their conversation makes it unclear whether it’s because of the inconvenience she may cause them or any trouble they may cause her. It could be both. Lisa, even after waking, seems far more cheerful than she was during her previous appearances. Her cooking is on par with toxic waste but otherwise, everything’s fine on that front.

The boys set up a fourth bomb, this time on the subway, and give a comparatively easy riddle for the police to solve. Nine seems to have a lot of faith in Shibazaki’s intellect. And it’s justified but interference from the higher-ups prevent the bomb disposal squad from being sent out and phone networks are disabled to prevent Nine and Twelve from deactivating it automatically. Even as the boys scramble to dispose of the bomb manually so that they won’t become mass murderers – killing isn’t their goal at all apparently – an outside force actively works against them, slowing them down and allowing the explosion to occur.

Said outside force turns out to be a foreigner (maybe?) and a girl with white hair named ‘Five’. A white-haired girl did appear in one of Nine’s flashbacks, attempting but failing to escape with them. I’m guessing it’s the same person. Her hacking skills seems superior to Nine’s. Five deems the bombing as appropriate for their reunion. It’s always fun when the crazies show up.

On the bright side, just as Nine hoped, Shibazaki does find the connection between the bomb locations. The owners of all four places attend a seminar run by Rising Peace Academy, a non-profit organization supposedly aiming to improve relations between the government and the people. I’d bet an arm that it’s got something to do with the institution the boys came from.


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11 Responses to Terror in Resonance Episode 5 – Hide & Seek

  1. Karandi says:

    Five was probably my least favorite character in this series. She could have been awesome but they just seem to do nothing of note with her.

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  2. raistlin0903 says:

    Okay….this is now the next thing I am going to be watching (definitely because of your reviews). I already thought this show would be worth my time, but from what you are describing it really is right up my alley 😀 I am currently in the middle of Psycho-Pass (oh wow is that good 😀), but after finishing, this will be next. Great posts these!

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    • D says:

      Thank you 😀
      I know I haven’t finished this yet but it’s a solid show so far and I don’t think you’ll regret watching it.

      I’m happy to hear you like Psycho Pass. I loved that anime. Looking forward to you review too.


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  4. paintdigi says:

    Good posts, beautiful blog.
    Welcome to see my creations:

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  5. remyfool says:

    And here I thought the white haired child in the flashbacks was a boy.

    It’s a shame to hear how little she apparently contributes. If I hadn’t known that, I would be really excited.

    (Resisting the urge to tv tropes this is haaard)

    At least the hothead seemed more reasonable this time.

    Liked by 1 person

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