Knights of Sidonia S01E09 – Gaze

09 – Gaze

…in which Nagate makes an odd friend and kills more gauna



Nagate is summoned for an experiment with the placenta-gauna that looks like Shizuka – whom I have chosen to christen Shizugauna – since it keeps calling out his name. Though it reacts to him, it also attacks him with its placenta so the first try is a failure. But it has helped Sidonia realize that gauna’s reproduction methods are similar to that of humans and that they may even feel emotions.

Elsewhere, Kobayashi and Yure – Izana’s immortal grandmother – arrive to Kunato manor in order to extract information from Ochiai’s clone’s auxiliary brain. That sounds very pleasant. Ochiai, once his memories are awakened, tells Kobayashi that she will one day need the power he has. Kunato manages to watch all of this live and becomes quite interested. That can’t end well. It’s Kunato – nothing ends well when he’s involved.

Nagate is once again summoned to meet Shizugauna and actually elicits a positive response from it but is called away on a mission. He’s assigned a kabizashi and also made a squad leader. Then follows a montage of missions where he kills gauna, interspersed with the time he spends happily staring at Shizugauna. That seems very healthy.

Izana and Yuhata becomes concerned – and jealous, I imagine – that he’s spending all of his time with a placenta and both ask him out on a date that is not termed a date. He says yes to both, oblivious idiot that he is. That’s going to be a fun mess.

Shizugauna’s handler realizes that Shizugauna is always looking in one direction. It’s not where Shizuka’s or Nagate’s homes are so she pinpoints the location as where the kabizashis are kept. Benisuzume is also shown to be ominously looking at Sidonia.



I will never be able to see photosynthesis in the same light again. Why must you ruin the sanctity of plant-sun relationships for me, Sidonia?

This was another entertaining episode. At this point, my biggest problem with the series is that Nagate is so bland. They say he’s like Hiroki but that old man had more personality in the few minutes he was on screen that Nagate has had this whole damn time. Sure, he makes a nice, person-shaped vehicle of plot development but ask me who is Tanikaze Nagate and I’ll come up blank. I don’t get the guy.

I like Shizugauna so far, mostly because she’s an interesting development and is also the best thing to look at in this series design-wise. The thing about the kabizashis makes me wonder if there’s some truth to the demilitarization faction’s claim. I still think disarming is a foolish policy but it does seem that gauna are attracted to kabi.


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7 Responses to Knights of Sidonia S01E09 – Gaze

  1. raistlin0903 says:

    Totally agree with you on Nagate. As far as lead characters go, I think he has to be one of the most boring characters that I have ever seen. It is amazing that guy can be in the lead period 😂 Anyways, yes the series continues to give us new and exciting things. Which is great. Knights of Sidonia really does reward you when you continue watching it.

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    • D says:

      Except when you go and watch season 2 apparently 😛

      But yeah, aside from Nagate and the generally weak characters, Sidonia has some interesting things going for it.

      Liked by 1 person

      • raistlin0903 says:

        Haha, yeah although season 2 is not a total loss though. Just as in this season there are quite a few things that entertain, but it was definitely not as good as season 1…erm…or should I say not quite as erm okayish 😂😂

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  2. weekendotaku says:

    As much as they focused on the pacifist agenda, I figured there had to be something do it. The gauna are definitely drawn to the kabi and this is something that Ochiai realized. I have a feeling the rest of the immortal council knows about it too. The question is then why did Kobayashi and the others still go out to retrieve them? Maybe the kabi is helping them stay immortal somehow.

    Shizugauna is a bit weird. The time condensing helps things stay consistent from a timeline standpoint, though I’m not sure what Nagate thinks he’s getting out of that relationship. In the meantime he’s becoming quite the elite pilot, and they did make it a point to reveal that the pilot death rate is still not dropping. That only makes sense given that they haven’t killed one in the last 600 years before he arrived.

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  3. D says:

    I think they retrieve the kabi because it’s the only thing that gives them a chance against the gauna. It may attract to them to Sidonia but the first gauna destroyed earth even before they found the kabizashis so not keeping kabi on board doesn’t guarantee that gauna will leave them be. In such a situation, it seems wiser to be ready to fight rather than risk being attacked while they’re helpless. Also, didn’t 2 pilots in the flashback criticize Ochiai for throwing away kabizashis and thus increasing the casualties? If I’m remembering right then that also hints at lack of kabi not keeping them safe.

    Maybe he’s just holding on to Shizuka’s ghost as much as he can through Shizugauna. It is a near perfect copy in terms of appearance. I can understand Izana’s and Yuhata’s concern for him though – his fixation can’t be healthy.

    100 not 600 (unless that was hyperbole in which case oops.) But yes, the death rate does seem realistic, especially since we know that newly graduated pilots are also sent to fight gauna.


  4. Remy Fool says:

    The girls need to step away from the bland main character. He doesn’t deserve you two!

    I wasn’t expecting a montage of sorts to pop up, but it wasn’t unwelcome.

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    • D says:

      Yeah, the montage was unexpected but it fits well. The girls…yeah, no. They’re fun on their own but not a good combo with Nagate because Nagate himself is hardly riveting as a character.

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