Prince of Stride Episode 04 – Run

Run – When The Mind Is Full

Man does what man can do, then awaits the verdict of fate



Honan’s opponent for the Trial Tour for the End of Summer race is Mihashi High School. Ayumu’s full of fun trivia and Riku is more excited about the venue having hot springs than the match but the knowledge that this is Heath’s final chance to compete sobers them all up fast. Ayumu, aware of his problems with obstacles, asks Hozumi for help. The two practice a lot and while it’s a rough road, there seems to be some progress.

Once at the hotel, we have an obligatory bath scene where Takeru’s muscle fetish pops up again. It’s like those scenes where girls grope each other but here we have arms and legs bared instead of breasts. Only you, anime, only you.

aConsent is important, anime

Moving on: Heath and Nana meet the other team’s Relationer and Captain. The latter is an ass but the former is nice enough. The rest of the team isn’t given as much focus as Saisei. The match itself is rocky from start to finish. Riku rushes and only barely manages to avoid collision. Takeru pulls some nice stunts and Heath does his part well too. Ayumu, on the other hand, doesn’t have too smooth a sailing. His opponent outruns him quickly and his attempt to take a tough shortcut causes him to be injured. But he makes it to the Takeover Zone and Hozumi, buoyed by the cheers and cries of his teammates, makes it to the finish line first.

cThe power of teamwork and desperation

The opposing team has its own drama. Their Relationer is only a figurehead and the real shots are called by the Captain. Said Captain has his moment of angst when Hozumi wins but they patch it up.

Ayumu is taken to the hospital for treatment. He seems pretty banged up. Elsewhere, Kyosuke seems pleased by Honan’s win but he tells someone on the phone that he no longer has the right to participate in stride. There’s a story behind that, I’m sure.



Another fun episode, bathtime groping aside.

Riku continues to ping my radar with his behavior. He was reckless at the beginning of the match, going too fast and unwittingly ignoring Nana’s advice. His Mihashi opponent also mentioned his brother and I don’t think it’s too much of a stretch for me to assume that that has something to do with Riku rushing off.

Ayumu had most of the focus in this show as predicted. He does fear slowing down the team back and tries his best to not hold them back. I like him; he’s amusing and his earnestness adds some depth to what would otherwise be a comic relief character.

bNot Ayumu’s best day(s)

As for Mihashi’s Captain-Relationer brothers, I like how the episode hinted at their problems with just a well-placed montage. No last minute flashback spanning two episodes to be found here, folks.

dAll’s well that ends well

The bit at the end with Kyosuke looks like it might be developed further. We have yet to see much of the guy. Will he end up replacing Ayumu for the next match? After all, they were warned against getting injured and Ayumu doesn’t seem too well off. I’m also interested in the mysterious caller who wanted to play Stride with Kyosuke. Could it be Riku’s brother? I’m just wildly guessing here.


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7 Responses to Prince of Stride Episode 04 – Run

  1. Remy Fool says:

    I really liked how Ayumu and Hozumi are pretty close and how they can earnestly cheer each other on. Best bromance imo.

    How do you feel about Nana’s role in the series so far (oh it autocorrected to “Mama’s role”)?

    Liked by 1 person

    • D says:

      Hell-oo Nana mama~
      Ok that just sounds wrong

      I like her. I’m not blown away or anything but she seems to be an earnest team member and the importance she gives to the emotional connection in stride echoes the show’s tone as well.

      Great bromance it is, though if Hozumi blushes at him one more time, I’ll start reconsidering the ‘bro’ part.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Remy Fool says:

        Then why does it feel so right? Just kiddingggg

        Mmm I will have to agree.
        Heh. Hehehe. The guy wearing the cast is the top. Hehehe.
        …sorry, imagination went a bit awry there. Surely Ayumu and Hozumi’s relationship isn’t (not) like that.

        Liked by 1 person

      • D says:

        Considering the typical anime trend and Hozumi being perfect trap material, I’d say anyone but him would end up being the top. Even Nana. Ha!

        Don’t worry, my imagination ain’t no blushing virgin.

        Of course not, Remy, they’re just good friends who like to blush at each other and hold hands.

        Liked by 1 person

      • Remy Fool says:

        You do have a point. The guy is so slender and pretty. But then there’s someone who runs during the same section as Hozumi in a later episode and he is even more girly and aaaaaa he could have his way with me if he was actually real and willing.
        Mmm I believe you.
        Yes, D. It’s the very definition of friendship. But they should confirm their friendship in the hit springs. Just the two of them, alone and together.

        Liked by 1 person

      • D says:

        Yuri, right? I just watched that episode.The guy with the bi-colored pigtails who (rather hypocritically) calls Hozumi girly. Yeah I get what you mean. Androgyny given 2D flesh.

        Hit springs-a special variety of hot springs where completely straight friends hit on each other. (Sorry couldn’t resist)

        Liked by 1 person

      • Remy Fool says:

        I’m glad you agree. He did have a rather husky voice too, if I recall correctly. The contrast, oh my!
        O-oops. Well, yes, that’s exactly what I was getting at, wahaha ;__;

        Liked by 1 person

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