Knights of Sidonia S01E08 – Undead

08 – Undead

… in which there’s a creepy new gauna and a lot of backstory



Episode 8 is by far the best Sidonia has dished out. It makes almost glad that I stuck to it.

There are a trio of gauna that resemble gardes frames which I think shows off their incredible ability to adapt. It gets even more impressive when one of the frames have a fleshy mess of a pilot inside of it, speaking in Shizuka’s voice, giggling randomly and calling out objectives in her voice. The attacking force finds it unnerving as well, especially Kunato and Nagate, the latter of whom believes there’s something of her in the gauna. Kunato, on the other hand, seems to have a minor breakdown at the sight. I imagine the guilt is finally catching up to him. Serves him right.

The Shizuka-gauna – later named Benisuzume by Sidonia – tears through the Grades pilots. It even seems familiar with their attack patterns. Naturally, there are heavy casualties. Nagate volunteers to collect a sample of the new gauna for Sidonia and does so successfully. By the time he returns to save a comrade, Benisuzume retreats which is lucky for Sidonia.

Back at Sidonia, we get some much needed flashbacks focusing on Nagate’s grandfather Hiroko and the ‘Immortal Council’.

The skull things as well as those like Kobayashi and the Bear Cook are part of it. They’re kept alive via medications and spare clones to transfer memories to. But Hiroko’s clone was lost 100 years ago when two gauna penetrated Sidonia and he ran away before another could be made. By the time he returned, his body has deteriorated considerably. Did I mention that Hiroko when young looked exactly like Nagate?

Yeah, Nagate’s his clone and has inherited his immortality due to the cloning process. Kobayashi cloned Hiroko without his permission because they couldn’t lose his fighting abilities and he took the kid and ran because he didn’t want Nagate to be stuck in a tank till adulthood. Bear Cook helped him escape which might explain why she’s no longer a pilot.

There’s also mentions of Ochiai, a scientist whose ahiled as being responsible for Sidonia’s fall. Yure says she can retrieve Sidonia’s main archives by extracting them from his auxiliary brain.

The episode ends with a shot of a gaunafied Shizuka lookalike in a tank, calling out for Mom and Nagate. Are they making some kind of human-gauna hybrid from that sample placenta Nagate got?



Finally, some answers.

First, let’s tackle the immortality thing. They say it’s a matter of medicine and that the Council is careful who they allow into it but that makes me wonder how Nagate’s functioning then. He’s been heavily injured multiple times but always heals. So either Kobayashi’s been shooting him up with chemicals or the medication doesn’t need to be taken regularly. Some details would be nice. All the same, I’m happy to know more about Sidonia’s past.

Benisuzume was one hell of a surprise and at this point, she’s the best thing that’s happened to this show. We still don’t know much about the gauna but they’re very clearly smart and it’ll be interesting to see what a gauna based on a high-ranking Gardes pilot will be able to do.

The art has improved though the characters’ faces remain odd to look at. That one scene with the gaunafied Shizuka lookalike looks smoother than the character designs untilt his point combined. I guess Sidonia’s at its best when it comes to monster designs.

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9 Responses to Knights of Sidonia S01E08 – Undead

  1. weekendotaku says:

    I agree, this one was good.

    I think Kunato’s breakdown was because he knows he’s the one responsible for Shizuka’s death, and so this gauna is like a ghost come back to haunt him. It’s good either way, because screw that guy.

    Hiroko was great. We got a hint from the talk between Hiyama and Kobayashi a couple episodes back about Nagate and how if he’s really related to Hiroko he’s going to hate her someday. Learning the truth about Nagate’s identity was really cool, and it explains a lot of his skills aside from the generic “grind all day in the simulator” reason.

    I also really liked the way they explained the introduction of photosynthesis into their biological process. Need more soldiers but don’t have the resources to feed them? Get it from the sun! This is really interesting world building and I’m appreciating these details so far.

    Finally, that was Yure that Izana was calling “Grandma” right? Are they a clone of Yure? That’s something to think about.

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    • D says:

      Yes, I think so too. He and Shizuka seemed…well, not close but it’s clear that their relationship was enough to make him regret her death and freak out at Benisuzume. I enjoyed that way more than I should have.

      I really appreciated all the backstory and details. Even when Sidonia was stumbling with its story, the world-building has been great. It really feels like an authentic world with a rich history of struggle and survival. Plus they’re very good at sneaking in information without resorting to tiring exposition.

      That’s my theory too. Yure and Izana have the same face so cloning is more probable than biological reproduction. I doubt Izana knows that her granny is immortal though.

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  2. Remy Fool says:

    Definitely agreed that this was the best episode so far.

    I think everyone was happy to see Kunato breakdown. Ahh justice is sweet.

    Hiyama was a great friend to Hiroko. She’s probably the best bear in anime history.

    It sounds like this Oichai fellow collected all the magical spears and tossed them into space. Hiroko went and collected all of them as 2 Gauna invaded the base, but most of the inhabitants had died by the time he returned. Every generation had their Kunato, I guess.

    The facial expressions and all are really getting better over time. What a shock.

    I think I’m going to watch a few more episodes after I do some blog stuff. This show is picking up!

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    • D says:

      I didn’t see this before??? I have no idea why?? Even now, I came across this accidentally.

      Hiyama is definitely the best bear ever, Now someone tell me why she’s a bear.

      100% agreed about Kunato. That was very satisfying. That was my theory of Ochiai as well but as we both know, season one doesn’t give us any answers. Ah well.

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      • Remy Fool says:

        Wahaha I thought it was intentional. But yeah idk??? Weird.

        Maybe one day we will know. IF we were to ever watch S2. So we will probably never know unless we ask around.

        Best moment of the show bar none.

        Yeah…I’d like to think we are right. Oh , well.

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      • D says:

        Dude, no. If I ever ignore a comment, it’s because I haven’t seen it, promise.

        ….well there’s always TV Tropes. I did find out a bit about the ending and it’s…weird.

        Liked by 1 person

      • Remy Fool says:

        Mmm got it.

        Yeaaah I read through TvTropes a year ago or so. It was…yeah…

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  3. raistlin0903 says:

    This episode was seriously cool. I found that giggling seriously scary and unnerving at times. It really sent chills down my spine. This was also one of the first episodes to at least provide a few answers (although there are still enough questions as well). All in all though I am glad you decided to stick with it. There are a couple of cool things yet to come, as the season finale nears 😀

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    • D says:

      Yes, definitely some creepy giggling. The red mass of pilot-shaped flesh doesn’t help. I finished the show actually and while I didn’t find any of the upcoming episodes as good as this, as you said, there were still a few pleasant surprises.

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