Terror in Resonance Episode 6 – Ready or Not


A chess game resumes with people’s lives on the line.


America decides to join (more like take over) the investigation, citing the stolen plutonium as the reason for their interest in a domestic case of serial bombing. But since Five is part of the American delegation, I’m sceptical about their intentions. She has already allowed one explosion to take place and is now actively working towards another so that she can play a game with Nine. Even capturing the two seems to be a secondary priority. With heroes like these, who needs villains? Alright, Five and the blond guy with her are most certainly not our heroes but still, they are in positions of authority that should be used for protecting the people, not endangering them.

The subway bomb had no casualties but then Five, posing as Sphinx, sends out a riddle. Its solution reveals that there’s a bomb at an airport which is on Nine and Twelve’s list of targets. Shibazaki and the rest of the Metropolitan Police Department are ordered to stay put and twiddle their thumbs and leave everything to the bomb disposal squad (y’know, the same one that did jackshit during the subway incident). Shibazaki has doubts not only about the riddle’s authenticity but also of the way the bomb threat is being handled. He sets out to do his lone wolf thing but is joined by a number of other detectives.

Meanwhile, Twelve and Nine also set out to disarm the bomb. Knowing it’s a trap and assuming they’ll be caught, they reluctantly take a very willing Lisa with them. She made me cringe a little in this episode but I’m eager to see her actually do something.

Anyway, now we have three distinct groups: Nine and Twelve whose ultimate goal is still unknown, Shibazaki and the rest of the police who are (officially) helpless, and the FBI’s Counterterrorism Division whose motives are rather suspicious.

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3 Responses to Terror in Resonance Episode 6 – Ready or Not

  1. remyfool says:

    Lisa was very much the helpless damsel this episode. Hopefully she does something in the next episode.

    I…actually sort of ship Five with Nine. Her irises really shrunk once she saw him for the first time in years. But she’s crazy so yeah…

    The headstrong youngster was actually kind of cool this episode. Shibazaki is the coolest character in the show, though. I may it may not appreciate cool older dudes in anime to an astonishing degree.

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    • D says:

      I watched episode 7 and she gets better. Kind of.

      Haha all hail foe yay. I can see how Five’s fixation in Nine can be given some shippy undertones.

      Youngster – I can never remember his name except that it starts with H – has gotten better. He’s learning. Shibazaki is cooler than a freezer and I really can’t wait for him to butt heads with Sphinx again. And hey, I’m all for cool old dudes too.

      Liked by 1 person

      • remyfool says:

        Kind of, huh? I guess that’s something.
        I’m all about the foe yay. Never doubt!
        That’s good. I would have been upset if he stayed like that for the entire series. I forget his name, too.
        I’m glad we agree on Shibazaki. I also eagerly await for them to clash again.
        Cool old dudes are the best! They almost always secure my interest in action series.

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