Btooom! Episode 7 – Virtual Bride


Sakamoto Ryouta and team are attacked by a couple of other players.



Look at that, what a lovely wedding. Unfortunately, the bride doesn’t want to meet her man in real life. It seems that Himiko thinks the ‘purity’ of their love will be better preserved if it’s confined to the world of Btooom. You know, she’s really fixated on the concept of purity.

Back on the island, Ryouta faces off against Buff Guy – seriously, I need some names – who has no bombs but can use a knife real well. But just as it seems that Ryouta has an advantage due to his explosives, Natsume, the lawyer who was with Kosuke, shows up and attacks. Natsume seems to have lost his morals (and his marbles) and is eager to kill Ryouta but he escapes. Unfortunately, Buff Guy is an ex-mercenary and easily tracks Ryouta. In the ensuing scuffle, Taira loses four fingers (that man has shitty luck) and Ryouta is thrown off a cliff. Himiko is abducted because we wouldn’t have a story if Buff Guy did the sensible thing and killed her quickly.

No, really, Buff Guy suffers from the fatal flaw of most villains – a tendency to play with his would-be victims instead of killing them outright like a sensible murderer. Anyone wanna guess how that works out for him in the end? That’s right, he ends up deader than dead.

But let’s backtrack a bit. Ryouta, unlike Taira, has all the luck and survives the fall. He finds from Taira that Himiko was abducted and their supplies taken. He seemingly gives into despair but the revelation that the blonde chick he’s been hanging out with might be his in-game wife Himiko slaps some spirit into him and he rushes off to rescue the damsel in distress. Alas, his departure induces a nervous breakdown in Taira.

Meanwhile, Himiko demands that her captors kill her with her purity intact. But no need to fear because Buff Guy is into hardcore torture rather than rape and is quite interested in flaying her alive. I can’t even imagine why someone may have wanted this guy to ‘disappear’.


So, Ryouta rushes in and is half-competent as he goes about rescuing Himiko. Natsume dies pretty easily but Buff Guy is more of a challenge. But in the end, our heroes win thanks to some quick thinking. All in all, this is a good episode which is capped off by the revelation that there are quite a lot of people who are live-streaming the island players. Is some kind of betting going on like in Death Race? Or do they just want to perfect this game of theirs?

I hope we’ll find out before these 12 episodes are over but who am I kidding, that likely won’t happen.

I do have one question about Ryouta. If he supposedly spent all his time playing games in his room, how the hell is he this fit?


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8 Responses to Btooom! Episode 7 – Virtual Bride

  1. Karandi says:

    I had that same question (about his fitness) when I watched this. Actually a lot of players seem way to adept at outdoor survival given none of them seem to have any prior experience. Oh well. It wouldn’t be much fun if they all ate poison mushrooms and died.

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  2. The Otaku Judge says:

    A couple of my friends are avid gamers and buff, because they go to the gym on a regular basis. I wouldn’t survive on that island though. To be honest I fit the geek stereotype of being chubby and doing no physical activity.

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  3. remyfool says:

    I think Japan as a whole is too focused “purity.” Some girls in idol groups get persecuted if they’re seeing someone.

    NEETs are neat and thus are extremely fit!

    Dang, you finished BTOOOM! already. ;__;

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