Btooom! Episode 12 -Bonds


Taira loses his shit and some things are resolved.



Due to the stress from being constantly left behind due to his injuries, Taira’s mind snaps. He hallucinates his family and promises their specters that will soon be back with them. Predictably, what happens next is him attacking Ryouta and Himiko when they return, knowing that if he takes their chips, he will have enough to get him off the island.


The two are shocked by this unexpected betrayal, especially Ryouta who recalls Taira’s fear of being left alone and the way he was devastated when Ryouta kept doing it. He rightly deduces that Taira has lost it because of the strain. And since there’s no time like when someone is trying to kill you to have a flashback, Ryouta remembers the way he always felt like he was a secondary concern to his parents and realizes that he has been treating Taira the same way his father treated him. He also has a vision of his inner Oda. Yeah…

Meanwhile, Taira keeps attacking and Himiko takes it upon herself to protect an injured Ryouta. Her actions remind Ryouta of an incident from Btooom and he comes to the conclusion that Himiko is indeed his online wife Himiko. The two of them outsmart Taira and chases after him with th intention of getting him to join them again. I’m impressed by how they, Ryouta especially, are so understanding of Taira despite his recent actions.6

Ryouta’s sincere apology and offer to leave together finally reaches Taira but too late as he finds himself surrounded by the evil lizards of doom. He uses his last bomb to kill himself, too fed up with the pain to keep going.

After finding his body, Ryouta and Himiko return to the observation point. Ryouta continues to blame himself for not noticing how Taira felt and for not being able to save him. Himiko offers to let him kill her so that he can escape the island. Himiko feels as if she has nothing to go back to and would be content if at least Ryouta is safe.


As expected, Ryouta vehemently denies the offer and reiterates his intention for them to leave together. He confronts her about her identity and they have a nice little kiss, complete with happy tears. It seems like it’ll go further but Ryouta spots Himiko’s fear in the nick of time and recalls the bad experiences she’s had with men. Ryouta’s inner Oda shows up to taunt him but Ryouta proudly declares his newfound belief that it’s caring or others that makes life worth it. He vows to leave behind his self-centered days and tells Himiko that they’ll start officially dating after they leave the island together. Inner Oda disappears with a sigh.


A note on the romance in this series. I really like how Himiko and Ryouta’s relationship develops. It’s neither rushed nor snail-paced, and despite the rocky start, they seem to be good for each other.

Back with the douchebags in charge, there seems to be some technical issues that has cut off the live feed of the island. Two men are dispatched in a helicopter with instructions to fix it within 24 hours. One of the men’s thoughts seem to suggest that he’s on Ryouta’s side. Did he somehow engineer the problem to try and help Ryouta? It seems likely but will we ever know for sure?

Well, one could read the manga. That’s an option too but not one I’ll be taking.

So here we are. The final episode. I was warned before starting this show that it didn’t have much of an ending so I’m not all that surprised. I am a little disappointed but I’ll just pin my hopes on a second season. As for these 12 episodes, it’s been a fun ride.

Other Stuff:

The new OP is good but I prefer the usual one

Prince of Stride: Alternative won the last poll with a 45% majority. Keijo came second with 27%. Sekai de Ichiban Tsuyoku Naritai and Battery had 18% and 9% of votes respectively.

Basically, two made-up sports won over baseball and pro-wrestling. Ain’t that funny?

Thanks to everyone who voted!

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15 Responses to Btooom! Episode 12 -Bonds

  1. Karandi says:

    I’d love a second season of this given I enjoyed it but without an actual ‘ending’ it kind of doesn’t have a lot of rewatch value.

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  2. I’m with you in hoping for a 2nd season.

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  3. remyfool says:

    I heard the manga is coming to an end. Perhaps it is time.

    I was actually inspired to write a post after seeing Taira’s breakdown. Is it easier to leave or to wait? Or something like that. We will see if I can crank that out after I handle some episode reviews…

    The ending felt rushed but whatcha gonna do? I’m now very curious about the creepy man in the helicopter.

    This was an interesting ride. Thanks for choosing this show to watch! I’ll be much more prompt on commenting for PoS!

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    • D says:

      That would provide some food for thought. A lot of it actually. In this case, Taira was definitely at a disadvantage because it was certainly easier for Ryouta to leave than for Taira to wait. But in other circumstances, the both choices could be agonizing. Will be looking forward to that post,Remy.

      I should be thanking you actually. (Are we gonna play a game of “No, you!” now? 😛 ) As with Terror, it’s been fun to discuss each episode with you.

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      • remyfool says:

        Mmmm. I tend to avoid topics until I have at least three examples and BTOOOM gave me the last one I needed. It might not actually touch upon what it means to leave (and return) since all of the examples was more focused on what it means to wait, though. The theme of the post might drop all talk about what it means to leave as a result. We will see.

        That’s true. Ryouta did have a weight on his shoulders, however. If he ever failed at any time, Taira would have been a sitting duck for anyone. Well, not that Ryouta could worry about that since failing in this case would mean his own death.

        Aw, shucks. (I’m pretty good at “No, you! Fair warningggg.

        No, you.)

        Mmm I feel the same way! (ง •_•)ง

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      • D says:

        Magic number 3!
        Waiting may be harder in the long run because the one going out there has things to do to take their minds off things while the one waiting is just…waiting. Yeah I have a feeling that’ll be an interesting post. No pressure?

        (I always want to know what’d happen if one of the people would just go “YES ME I’M AMAZEBALLS” but uh, that would defeat the purpose of the game. I won’t lie, I’d be one of the people who’d just cop out by saying “Yeah we both rock!”

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      • remyfool says:

        Three! Threeee! And Coco was his naaaame!

        Mmmm I think you definitely have a point there (and it’s how I think, too). To be honest, though, Taira would be the minor point in the post. It’ll be a specific character from my favorite show. Gaaaah. N-no pressure.
        (Right? But what happens when it comes to food? Say there’s one slice of cheese cake left and the two people who see it want it. Yet to be polite they start offering the slice to each other. When can one keep their integrity and accept the slice? Hmmm.
        …yeah that’s probably the best way to end such contests of will!)

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      • D says:

        No pressure at all *insert evil grin*

        That’s a deep question. Cakes involve much thought. Dammit, now I want cake except I can’t keep it down argh! But I guess it’d be sensible to share the slice.)

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      • remyfool says:

        ( •̥́ ˍ •̀ू )
        S-sorry to bring up cakes while you’re struggling to keep food down.
        (Yeah I think compromising is the way to go here, too. I’m pretty sure some series I’ve read featured characters who would criticize that as the easy way out, but w/e)

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      • D says:

        It’s fine. It’s more that I’m hungry af but my stomach is being a little shit. Whyyyyy.

        (Easy ways need love too, right? They might be sad otherwise. What am I even saying.)

        Liked by 1 person

      • remyfool says:

        ;___; hang in there. This surely can’t last for much longer. Your stomach is being a tsundere even though it really wants cake and sandwiches.

        (Hahaha it made me laugh. Nonsense is best sense and more reliable than common sense, anyways)

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  4. The Otaku Judge says:

    There are better shows out there were people are forced to kill each other, but I still liked Btooom enough that I would be okay with a second season to see how the story pans out.

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