Prince of Stride Episode 05 – Again

Again – Just You, Only You

“I know a guy who runs really fast and I really want to connect my feelings with him again.”



The fifth episode and the drama is high.

The episode opens with an incident where Heath is injured, seemingly at Kyosuke’s hand. Hozumi rushes in and accuses Kyosuke of disgracing their club.

Ayumu’s injuries from the last match are extensive enough to keep him from the next. Thus, they need a replacement. Riku remembers the enigmatic senior who gave him advice and the freshmen trio seeks him out, only for him to tell them that he no longer has the right to play Stride. Unlike Hozumi and Heath, Riku, Takeru and Nana (as well as the audience) are unaware of the club’s history with Kyosuke. Their attempts to recruit other students fail epically, mostly because Takeru’s thing for legs scares them off.

Finally, they hear from a random student that people are afraid to join the club because of the KGB incident. In the past, a member – Kyosuke – got into a fight and ever since, the Stride club has had few members. Hozumi, vehement in his dislike of Kyosuke, states that he won’t run with him and goes to visit Ayumu who is not enjoying his hospital stay.

aGuilt is a messy thing

Hozumi feels guilty for Ayumu’s condition because it was he who dragged him into the Stride Club. But Ayumu thinks otherwise but bows out of the matches anyway because he knows he’s not good enough for them to win. The freshmen trio hears Hozumi’s feeling on the matter and are about to reject Kyosuke as a potential candidate when Heath shows up to tell them about the real KGB incident.

Because of course our fifth runner can’t be a villain.

In reality, the fight and Heath’s injuries were caused by their incompetent, obnoxious seniors and Kyosuke made himself the scapegoat so that the Club wouldn’t be shut down. But it’s glory days were nonetheless over due to the scandal.

With everything cleared up, Heath volunteers to go and talk to Kyosuke. A heartfelt confession later, Kyosuke rushes off without a reply but shows up for the next match at the very last minute.

bIt’s a thin line between fashionably late and oops, party’s over

All is well for now and next episode, we’ll have another stride match.


Whew, there was a lot going on in this one.

As expected, Kuga Kyosuke, the long haired third-year, plays an important role in this episode even though most of it involves other people talking about him. The KGB incident and all the drama surrounding has me agreeing with Riku. They overcomplicated the whole mess and a good part of it could have been sorted out by just talking to each other and not being idiots. But yeah, I know, easier said than done. I’m more sceptic about one incident keeping all other students from the club. Would an instance of violence by someone who’s no longer even in the club actually keep all other students away from it? I have my doubts.

cI am Riku

Hozumi and Ayumu’s relationship gets some focus this episode. There’s a nice bond there. It’s clear that Ayumu trained so hard for stride at least partially for Hozumi’s sake and Hozumi’s desire to run with Ayumu and guilt over his injuries all added a good emotional touch to the events. Same can be said for Heath and Kyosuke but I do wonder if months of strain can be erased with just a few words, no matter how heartfelt. For now, it’s a good start.

All said, I enjoyed this episode. It continues to be extremely amusing with its characters and their antics. Takeru is a goldmine of entertainment.

dBe gentle, Takeru, that’s the key

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7 Responses to Prince of Stride Episode 05 – Again

  1. heyitszel says:

    Really enjoying your posts on this! 😀

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Remy Fool says:

    The bromance is real.
    And the whole KGB incident is a bit too melodramatic for me, but at least Kyosuke showed up for the match! Imagine if he hadn’t ;___;

    And I agree with heyitszel and prattle-chan-tan-sama!

    Liked by 1 person

    • D says:

      And this time, we have little cause to question the ‘bro’ness. Yet. Even if that line quoted has questionable connotations.

      Yeah the drama was a bit too much but Kyosuke seems like a cool guy.


      Liked by 1 person

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