Terror in Resonance Episode 10 – Helter Skelter


The end approaches.


The episode begins with Nine turning himself in as Sphinx Number 1. He demands that a press conference be set up for him and the police caves under the threat of the atomic bomb. Meanwhile, Shibazaki meets with Mamiya who reveals that the point of the Athena project was to create living weapons for the country since he perceived Japan to currently exist as a weakened nation. He doesn’t show any remorse for his twisted patriotism either.

The American government’s motive seems to be to expose that Japan did indeed make an atomic bomb and they intend to capture Nine rather than let him get to the press conference. Five’s health is deteriorating but she eschews treatment in favour of chasing down Nine. A couple of car (well, truck) chases later, Nine is almost caught but Twelve rushes to his rescue thanks to a few well-said words from Lisa and runs interference.

Clarence, the blond American guy of few words and fewer expressions, tries to dismiss Five from the case but a bullet to the chest teaches him that you don’t mess with a girl’s obsession. Five finally talks to Nine face-to-face but it ends rather anti-climatically since she thanks him for motivating her to survive this long, kisses him (no surprise there) and promptly blows herself up. I actually kinda love that scene. Five is hardly a sympathetic character but I like how she follows her own path right till the end. She likely had very little time left anyway and she did her best to use that time to play one last ‘game’ with her treasured rival(?). She’s still unlikeable and her actions are the farthest thing from charming, but that death has character.

On the matter of the bomb, since the press conference didn’t happen on time, the timer runs out and a parachute carrying it is released. A pre-recorded video of Nine is sent out in which he says goodbye to the people of Japan. Given their reluctance to kill people so far, I’m not sure whether he actually intends to detonate it in Japan – the parachute does suggest something different. I suppose the final episode will tell.

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5 Responses to Terror in Resonance Episode 10 – Helter Skelter

  1. Karandi says:

    I just found Five’s involvement to be mostly pointless as she really was just playing her own game. She did have some good moments but a lot of what she does just seems to exist to pad out the run time. Really would have liked to see more from her as a character. Looking forward to your thoughts on the final episode.

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    • D says:

      Her involvement was definitely pointless especially since they made it seem like she has some significant endgame but didn’t deliver. She doesn’t have much impact as a character either – as you say,they could have done more with her.

      Still, really liked her death scene.

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      • Karandi says:

        Her death scene was well-played if only it had served more purpose. That’s probably the biggest issue with the series as a whole is that there are great characters and ideas but at times they aren’t used as effectively as they could be.

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  2. remyfool says:

    The death scene was great, but yeah, I’m going to have to say that Five was disappointing as a character. Heck, so was Lisa thus far.

    At least the music and animation has been amazing!

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    • D says:

      The thing with Lisa is that she seems to exist more in the capacity of what she is to the boys than who she is as her own person.

      Yes, those have certainly been great. The music especially.

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