Btooom! Episode 5 – Attack


Sakamoto Ryouta and Himiko end up joining forces. Stun guns are involved.



We’re back with Taira and Ryouta where they’re enjoying the food Ryouta acquired. Despite a bonding moment, it seems neither of them fully trusts each other yet since Ryouta is keeping the nature of his new bombs from Taira and Taira is keeping the chips he collected from Ryouta. They then see a body washing down the river, which turns out to be the guy who tried to rape Himiko. We now have a body, folks. His death is confirmed. Good.

Ryouta, deducing correctly that there’s an enemy nearby, tries to seek them out. He finds another body on the way and assumes that the killer is the same which makes him think that he’s heading towards someone brutal. Himiko using corrosive gas against him reinforces that assumption as does the numerous bombs she’s got on her.

His pacifying tactic seems to work for an instant but Himiko, who is traumatized and paranoid due to her experiences with men until this point, attacks him. The two fight and Himiko ends up electrocuting herself in the course of their grappling… and falls on top of Ryouta. While slipping off the bomb bags from her unconscious body, he thinks that he could do the same to her panties as she wouldn’t even know. He actually starts to do it before regaining his sense of shame and decency.

This is a really creepy moment that only serves to further validate Himiko’s fear/hatred of men. You lost some serious brownie points there, Ryouta.

Ryouta connects the lack of pants on the corpse in the river with Himiko’s words about men being her enemy, and draws the correct conclusion. He carries her back to Taira but she wakes up en route and tries to blow them both up again. He deactivates the bomb before it can explode and muses on Himiko’s state of mind.


They meet up with Taira, who also assures Himiko that she’ll be safe. I don’t know how much she believes them – not fully I’m guessing – but she does seem willing to go along with them for the time being. However, Taira’s proposal to leave the island without playing the game makes her reveal the fact that it was someone whom they knew that sent them there in the first place. For Himiko, it’s her friends who were raped. For Ryouta, it’s his mum (called it!). For Taira, it’s probably a customer from work.

Ryouta’s mum being responsible is confirmed in an earlier scene where she has tried to kill herself and confesses to her husband that she’s done something no parent should do. Apparently, Ryouta’s caustic attitude and zero contribution wore on her. I think I’m right about those chain letters from episode 2 being important as they seem to be how those with a grudge point out their victims. It’s like a mundane version of Hell Girl.

The three of them are then rudely interrupted by giant lizards. Because human enemies are clearly not enough. Are they komodo dragons? Those are the only giant lizards I know. Do they eat people? We’ll find out soon enough.


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7 Responses to Btooom! Episode 5 – Attack

  1. remyfool says:

    Honestly, I understand where she’s coming from, but man-hater is actually a frustrating character for me to watch. Ryouta is the same to a a lesser extent.

    So it’s not enough that they have to kill each other but they also have to fight off giant lizards??? Who chose this island?

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