Knights of Sidonia S01 E04 – Choice

04 – Choice

…in which Kanato is an idiotic asshole and Nagate kills a gauna



After shit hits the fan in the form of the elite squad’s destruction, Kobayashi is quick to retaliate with a laser cannon thingy. But the gauna evades it masterfully and remains on its crash course to Sidonia. In a last ditch attempt, Kobayashi orders an acceleration maneuver that royally messes up the gravity in Sidonia, leading to massive casualties despite the warning.

They do manage to get away from the gauna but it’s temporary and the cost is high.

The Gardes pilots are gathered into one massive defensive squad while four of them, including Kanato, Nagate and Shizuka, are collected into a group to go and retrieve one of the kabizashis (the only weapon that can be used to kill a gauna) the elite team lost. There is a danger that they might go too far out of Sidonia’s range and cannot be retrieved. Nagate spots the kabizashi and Kanato grabs it in typical dickish fashion. He’s basically made to be hated.

For some reason, the gauna abandons Sidonia in favor of the retrieval squad. It also does something unexpected – fire a cannon of its own, effectively scattering and neutralizing the team of four. Shizuka’s frame malfunctions and self-destructs. Though she manages to eject, she’s now adrift and wandering far.

Meanwhile, Nagate pulls out his badass card and attacks the gauna, skillfully analyzing its attacks and using them against it. He single-handedly takes it down, much to the shock and admiration of everyone else. Instead of heading back to Sidonia, he takes off in search of Shizuka. In the process, he crosses the literal point of no return.

But I’m sure he’ll be fine.



I guess waiting till now to decide wasn’t a bad idea since I’m now curious enough to see at least this season through. This series does present a lot of questions that I want to know the answer to.

At least I’ll get to listen to the cool OP and ED on a regular basis. I’m getting used to the art too.

I still don’t give a shit about all but one of the characters – it’s a struggle to even remember their names. The one who has caught my eyes is the Captain – Kobayashi. Her(?) unflinching resolve and cold practicality in the face of the gauna threat, combined with her general inscrutability makes for a very curious character.


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13 Responses to Knights of Sidonia S01 E04 – Choice

  1. weekendotaku says:

    I thought the space combat in this one was pretty cool, and they’re being somewhat realistic with the physics of everything, making it a point to show that you can’t just shift course on something as big as Sidonia without totally screwing up the gravity.

    I can understand how fighting the Gauna wasn’t the plan for Kobayashi and the others, but a part of me feels like a whole lot of lives were wasted in the evasive shift if it was always possible for Nagate to kill the thing. But I suppose the point here was to show Nagate acts on instinct when fighting these things because he’s done it in simulation a hundred times.

    Also, I don’t know if actual soldiers routinely go against orders the way anime soldiers do.

    Sidonia: “Fall back behind your group”
    Momose: “AKAAAAIIII”

    Sidonia: “Return with the Kabizashi”
    Nagate: “Nah, I’m going to kill the Gauna”

    Sidonia: “Leave Shizuka because she’s outside the retrieval zone”
    Nagate: “Sorry, no”

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    • D says:

      The space battle was pretty cool, especially Sidonia shifting. Although, if it gets this bad when a single gauna shows up, then humanity is well and truly screwed. The elite soldiers were useless. The evasive maneuver seems like a quick way for mass slaughter. They better shape up or it’ll all go to hell.

      They sure found Nagate at the right time, didn’t they? I can see why they didn’t send Nagate out immediately since a trainee fighting a gauna was probably never part of the plan. But like Karandi says below, Sidonia seems not at all equipped to handle those gravity shifts with much safety.

      Oh man, I hope not. Though in both cases, there’s some explanation. Momose wa emotionally compromised – surrre it’s a great idea to fall in love with a guy in your unit so you can lose your shit when he dies. Akai was the same actually. They had orders to leave Momose behind but he saved his girlfriend while dying in her place. Smart moves, really.

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  2. Karandi says:

    I feel like Sidonia needs a better safety system for when it does move like that. There were way too many casualties. Even if it was short notice there should be a better way not to get crushed by debris or fall and die.

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    • D says:

      They really do. Even if there’s enough warning and they all manage to attach themselves to a railing, it’s entirely possible that a chunk of that building itself will break, isn’t it? So there’s no guarantee of survival.

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  3. raistlin0903 says:

    Ah…the infamous episode 4. This for me was the episode where I really started to gain an interest in the series as a whole. Nagates move was seriously cool, and I really did find it a really nice thing to see the way Sidonia shifted. Another thing that I really like in this series is the sound effects. The way the weapons and engines sound is sometimes really cool.
    Yes, still totally agree with the characters…Honestly I still don’t know all their names lol, but the battle in this episode was very cool. Also after this one, I found the series really gained some momentum. There are some cool mysteries that appear now, and overall I really began to enjoy it more. Looking forward to the next post 😊😊

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    • D says:

      Yes, same, though there’s only just enough interest to maybe see the whole thing through. It seems like Sidonia’s packaging is more attractive that the content.

      There are some cool sci-fi sounds! The cool battle definitely helped make this whole thing a bit better. And mysteries sound promising 😀


  4. I’m now interested to watch this show.

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    • D says:

      Wow I really didn’t expect my less than complimentary reviews would make someone want to watch this 😀 It’s not a bad anime, just not that good either. The space battles aren’t bad though.

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  5. Remy Fool says:

    I felt like the faces approached humanity starting from this episode. Maybe they got better or I got used to it.

    The poor schmuck who died in from of Nagate and his two admirers when Sindonia did the emergency evasive maneuver, though. There was probably room left for him. Guess he had to die to demonstrate how dire the situation was.

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