Poll: Diabolik Lovers, Blood C, Servamp, Blood Lad, Dance in the Vampire Bund


I know I’m only halfway through Sidonia but I wanted to keep the poll up for longer this time. Plus I need a ray of light to remind me that six more episodes and then it’s over and I can move on to something more interesting. So here we go, the fifth poll for episodic posts.

This time, the chosen genre is Vampire. What do you mean it’s not a genre – MAL says it is!

Really though, I have a fondness for vampire stories that even Twilight didn’t manage to kill so let me indulge a little.

Now vote away!

From this round onwards, I’ll be choosing two shows. One by the poll as always and the other will be my pick from the remaining options. I’ve already started posting daily (gods know how long that will last) so I figured I might as well post about different shows on adjacent days. I confess that a major reason for the change is my rampant desire not to get stuck watching 2 episodes in a row of anything like Knights of Sidonia.

Some variety can do us all some good.

Diabolik Lovers

At the behest of her father, Yui Komori goes to live in a secluded mansion, home to the six Sakamaki brothers—Shuu, Reiji, Ayato, Kanato, Laito, and Subaru—a family of vampires. Though at first the siblings are confused as to why the girl has arrived, they soon realize that she is to be their new “sacrificial bride,” not to mention their other, more carnal intentions for her. After meeting the brothers, Yui quickly begins to question why her father would have sent her here and why she feels a strange, new pain in her chest. With each brother more sadistic than the last, Yui’s life as a captive takes a harrowing turn in her new home. As her days turn into endless nights, and each brother vows to make her his own, Yui falls deeper and deeper into madness and ecstasy.

Blood Lad

Staz Charlie Blood is a powerful vampire who rules the Eastern district of Demon World. According to rumors, he is a bloodthirsty and merciless monster, but in reality, Staz is just an otaku obsessed with Japanese culture and completely uninterested in human blood. Leaving the management of his territory to his underlings, Staz spends his days lazing around, indulging in anime, manga, and games.

When Fuyumi Yanagi, a Japanese girl, accidentally wanders through a portal leading into the demon world, Staz is overjoyed. But just as he is starting to feel an unusual attraction to her, his territory is attacked, resulting in Fuyumi’s untimely death. She turns into a wandering ghost and the crestfallen Staz vows to resurrect her as this would mean being able to travel to the human world, something he has always dreamed of.

Blood Lad follows Staz and Fuyumi, soon joined by the spatial magician Bell and the half-werewolf Wolf, as they travel to find a magic that can bring humans back to life.

Blood C

Peaceful schoolgirl by day, fearsome monster slayer by night, Saya Kisaragi is leading a split life. Equipped with a ceremonial sword given to her by her father for sacred tasks, she vanquishes every monster who dares threaten her quiet little village. But all too soon, Saya’s reality and everything she believes to be true is tested, when she overhears the monsters speak of a broken covenant—something she knows nothing about. And then, unexpectedly, a strange dog appears; it asks her to whom she promised to protect the village, curious as to what would happen if she were to break that promise. Tormented by unexplainable visions and her world unraveling around her, we travel with Saya through her struggle to find a way to the truth in a village where nothing is as it seems.

Dance in the Vampire Bund

On live television, Mina Tepes, the ruler of all vampires, reveals the existence of her species to the world and states her plan to build a sanctuary in Japan for vampires, called the Vampire Bund. Using her family’s wealth to pay off the nation’s debt, they have agreed to let her build this safe-haven for her fellow creatures of the night. But not everyone is so easily swayed by Mina’s influence, as her announcement brings about conflict with humans who believe that the queen’s quest for peace is a façade.

Akira Kaburagi does not believe in vampires and gets uneasy whenever they are brought up, although he has yet to realize why. Apart from suffering a head injury a year ago, he lives on blissfully until he meets Mina. She triggers within him memories of a life he had long forgotten, and he soon begins protecting her without understanding why. But Akira’s secret is far stranger than he could have ever thought possible—he discovers that he is a werewolf, sworn from birth to protect the vampire queen, even if it costs him his life. Now, as these two dance a rondo of death in the Vampire Bund, Mina and Akira find out just how deep their bond goes.


