Knights of Sidonia S01 E03 – Glory

03 – Glory

…in which there are festivals and space battles.



You’d think that an anime set in what is essentially a fortified rock harbouring all of humanity inside won’t have festivals in it. You’d be wrong.

This episode begins with a tournament where Gardis pilots battle each other. It’s part of the ‘gravity festival’. Nagate doesn’t compete because he’s still all beat up. White Hair (actual name Kunato) is on a winning streak but is beaten by Akai, one of the four elite pilots.

Meanwhile, Nagate is lured to the festival by the promise of food. He lacks the money to buy any but is saved by Shizuka who buys it for him. Izana comes looking for Nagate and they end up seeing him enjoy his food with Shizuka. As they storm off, they run into Kunato who demonstrates that he’s an utter ass. That’s pretty much the purpose of the whole thing.

Later, Nagate and Izana are randomly invited by the four elite pilots – Akai, Aoki, Midorikawa and Momose – to the ‘sea’, a large water reservoir that takes up a fourth of Sidonia. It’s a rare privilege for trainees to see the sea. Nagate and Izana are suitably awed and also get friendly with the four. We’re even treated to Akai and Momose having a nice, romantic moment.

That’s when I knew they were all going to die.

Sure enough, the elite team gets dispatched to get rid of the gauna that’s now heading towards Sidonia. They seem to be doing well but then Momose gets caught, Akai sacrifices himself to save her, she rushes it in a blind rage and the rest all die. The gauna continues to chill and make its way towards Sidonia.


This wasn’t really a bad episode but I am disappointed about something – the way the elite team was handled. The pattern from the second episode, where we see some nice moments in the life of an inconsequential character right before they’re killed off repeats itself.

The whole trip to the sea is clearly meant to cultivate some kind of attachment to the four. It failed as far as I’m concerned but your mileage might vary. I was just incredulous about the way they invite a couple of trainees on what might be their last trip (or date in case of Momose and Akai) ever. It feels abrupt and forced. It was also an obvious clue that they were going to die horribly. Unfortunately, I didn’t care enough about them to be all that interested.

But hey, maybe I’m wrong and rather than a transparent attempt at emotional manipulation, the writers just wanted to show that these dying pilots are also people with their own lives and shit. It’s possible.

Either way, I continue to like the setting while being mildly entertained by the story and not caring a whit about the people.

Also,“Will you photosynthesize together with me?” is the worst pick up line ever and nothing will convince me otherwise.






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11 Responses to Knights of Sidonia S01 E03 – Glory

  1. will you photosynthesize with me dear lord

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  2. Remy Fool says:

    Yeah, the death flags were too blatant. Hmm. Guess it’s up to the main character to bail their sorry butts.

    I can’t stand Kunato, either, aaaaaah.

    It’s the best pickup line in history, doe.

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  3. raistlin0903 says:

    Haha, really? I was about to try out that pick up line somewhere this week, seeing as every other line has failed so far lol 😂 Seriously though, you are right about not caring about the characters. That is why I think it is funny that in season 2 they at least try to make us care, but fail for doing episodes that are just plain boring at times. Still, after this episode the series did begin to entertain, at least for me it did, so looking forward to your thoughts on those episodes 😊

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    • D says:

      Go right ahead if you’re wiling to risk whoever you’re asking thinking that you have a plant fetish 😛

      After one full season of meh characterization, it would be hard to make us care. At least we can watch for the space battles. I’m eager to hear your opinion on each episode as well.

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  4. weekendotaku says:


    Seriously though, it was. They seem to get all these tropes about youthful experience out there with this episode. But I think rather than emotional manipulation (because really, how much does anyone care about those characters?) they tried to show Akai and the others in a normal light. Just like most of Sidonia, they’ve never actually encountered a Gauna, which is why they kind of of fall apart during the battle.

    But man did Momose annoy me. Way to get your friends killed.

    Kunato’re entire character was probably summed up with the word “asshole”. Who takes a swing at someone as soon as they round a corner?

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    • D says:

      I don’t even care about the main characters, let alone the new ones. But yes, it’s likely that they were just trying to show a normal soldier’s perspective. It still came across as a pitiful attempt to make us care though.

      Yeah, she irked me too. Plus she didn’t survive so the three died for nothing.

      I’m curious about the purpose about his character. Is he just there for us to hate? Does he have some actual role beyond ‘elite jerkass’? Time shall tell.

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      • weekendotaku says:

        I know you didn’t see Evangelion, but I think Kunato is the “Asuka” to Nagate’s “Shinji”. He’s the more experienced pilot who’s there to give Nagate a hard time even when he’s succeeding, and get jealous when people give him praise.

        I can see what they’re trying to do with these characters, but I don’t think we’re there yet. Throwing so many of them at us early on makes it hard to connect with any of them, but a few more personal moments might at least get the main cast there.

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      • D says:

        Ah, I see.Kunato might need to tone down the assholery is he wants to fill that kind of role in a meaningful way. Otherwise, he’d just be insufferable. I think the suitable Tv Tropes term is ‘Hate Sink’.

        Yeah, the main cast is still salvageable and Kobayashi is an interesting figure. Hopefully, they’ll do something good with them all.

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