Btooom! Episode 3 – Survival


Sakamoto Ryouta makes a new friend. Also, food is serious business.



Episode 3 marks the stage where I’m starting to really get into this anime.

Continuing from the ends of the previous two episodes, Himiko flees from Ryouta who notices the food she’s carrying and tries to follow. He’s figured out how to use the embedded gem pretty well, mostly thanks to his extensive Btooom experience. But instead of Himiko, he finds a man who was trying to take a dump in peace. I think this anime just took scared shitless to a very literal level.

Anyway, Ryouta finally finds out from the guy – Taira – what his missing memories are and why he’s missing them. Turns out the kidnapped people were taken to a plane where a jovial guy explained the ‘game’ to them. Anyone who protested was tased, and Ryouta got a shot straight to the head which is why he can’t remember anything. As for the game rules, the green crystals on their wrists are IC chips that can only be removed via surgery of if the person’s heart stops. The only way to get out of the island is to have 8 such chips, which means killing at least 7 people.


Taira tries to team up with Ryouta who is initially derisive of his naiveté. But Taira soon shows that he’s not just some old fool but actually has some good sense. They decide to work together, though whether that involves killing together or avoiding the game is up to circumstances. Soon after, more food packages arrive. Ryouta finds out the easy way that the packages provide prime opportunities for traps. By easy way, I mean that he watches a woman get blown up instead of getting blown up himself. The one causes the explosion is a long-haired man in shades who’s probably going to be important at some point. He’s got that kind of aura.

While Ryouta thinks going after the one remaining package is risky, Taira convinces him to go after it since they need food to survive. But when they get there, they find a blood-splattered boy standing over the corpse of an adult man, clearly having killed him. The boy seems to be the one with the crazy grin from the OP and something tells me that he’s not the sanest person ever.

So basically, we have Ryouta finally finding some answers and new characters. I like where this is going.


Other Stuff:

Both the OP and ED are growing on me.


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8 Responses to Btooom! Episode 3 – Survival

  1. remyfool says:

    I’m starting to get into the series now, too. We finally got TACTICS happening!

    I’m a bit suspicious of Taira, but I also like him. Does he actually know how to use sonar? Will laughing off Sakamoto’s question come to haunt the pair when they’re in a pinch?

    Liked by 1 person

    • D says:

      Same! He seems lame at first but old boy’s got some bite. (Though I don’t think he’s cool or old enough to qualify for your not-a-fetish-at-all-nopey-nope.)

      Let’s hope he learns. I’m very interested in how this partnership goes.

      And now I’m off to bed because I haven’t slept in 24 hours and holy shit, I’m dead.

      Liked by 1 person

      • remyfool says:

        Right? I’m a fan of folks who are more dangerous than they look at first glance (you are correct in your assessment. I don’t think I am there yet).

        I hope so, too. It should be interesting since the last partnership we saw fell apart rather quickly.

        Damn, D, I hope your rest was very refreshing. Busy days, huh?

        Liked by 1 person

      • D says:

        The last group was doomed from the beginning but this one seems set up to last a bit. We can hope.

        Yep, it was. Slept like the dead for 11 hours. I feel human again!

        Liked by 1 person

      • remyfool says:

        Fingers crossed!
        Rise of the living D, woo!

        Liked by 1 person

  2. The Otaku Judge says:

    A guy taking a dump is a slightly less sexy discovery when compared to Himiko bathing.

    Liked by 1 person

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