Btooom! Episode 1 – Start


Sakomoto Ryouta finds out the hard way that games don’t translate well into reality.



The episode opens with a scene from Btooom, an internationally successful game in which the players use bombs rather than guns to eliminate each other and level up. Ryouta is an ace player from Japan who has managed to get his team to the tenth rank worldwide. As he’s jobless and idly waiting around for a video game company to hire him, the world of Btooom, where he is better than most people, acts a convenient form of escape. He even has a wife in there.

All seems well until Ryouta wakes up one day in a tropical forest, alone and with a satchel of little black squares that later turn out to be ‘timers’, one of the eight types of bombs used in Btooom. As the name suggests, timers are timed bombs which can be set to explode after ten seconds. There’s a green crystal embedded in the back of his wrist, again a feature from the game.

Ryouta wanders around, panicked and confused without knowing how he got there, and ends up being attacked by a man using ‘crackers’, another kind of bomb that explodes upon impact. Ryouta naturally has a hard time accepting that this stranger is trying to kill him and an even harder time accepting that he must kill or be killed. After some fruitless attempts at evasion, Ryouta figures out how to use his bombs and kills the other guy. He’s also clearly traumatized by the aftermath of his actions. Memories of how he ended up there begin to emerge as well.

The episode ends on a sexy note – because what’s better after explosions and forced murder than long legs and breasts – with Ryouta encountering a buxom blonde as she’s washing herself. I’m going to go ahead and assume that it’s his wife from the game. Because the OP and anime logic says so.


I actually really liked this episode despite one minor complaint. The exposition was handled nicely and did not go overboard at all. They also portrayed Ryouta’s difficulty in adjusting to his favorite game rendered real quite well. It doesn’t matter how great a player he is; there’s a stark difference between killing avatars in games and killing flesh and blood people. Unless you’re a total psycho, you won’t be able to do the latter so easily and this was made quite clear in the show. Ryouta’s struggles were very realistic. But that brings me to the aforementioned complaint. While he was struggling to gather his wits, he should have been dead thrice over. The nameless blond guy had an array of excellent opportunities to kill him and yet Ryouta survived many close calls without any serious injuries. I’m not all that pleased to see plot armor pop up in the very first episode.


Other Stuff:

I don’t really play games so I was wondering if it’s common for players to marry each other in the game?

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14 Responses to Btooom! Episode 1 – Start

  1. weekendotaku says:

    Ah, so Btoom! won, did it?

    People tend to use games to live out a fantasy in some form. Being an epic hero or living out the romance paths that many games feature these days. RPG games take it one step further to where you embody your character more than you otherwise would, and in the case of Btoom it seems like it really is the person in there. In that sense, people might desire to live out (even if only in a fantasy sense) the same desires they would otherwise have, including marriage. I saw plenty of World of Warcraft wedding stuff to know that it’s a thing that happens.

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    • D says:

      Yup.Marksman came close but didn’t cut it.

      I see. That makes a lot of sense. I knew that in-game marriage also happened in SAO so when it popped up in this as well, I was curious if it was a common feature. Thanks for clarifying.

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  2. raistlin0903 says:

    So..Btoom. Never heard of this one (but with me that really doesn’t say much lol 😂). It sounds interesting enough though. As for your question. About 5 years ago I have quit my gamingcareer, instead going back to boardgames. I used to be a fanatic though, gaming online for hours on end. There were definitely people out in the gaming world that met through gaming, and even ended up getting married or having a relationship. (In fact one of my online gaming friends ended up finding her man through online gaming). So yeah, it is possible. Great post by the way, looking forward to the next one!

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  3. The Otaku Judge says:

    Good thing that I suck at Bomberman. I don’t have to fear forceful relocation to a Battle Royale island.

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  4. remyfool says:

    I thought that the main character was a bit too slow to realize how his bombs worked, but you’re right in how a game is much more different compared to real life.

    I’ve been feeling a little hesitant to watch anime after since Flip Flappers episode 13, but the ED kind of got me into an anime watching mode again, hooray!

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    • D says:

      Yeah, he was slow all around but I guess we can chalk it up to sheer shock and confusion.

      Reluctant because Flip Flappers ending was that good or that bad or simply intense enough that you want to bask in it for a while?

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      • remyfool says:

        Mmm fair enough. It did really introduce us to the whole system of bombs!

        Oh, you saw the review so you know the answer, but it was the second one. I actually couldn’t bring myself to watch anime for a week, actually. Btoom episode 1 was the first episode I watched in 2017, wahaha.

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      • remyfool says:

        Actually, how many times can I actually type out “actually?” ugh.

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      • D says:

        Hey, it was my first 2017 anime too. High-five!

        I tend to do that too, use words repeatedly at the beginning and end of sentences. Thankfully, posts are proofread…unlike comments 😀

        Liked by 1 person

      • remyfool says:

        Aw yeeeee
        Right? It’s hard making sure your comments come out…right…right? c:
        WordPress should consider addressing that, imo!

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