Mahiru Shirota firmly believes that simple is best and troublesome things should be avoided at all costs. It is troublesome to do nothing and regret it later—and this ideology has led the 15-year-old to pick up a stray cat on his way home from school. As he affectionately names the feline Kuro, little does he know that this chance meeting will spark an extraordinary change in his everyday life.

One day, Mahiru returns home to find something quite strange: a mysterious young man he has never seen before. His subsequent panic results in the uninvited guest being exposed to sunlight and—much to Mahiru’s shock—transforming into Kuro! Upon revealing himself as a mere lazy shut-in vampire, Kuro promises to leave once night falls. However, one disaster after another leads to Mahiru accidentally forming a contract with his new freeloader, dragging him into a life-threatening battle of supernatural servants and bloodthirsty beings that is anything but simple.

In case you were wondering, yes, I do know that Diabolik Lovers is a pile of putrid crap. That’s why I want to watch it.

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22 Responses to Poll: Diabolik Lovers, Blood C, Servamp, Blood Lad, Dance in the Vampire Bund

  1. It’s the only one on the list that I’ve seen, so I went for Blood Lad. You could certainly do worse than it though. It’s far from perfect, but it’s short and good for a laugh.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Remy Fool says:

    Blood C will have you either hating it or loving it. Middle ground is almost nonexistent. It is also unintentionally funny.

    Dance in the Vampire Bund… I liked it but it went weird towards the end. Probably because the manga was still ongoing and the creator said to Studio SHAFT “do your craziest ideas”.

    Both series have awesome OPs imo!

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  3. raistlin0903 says:

    Well…I have voted Blood C, since it is the only show on this list that I have seen, but as always, I really enjoy reading about new series as well, so however the poll will turn out, I will read the posts regardless (then again…ofcourse Inakreadybreas every post you write lol 😂). Blood C was not bad, not great either, but kind of one of those shows that just for some reason you keep watching anyway and kind of enjoyed. Be prepared for a lot of blood and guts though….al lot of blood and guts 😂

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Karandi says:

    I went with Blood Lad on this (though it doesn’t finish which is frustrating), but it was pretty fun to watch. Blood C was kind of fine and Dance in the Vampire Bund was good enough for a once watch (once you get past the first episode at least). I’d actually kind of like to see Diabolik Lovers win because I think you’re reviews would be hilarious. Despite that, I didn’t vote for it, because I’m not quite mean enough to inflict that on anyone.

    Liked by 1 person

    • D says:

      I confess that the main reason Diabolik Lovers is here is because I think it’d be more fun to rip it to shreds episode by episode rather than rant after watching the whole thing. I’m sure you’ll get to see it anyway because I’m picking 2 shows this time around.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Karandi says:

        So looking forward to that. I didn’t make it through the whole series the first time round but I’ve always been tempted to watch it again, mostly to tear it apart.

        Liked by 1 person

  5. Artemis says:

    Blood Lad is actually an okayish show (from what little I remember anyway), but I would be immensely entertained by episodic reviews of Diabolik Lovers, so that’s what I ended up voting for in the poll. You’re welcome.

    Liked by 1 person

    • D says:

      Diabolik Lovers is leading now. It seems like some of you are very interested in seeing me blog my suffering. That’s fine – I’m looking forward to it, oddly enough.


  6. Cat says:

    Dialovers made me laugh a lot, especially because I watched the dub, so I say it’s really good to just enjoy the ride 😹

    Liked by 1 person

  7. The Otaku Judge says:

    Based on the current totals it looks like you will get your wish of watching putrid crap 🙂 I voted for Blood C. It’s the only series from the list, other than Dance, which I have seen.

    Liked by 1 person

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