Btooom! Episode 2 – The Bloodstained High School Girl


Himiko’s life goes to hell in more ways than one.



The second episode basically introduces Himiko in the same way the first introduced Ryouta. We see a bit of their past from before the island as well as the circumstances that led to their first kill, culminating in the two of them meeting.

A high schooler who attracts a lot of male attention for her foreign looks and sizeable bust, Himiko considers herself an ordinary girl. Playing Btooom is just an occasional hobby to her and she doesn’t seem to be particularly skilled. We do get to see how she met Ryouta for the first time and it’s a cute but unremarkable meeting. Unfortunately, that part is all that’s cute about this episode since from that point onwards, it dives deep into disturbing territory.

Shortly before the island incident, Himiko and her friends go to hang out with her flatmate and his fellow band members. Himiko, who stops by her own apartment for food, returns to find two of her friends battered and half-naked, and the third one in the middle of being raped. Fending off their advances on her, she manages to escape and inform the police. The band is arrested and her friends all move away. The one who she seemed closest to Himiko confronts her, saying that she wishes Himiko would disappear. Himiko feels quite a lot of guilt for the incident, feeling as if she betrayed her friends.

Therefore, she considers her current situation as a punishment. Unwilling to actively participate, she spends a day at the seaside but is found by three men who make her part of their group. Naturally, tensions escalate and the only decent one of them is killed by one of the others while the third guy convinces Himiko to escape with him. Unfortunately the third guy – I really wish these people had names – turns out to be a deeply disturbed dick who attempts to rape Himiko. She tries to blow them both up as she’d prefer that option but the man runs away. She throws her bomb at him and he’s caught in the explosion but we don’t have a body so I’m skeptical. He’s not in pieces when he falls into the river – a pity – so he might show up again.


I like Himiko. She’s not physically strong or particularly skilled but she has a good head on her. Despite how terrified she must have been in both of the above situations, she manages to push past it to do what needs to be done and that is definitely admirable.

I noticed something curious at the end of this episode. When Ryouta came across Himiko on the last episode, her actions – washing her body, drinking water – were presented as explicitly erotic. But the very same actions from her perspective show her anger and disgust at what she’s just gone through. That’s a really nice touch.

I have a feeling that chain letters that are briefly mentioned might end up being important later on. Just a theory.



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4 Responses to Btooom! Episode 2 – The Bloodstained High School Girl

  1. remyfool says:

    It was indeed a nice touch to show her actions in a different light.

    Miho can go piss off. She was the one who wanted to meet those sketchy games in the first place. Ashdhdjsk

    I’m guessing the chain letters are important. Maybe the male head’s mom sent out his name on the envelope. Gosh, her empty gaze in the first episode was upsetting.

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    • D says:

      Miho blaming Himiko is completely unjustified but it’s also understandable in a way. Miho is probably in a very shitty headspace right now. She’s been raped by her idols and so were her friends. Only Himiko escaped. So while it’s not at all logical, it’s not implausible that Miho would grow to resent Himiko.

      Y’know, that was my theory as well 😀 I pegged Miho for the one responsible for Himiko. And yeah, that mum had some unsettling moments. Maybe it was caused by Ryouta’s treatment of her which is rather deplorable.


  2. remyfool says:

    Sketchy musicians, I mean. I typed gamers even though they ain’t gamers and autocorrect changed it to games…

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