Knights of Sidonia S01E10 – Determination

10 – Determination

… in which some secrets are revealed and Nagate saves the day again



Remember Nagate being asked out by both Izana and Yuhata last episode? Guess how that turns out.

Yeah, they all end up in a threeway outing where both Izana and Yuhata are irked at each other and at Nagate for not being able to spend time alone with him. I say they should have a threesome and be done with it but what do I know?

They end up in an obscure inn whose host turns out to be none other than Kobayashi, except that only Nagate knows her face. The other two are blissfully oblivious. Yuhata’s plan is to dig up the remnants of Ochiai’s research. And just like that, what starts out like a fluffy filler episode takes a turn for the dramatic. The three of them go exploring in a tunnel despite Izana’s entirely justified reservations and end up walking right into a high-security isolation ward where Yure and her men knock them out with tranquilizers.

Nagate wakes up and Yure shows him a man-gauna fusion that’s the result of Ochiai’s experiments. I don’t even want to know he made that possible. It’s long dead but its body is used to harvest man-made kabi – the material used for making kabizashis. There’s a weapon in development using this and Kobayashi wants Nagate to be the test pilot. The three are safely returned to the inn but Izana and Yuhata don’t know what happened. Elsewhere, Kunato is also displaying a lot of interest in Ochiai and his experiments.

Nagate visits the engineers with Yuhata and finds out that the VR simulator he used underground is currently only in development on the surface. The lady in charge is sceptical about his claims but this great mystery is solved when a guy pipes in that the VRs they’re developing are based on systems that were in use a century ago, i.e, before most of Sidonia was ruined by those two gauna.

Just then, a gauna is spotted heading for the pioneer ship of the demilitarization faction that’s heading for the planet they intend to colonize. Sidonia is too far away to help but Nagate insists that he can use the new tech to save them. Kobayashi concedes after a while, though she was originally intending to let the pioneer ship fend for itself in order to teach the dissenters a lesson. That’s cold, captain. The reason she lets Nagate save them is because he reminds her of Hiroko. She even says she’ll try to change her ways before she drives him away like with Hiroko.

Nagate puts on an impressive show and saves them all. Everyone’s happy, even the pacifists who keep insisting that the gauna was headed towards Sidonia and not the pioneers. Self-delusion is a wonderful tool.

In other news, Izana is promoted to pilot but they’re unhappy about it due to the low survival rate and their dwindling time with Nagate. But he insists that they still have time together. He might end up eating those words because there’s a gauna 8000 times the size of Sidonia headed towards it.



I have a feeling that Kunato is going to cause trouble with his interest in Ochiai but I’m not sure if we’ll get to see it this season.

I’m eating up each and every glimpse of Kobayashi. She is one of the most interesting characters in this show. In that scene with the pioneer ship, we get some insight into her thoughts. She’s definitely a shady person with secrets but her loyalty to Sidonia seems genuine and her subtle attachment to Hiroko and now Nagate does a good job of humanizing her.

Though the above segment doesn’t talk about Shizugauna, it does pop up in this episode. The only noteworthy scene is when it crafts its red scales (?) into a pretty dress to show off for Nagate and also learns to write his name. It’s really very cute.

I can’t even imagine the size of a gauna eight thousand times the size of Sidonia. It’ll be fun to see them figure out how to fight it. I want to see Benisuzume show up again too.

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7 Responses to Knights of Sidonia S01E10 – Determination

  1. raistlin0903 says:

    Yep, that was my thought as well when they announced that huge Gauna heading their way. I always like it when things seem to be heading in a direction where everything seems to be lost, and the characters trying to find a desperate way out of it.
    Shizugauna forming a pretty dress was in one way cute, but also very, very disturbing in a creepy kind of way. Great review…just two more episodes to go 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    • D says:

      The sheer size of thing is intimidating enough to make all seem hopeless. But of course, we know they won’t just roll over and die.

      Cute and creepy sounds like the perfect description of Shizugauna – I’m happy to see you guys using that name :D. I’m fond of it though for some odd reason.


  2. weekendotaku says:

    I’m imagining Hideaki Anno watching this and going “hmph” every 5 minutes.

    The character drama still feels like an aside to the whole story. I get that Nagate and the others are pretty much like high school kids but the jealousy angle is played up a lot and I don’t find it that convincing, especially with Yuhata having a very important role now that she should be more focused on instead.

    And of course the Council used a dead gauna to create weapons, and probably know exactly why the gauna are coming after them. That Nagate is so ok with this, given his similarities to Hiroko, is a little surprising though. Maybe he and Kobayashi are both having an influence on one another.

    These scenes with Kunato are really pushing the idea that he wants to dig deeper, but he’s not doing anything. Like you said, maybe it’s a season 2 thread?

    Also Nagate is reaching Wolverine level healing if he worked off the facial pummeling Izana gave him within a matter of minutes.

    Liked by 1 person

    • D says:

      That many similarities, huh?

      Yes, same. I’m unimpressed so far with most of the characterization. The love triangle – quadrangle? – angle is duller than a rusty knife and I really can’t see why or how nay of them are into each other. Yuhata is a semi-cool character in her own right but the attempts to push her infatuation with Nagate to the forefront is not doing the story any favors.

      The council of creepy skulls become more suspicious with each passing episode. They probably are up to no good but their reasoning for it all should be interesting enough. I think Nagate trusts Kobayashi. He’s not the sharpest tool in the shed when it comes to people and she does display a softer side to him. Unlike the aforementioned love polygon, this is one relationship I’d be happy to see explored.

      Ah, I didn’t even notice that to be honest. But you’re right, he went from a bruised, swollen mess to normal in a matter of seconds. That’s a pity since it would have been fun to see him caught by Yure in that state.

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  3. Remy Fool says:

    Res truly suits Shizugauna. What a cute dress!

    I’m amazed at the lower of delusion. Kobayashi should have let them die. Alas, Nagate is too kind. Hopefully she stays as cold as she needs to be.

    I balked at the thought of something being 8000 times the size of the Sidonia. That’s huge!

    Liked by 1 person

    • D says:

      Kobayashi so far seems to be 99.9% cold practicality and 00.1% sentimentality. It suits her.

      Same. Sidonia is huge already. I can’t even imagine the x8000 size even after seeing it in the show.


      • Remy Fool says:

        Definitely one of the best characters. Cold captains always pull at my heart.

        Right? Man, thank goodness they have these advanced sensors and scanners. Battles would be so much more different.

        Liked by 1 person

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