Knights of Sidonia S01E02 – Starlit Sky

02 – Starlit Sky

… in which a girl is eaten and a century of peace ends.



Knights of Sidonia continues to flesh out its world. We now have suits equipped with blush-inducing urinal biocatheters and humans capable of photosynthesis. Technology really is something, huh?

Instead of immediately picking up at the gauna crisis from last episode, we see glimpses of the trainees prior to that. One girl in particular, Yamano, gets a lot of attention. We see flashbacks to her little town and their celebration for her impending pilothood. It’s all very nice and no one’s surprised when she dies a terrible death in the next ten seconds. Nagate is also critically injured and the other trainees scramble to escape while the ones at command fire a cannon. But Nagate somehow – who knows how – heals and successfully fights off the gauna, only for Izana to haul him away before the cannon hits.

Mankind is back at war but no one seems to be taking it seriously just yet. Some even blame Nagate for being jinxed and bully him. His differences and ignorance of modern habits due to spending his life underground rather than on the surface exacerbates his problems. But Izana sticks fast to him and is unruffled even when he throws up on them. That’s true friendship right there.

Speaking of throwing up, Nagate seems extremely traumatized by the incident with the gauna. He has horrible nightmares and can’t keep much down. He even faints and is helped back by a skilled trainee girl, which pisses Izana off. The top trainee, whom I’ve unimaginatively dubbed White Hair, who’s been irritated by Nagate from the get go is further angered when a group of elite pilots come to talk to Nagate instead of him.

Ooh, drama.



This must be the most uninspired review I’ve ever written.

I continue to be fascinated by the world-building and at the same time, thoroughly disenchanted by everything else. Words cannot captive how much I did not care for anything that happened in this episode.

Is it just me? Does it get better?

Is the Izana-Nagate-Shizuka love triangle vibes I’m seeing just my paranoia or will I actually be subjected to that kind of torture?

So many questions, so few answers.

I’ll give this a couple more episodes. If it remains lacklustre, I’m jumping ship to Heavy Object, which came second in the poll.


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17 Responses to Knights of Sidonia S01E02 – Starlit Sky

  1. The shame here is that in both reviews I’ve read by you, I get the impression that I’d love the set up on the series in terms if the general concepts. It sounds like the characters aren’t nearly as well thought out though. My stubbornness being what it is, that may even lead me to sitting through the whole thing, even if I’m not entirely enjoying it.

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    • D says:

      The set up continues to be well thought-out and rather amazing. It’s a pretty good futuristic world and each episode adds more details that allude to a rich history and culture. Unfortunately, the characters don’t make much of an impression and the events have been predictable so far.

      If it makes you feel any better, from what others have said, sitting through the whole thing would be more tiring than outright torturous.

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  2. weekendotaku says:

    Ahhh I kept stalking your blog to see when you were going to start this, and already you’ve reviewed 2 episodes.

    My observations match yours in terms of music and animation. Looking at this show takes a little while to get used to, but there is some interesting stuff going on here.

    I see a lot of inspiration from Evangelion from the way the Gauna are portrayed and the weapons that the Garde suits use to the very design of the command center and Kobayashi’s Gendo like silence while pilots suffer. The whole premise seems to borrow from that series in a few ways and I’d like to see what they’re going for with all that.

    One thing that really struck me as well is how much punishment Nagate takes in just these two episodes. I lost count of how many times he took a crack to the head, but he recovers just fine. Mental trauma seems to be an entirely different issue though.

    Let’s stick with this a while. They might do something cool.

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    • D says:

      On episode 3 now and I think I’ve become accustomed to the art. Could be way better but oh well.

      I, uh, haven’t watched Evangelion? I know, I know, everyone’s watched it but I’m reluctant to start for a number of reasons. Still, I do like Sidonia’s premise and the setting. My issue is with the characters and the story; the latter is technically fine but I’m finding it hard to care.

      Nagate does seem to have a healing thing going on. If only PTSD were as easy as broken bones to get over.

      I hope it will pull off something good. Soon. I’m distinctly unimpressed so far.


  3. heyitszel says:

    Ah! I’m late to the start! I meant to read it from the beginning! Now, I must back track! I think I only got to watch ep 1 myself, and couldn’t continue after….hoping it gets better!

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  4. Karandi says:

    If ep 3 still doesn’t grab you, I’d say jump ship. While the story develops the delivery stays much the same and if it isn’t doing anything for you why waste the time. That said, Heavy Object has a pretty bad start too and it takes awhile before it really gets going.

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  5. raistlin0903 says:

    Ah…episode 2. Haha, yeah I know right. That is exactly what it did for me in the beginning as well. I really started wondering what was so cool about it…and then episode 4 happened. Reading the above comments, I see that you have reached that point now. It is at that exact episode that I thought the series became a lot better, and I enjoyed it more. I’m nearing the end for season 2….honestly…erm, that season did not impress me. I have three episodes to go, but so far it is slower than this season. Anyways, I’m getting off track here. You say uninspired review, I say highly enjoyable review. I could almost feel the sarcasm on it lol. This show definitely takes it time to get used too, but it dies become better. Looking forward to your review for the next episodes 😀

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    • D says:

      Haha I’m glad you enjoyed the sarcasm – I was not happy when I wrote it and that’s reflected in the words. But yes, now that I’ve watched episode 4, it seems better. I’ll watch this season. If the second one is even less impressive, then I’m better off leaving it alone.

      Thanks, as always, for dropping by 😀

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  6. Remy Fool says:

    I’m pretty much with you, I think.
    There’s definitely some sort of thing going on between Shizua, Izana, and Negate. It’s our instincts as shippers!

    I have to say, though: Shizuka is a goddess. She gave a boy who threw up on her a lap pillow. What the heck.

    Seems like there’s some sort of secret involving Nagate’s body, given what we saw in ep 1 about inheritance and in this episode about deleting his medical history.

    Hopefully the story picks up from here.

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    • D says:

      Have I mentioned that I hate love triangles? So.Much.Drama. Hopefully, this will remain low-key.

      That was Izana! Not Shizuka! Shizuka is the one with the bob. But yes, that’s goddess level action right there.

      Yeah, I noticed that too. No way can someone heal that fast normally. I’m also coming to like the masked captain – Kobayashi.

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      • Remy Fool says:

        Love triangles are kind of annoying, yeah. Let’s hope that’s the case.
        Oh whoops. ;__;
        Mmm good point. I’m waiting for the big reveal. Well, it’s not exactly a big one if we already have our suspicions. Oh, does our resident dead-fish-eye get more screentime from here on? Nice.

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      • D says:

        Idk, her screen time seems less and she doesn’t speak much either. But I just really like what I’ve seen so far?

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      • Remy Fool says:

        That’s fair. She definitely stands. Especially considering all those Megurine Luka clones.

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