Terror in Resonance Episode 11 – Von



Sphinx reveals their motive and Americans are assholes.


The threat of the atomic bomb sends Japan into a state of emergency. Evacuation efforts are underway in the area at risk, the Kanto region. But Shibazaki, who now knows the whole truth about Athena project, is skeptical that Sphinx would actually do it given the extreme care they took to avoid casualties in the past. He figures out with the help of his daughter that there’s such a thing as high altitude nuclear explosion where the bomb goes off in the stratosphere whose effects would be a nationwide blackout and aircrafts crashing. They spot the parachute carrying the bomb and manage to land the planes in time. The atomic bomb does explode but there are no casualties.

Elsewhere, Lisa and Twelve reunite with Nine – who actually shows emotion and that’s the most shocking part of this whole show – and the three of them spend some time just having fun. Acting like the kids they never had a chance to be. It’s a really sweet scene, arguable the most cheerful one in this anime.

Then Shibazaki shows up and we finally find out why Nine and Twelve did all of this.

Shibazaki figures out and the boys confirm that the point of the latter’s serial bombing was to gain the media’s attention. With the atomic bomb incident, it is guaranteed that the entire world will be interested in them. An investigation would bring to light the truth of the Athena project and all those children whose existence was erased from the world will finally be acknowledged.

This is the point where this anime went from ‘Hmm I like it’ to ‘I fucking love it’ for me.

I admit to being weak when it comes to some nice emotional impact and Von certainly delivered that. Nine’s dying quote “Remember us. Remember that we lived.” strikes a chord in me. Their motive is ultimately the human desire to be remembered after death and there’s something simple but deep about that.

I do have a couple of complaints about this episode. One is way the American interference is handled. Their presence at the end and shooting Twelve is really unnecessary. It has little impact on the plot as both boys would have died anyway, and the truth still gets revealed. The whole incident is jarringly out of place. The other is Lisa’s character. After Nine and Twelve die, what happens to her? We get is a glimpse of her at the end along with a few lines about how she stopped talking for a while but no other details. How did the entire ordeal change her? What happened to the situation with her mother? Has life become better for her? None of these questions are answered satisfactorily. Instead, it’s as if Lisa’s relevance ended when Sphinx died and that is disappointing. But apart from these problems, this finale is everything I could have hoped for and more.



And thus ends my first series of episodic posts. As I’ve aleady said, it’s been more fun that I initially expected and I will be continuing this. The last poll had Btooom, Lord Marksman and Vanadis, and Ao no Kanata no Four Rhythm as the options. Though Lord Marksman put up a valiant fight, Btooom ultimately triumphed with 66% votes.

My thanks to everyone who voted! I’ll start blogging Btooom next yearweek.


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5 Responses to Terror in Resonance Episode 11 – Von

  1. remyfool says:

    The hothead also helped with figuring out where the bomb was, didn’t he? Wondered what happened to him in the end.

    I also felt that the American interference was not needed. Ughhh so meaningless. And the whole Lisa situation after Nine and Five died is frustratingly vague too.

    It was a fun show to watch and talk about with you, though. I think I might do the same with BTOOM, if you’re not against it.

    Liked by 1 person

    • D says:

      Yeah he did think of the balloon. He’s grown so much, arguable the most of all the characters.

      Yeah, those two aspects were really irritating to the point of dulling the impact of the boys dying.

      Hell yes! Why would I b against it? I’m having fun as well.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. raistlin0903 says:

    Great……I had hopes that this series would perhaps not be worth watching in the end, but alas no such luck. Ofcourse I am kidding here lol 😂 This was a great series of posts. I am defintely going to watch this at some point next year. Looking forward to the next episodic posts series already. Keep up the great work !

    Liked by 1 person

    • D says:

      Thank you 😀
      I admit that this series didn’t fully live up to the potential exhibited by the first episode but I’d still say it’s worth a go. Though there are some poorly executed ideas, there are worthwhile ones as well.

      Liked by 1 person

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