Terror in Resonance Episode 7 -Deuce


The ‘game’ continues and Five circles through various maniacal expressions.


I spent the first half of this episode wondering if I’d understand it any better if I had more of a clue about chess. Not that it was exactly confusing but Five and Nine did spent a lot of time playing on an imaginary chessboard. Speaking of which, why is it that Five is so singularly obsessed with Nine? What’s Twelve, chopped liver?

Anyhow, most of this episode involves Nine, Twelve and Shibazaki’s group running around the airport while Lisa waits for instructions and Five watches from the control tower. Nine and Five play their twisted version of chess, the former in hopes of finding and disarming the bomb, and the latter because she’s screwed in the head. Lisa and Twelve work together to create a distraction and tamper with the video feed so that Nine can corner Five. It works well enough but Five spots Lisa in a flash and sends her henchman/handler after her.

Concerning Lisa, she did good in this. True, the choice to help the boys was her own but I bet that actually carrying it out was a lot harder. She pulls through though not without a lot of anxious shaking and clumsy bumping into people that helps Five identify her. Lisa is captured and taken to an auto-piloted plane which houses the bomb and is set to head towards Nine and Twelve, as well as a lot of civilians whom Five and her blond guy have probably written off as collateral damage.

Though Nine first considers saving the people over Lisa, Twelve’s protest makes him enlist Shibazaki’s help take control of the plane from Five while the boys manually rescue Lisa. Everything goes according to plan, the plane blows up without hurting anyone and Five is so pissed off, I expected to see her frothing at the mouth. Like I said, that girl’s got issues.

The best part of this episode was Shibazaki and Nine collaborating… kind of. I was hoping for some contact between Sphinx and Shibazaki and I got it, complete with a dramatic passing in slow motion.


Other Stuff:

The English in this show is rather good, except for Five’s lines.

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7 Responses to Terror in Resonance Episode 7 -Deuce

  1. Karandi says:

    I loved Lisa in this episode. Admittedly her decision making skills are questionable but at least she’s trying to ‘ve proactive. I want to know how five is getting away with some of her rubbish.

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  2. remyfool says:

    Nine and Shibazaki walking past each other was pretty cool. Same with how they worked together.

    I wish I could like Five. Karandi was on the money.

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