Knights of Sidonia S01E05 – Adrift

05 – Adrift

…in which there’s romantic drifting and interestingly acquired water



It’s the aftermath of last episode’s battle. Kunato throws a hissy fit because he’s a pitiful human being. Sidonia moves away from Nagate and Shizuka, leaving them to fend for themselves in space. She’s happy that he came back for her but also angry that he’s essentially there to die with her. But that’s quickly put aside in favour of immediate survival while letting their Gardis frame gather energy. Their supplies are limited and Nagate’s frame won’t move just yet.

We then get to see two awkward teenagers be awkward together, with some nice moments I’d have cared more for if I’d been in any way invested in these two and their burgeoning romance. All I have to say is that blushes look horrendous with Sidonia’s character art.

We do get to learn a bit about Nagate’s past with his grandfather who raised him underground. Shizuka, on the other hand, is dodgy when asked about her past.

Time passes. A week later, Sidonia has recovered from most of the gravity fall’s damage. Some history is also revealed. When the first humanoid gauna destroyed Earth, a large number of ‘seed ships’ escaped which means Sidonia is possibly not the last of humanity. Kobayashi and the Bear Cook are apparently six centuries old (or maybe more). We don’t know how though. That raises the question of what they are biologically. Plus there’s the weird skull things Kobayashi talks with to consider.

Eleven days later, our adrift duo is out of water. Nagate, who can’t photosynthesize, becomes dehydrated. Shizuka saves him by filtering water out of her urine.


That happened.

I was caught off guard but it makes sense in-universe. Luckily, a rescue force arrives before they have to take any more drastic measures. Turns out that the entire defence unit mutinied and set out to find Nagate and Shizuka. That’s pretty nice of them.


For all that Sidonia’s character design is shit, the architecture and space stuff look very nice.

This episode was not as good as the last since I found little interest in watching Nagate and Shizuka chill in space and have a long, stargazing date. There’s one thing of note though. It looks like photosynthesizing is done in the nude which means that line from episode 3 was basically an invitation to get naked together. And that makes me wonder if “Will you photosynthesize together with me?” is a common euphemism for sex in Sidonia.

You gotta admit that as far as come-ons go, this one’s pretty lame.

Kobayashi’s (and Bear Lady – what even is up with that?) lifespan definitely raises some questions. So the does the whole ‘humanoid gauna’ deal. What are gauna, really?

Speaking of which, Shizuka gets this bright idea that gauna are maybe trying to make friends. I don’t know if that will turn out to be true but holy shit, how did she ever get the idea that a bunch of humongous monsters that like to eat people are trying to make friends with said eaten people?


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22 Responses to Knights of Sidonia S01E05 – Adrift

  1. Remy Fool says:

    Gotta show us that Shizuka is an unconventional and good girl somehow! Thus she suits the outsider boy who can’t go through photosynthesis!

    Kunato is unbelievable. I bet he didn’t feel bad at all during those 11 days or so.

    I kind of got emotional when the entire defense force showed up to bail their sorry butts, but I agree that this episode was more boring compared to the previous episode.

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    • D says:

      I’m rooting for Izana though. But their jealousy seems a bit too forced. Then again, what do I know.

      Agreed. He’s a little shit.

      I liked that scene too! I didn’t care enough to really get emotional but it was still very heartwarming.

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  2. weekendotaku says:

    I for one thought the urine filtration thing was pretty clever. They had to do something and at least it shows that they were in desperate straights. The interaction between them wasn’t the best, but I felt like the show was trying to bring some background to Nagate.

    Kobayashi and Bear Cook I bet are just like those guys she talks to in private that totally aren’t like the EVA monoliths. There’s something about Sidonia that makes them functionally immortal that will get totally screwed up if a Gauna ever makes contact. I think. I definitely want to find out more about what’s going on with Kobayashi though.

    I’m having a bit of trouble with how some of the things in this show work. The point of no return they kept going on about last week seemed to be no issue as long as you string 256 Gardes together, so why was it such a big deal? It seems unlikely that they moved Sidonia closer to the disabled Tsugumori considering how hard it is to change course.

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    • D says:

      I liked it too once I got over the wtf-factor. Plus I liked that after the fact, neither made a big deal out of it and just went straight to filtering the lubricant.

      That’s an interesting theory. The skull things do seem like they’re connected to the ship but Kobayashi’s – she’s my favorite character by now, which isn’t saying much but still – and Bear Cook’s – why is she a bear and why is no one surprised by that – longevity is still puzzling.

      I think the problem was that one or four frames couldn’t make it back if they went too far but yeah, unless those 256 have more speed when joined, it doesn’t make a lot of sense. It’s a nice moment but it does trivialize the whole drifting incident.

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  3. raistlin0903 says:

    Haha….yeah….that happened. Briljant 😂😂 This episode was a bit of a step down,when compared to te previous one. I think they were trying to make us care a bit more for the characters, by trying to put them a bit more in the spotlight. But by the end of the episode I still did not care for them, so mission failed I would say. Weekendotaku raises a valid point. The show introduces some concepts, that are not fully explained. Some of them are, but there are also a lot if things that keep floating in the background so to speak. Well, you are still in for a couple of cool episodes…so hang in there 😀

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    • D says:

      Very loudly echoing your sentiments. I did not care at all about the awkward blooming romance. I like a lot of the details like the biocatheters and photosynthesizing and the reservoir sea – they all contribute to a world with a lot of potential. But agreed that the technical details are still way too vague.

      That’s good – this show needs all the coolness it can get 😀

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