Btooom! Episode 4 – Best in the World


Sakamoto Ryouta faces off against another experienced Btooom! player.



The initial portion of this episode gives us some background about Kira Kosuke, the blood-splattered kid from the last episode. Kosuke ran away from his abusive father. He started doing minor crimes but soon progressed into killing and raping. In that order. Let that sink in. Also, he’s fourteen.

Btooom seems determined to have a very fucked up cast.

Somehow, Kosuke, his father and his lawyer Natsume – a man who’s described as ‘over-compassionate’ – end up on the island. Though Natsume seems to want to right Kosuke’s ways, the manner in which he goes about doing is nothing short of idiotic. First of all, he asks why Kosuke is so meek around his father (I don’t know, man, maybe because his shitstain of a dad has been abusing him and he’s sacred) and then says that it’s this meekness that’s making daddy dearest so violent. I am truly impressed by how he goes from idiocy to victim-blaming in an instant. I thought lawyers were supposed to be smart and this Natsume guy is implied to be but I guess there’s a difference between smart and sensible. Common sense is such a rare trait nowadays.

In the end, Kosuke snaps and blows up his father while the terrified lawyer runs away after hurling insults at him. That’s the scene Ryouta and Taira walks in on. Kosuke, who seems to be on a high from killing his father, spouts a ‘survival of the fittest’ spiel that’s a copy of the dead man’s words. Ryouta and Taira promptly run away but Kosuke gives chase. Taira twists his ankle, so Ryouta tries to use himself as bait to draw Kosuke away.

And thus we get to witness a fight between two skilled Btooom players. The two quickly realize that basic strategies won’t work against each other. While Ryouta is the more experienced one, his reluctance to kill puts him at a disadvantage. Kosuke, on the other hand, revels in the ‘game’ and seems to be having the time of his life. A head injury sends Ryouta into a hazy state of mind where he thinks he’s playing the actual game.


Finally, we see Ryouta fight as if he would in Btooom, which is actually quite amazing, and Kosuke is promptly beaten. But Ryouta snaps out of it before he kills the kid and instead ties him up, taking his bombs and the food. Kosuke learns Ryouta’s name, recognizes it as belonging to the only Japanese player in the Top Ten and is downright ecstatic. Yeah…

The explosions in this seem way more harmless than they should be. The bombs keep exploding at extreme close quarters to the characters but do very little damage.

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7 Responses to Btooom! Episode 4 – Best in the World

  1. raistlin0903 says:

    Whoa, you aren’t kidding about the cast for this anime…seriously disturbing….😱😱

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  2. remyfool says:

    I agree that the explosions did not do much. No maiming allowed I guess.

    Common sense is uncommon!

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