Diabolik Lovers Episode 02 – Bloodsucking, Drowning & Bloodsucking While Drowning

Bloodsucking, Drowning & Bloodsucking While Drowning

In that order



Language warning. I’m in that state where I’m smiling as wide as the Joker while entertaining explicit murder fantasies…also probably like the Joker. That might be reflected in my words beyond the usual shits and damns.

We get the OP and it’s called Mr. Sadistic Night. Subtlety, thy name is Diabolik Lovers. The music’s not any good either. I have to say one thing though – the art in this is great.

So our poor heroine wakes up in a room unbitten but probably not unmolested given that she’s dressed in sleepwear. Since she didn’t put it on, one of the sick sextet probably did and I don’t think a single one of those bastards have the decency to keep their hands to themselves while they’re at it. Anyway, her momentary respite is quickly ruined by the Absolute Asshole (should I just call him Bitch-chan like he calls Yui? I promise he deserves it…) who proceeds to praise how sexy she is in a grandma gown and how nice she smells.

…and then he asks if she is trying to provoke him which is wrong on so many levels that I had to pause the video and stare at my screen for a while.

And the episode’s only started, folks.


Two more of them pop up in her room and Glasses says she must get ready for night school. Fuck any and all consideration for her schedule being turned on its head because these high-and-mighty shits have no grasp on the tenets of basic decency. Glasses graciously says she can leave if she’s displeased by the arrangement except that, as Yui recalls, they said they’d kill her if she tried to leave last episode. Maybe he just means that she can leave and be eaten all at once instead of being kept around as a replenishable food source.

On the way to school, Glasses offers her cranberry juice for her blood. She’s surprised to see him be kind but don’t worry, he just wants her to have plenty of blood for them to suck out. How nice.

And now it gets even worse. Ayato the Oresama Asshole makes Yui skip class to make him food and he shows his gratitude immediately afterwards by making a lollipop out of her. No, really, he just corners her, spouts some bullshit about waiting for this and bites her. On one hand, I’m glad they didn’t postpone the actual blood-drinking in some pathetic attempt at building tension. On the other hand, GODDAMMIT YOU PIECE OF SHIT CONSENT IS IMPORTANT.

Doesn’t end there. He seems to really like the taste and keeps going like the uncouth moron he is. Yui passes out and Glasses shows up right then to make Ayato stop. Because god forbid he do that at school. The location is the problem, people, not the action. Ha ha.

Now comes the real gem of this episode. Yui wakes up and is naturally upset at Oresama for violating her. You know what he does?

Get on his knees and apologize of course.

Yeah right. He throws her into a pool. The motherfucker actually picks up the girl and throws her into the water without even knowing if she can swim because she dared to call him out on his deplorable, literally predatory behavior. Who the actual hell though this was a good way to write a love interest in an otome game/reverse harem? Her cry for help triggers a memory of Ayato in a similar situation while a woman looks on impassively.


Ah, my heart is bleeding. Not.

He saves her but lest even that be untainted by utter assholery, he follow it up by kissing her (CONSENT, AYATO, CONSENT) and biting her (CONS-oh who am I kidding, I already know this will be a pattern).

It ends soon after that. Thank heaven.

I don’t like the look on Yui’s face when he gives her a towel. Honey, please don’t think he’s halfway decent because of that. You wouldn’t even need the towel had he not tried to kill you.



What have I gotten myself into?

I’m glad each episode is only 15min because I would not be able to handle full length episodes of this bullshit. Last episode, I managed to laugh. This episode, I barely managed to hold back from breaking my laptop in two.


You know what really confounds me? The fact that this is based on an otome game. That means each of these dicks is a love interest which probably means that in each route, Yui falls for one of them despite the shit they put her through which once again means that some deluded soul managed to concoct a ‘romance’ out of unapologetic abuse.

We’re going to see that in this anime too, aren’t we?

Pray for me.

Before the end, let me feature some golden quotes by dear Ayato. He’s quite the sweettalker.


Exhibit A:

“Let me suck you.”

I saw this and went “I don’t think she has the parts for that, Ayato.” It’s juvenile but I’m not sorry. Keep this in mind though – it’s the only time he even gives the illusion of asking for her consent.

Exhibit B:

 “Oresama is going to take your every first experience.”

Can’t you see how important her permission is to him? It’s obvious that he’d never ever do anything she’s uncomfortable with.

Exhibit C:

“Your tears and that look of pain on your face really do it for me.”

I’m not judging your kinks, dude, but you could maybe possibly perhaps consider finding a willing sub instead shoving your fucking fantasies on a confused girl. What are you, Christian Grey?

Exhibit D:

“Tell me that I’m the best, that I’m better than anyone else and that you belong to me.”

So, how many cookies short of a full jar is this guy? Because I can write an essay about the things wrong with that sentence. Not to mention that he says this after throwing her into the pool, as he’s watching her drown.


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22 Responses to Diabolik Lovers Episode 02 – Bloodsucking, Drowning & Bloodsucking While Drowning

  1. Remy Fool says:

    I’m pretty much done with this show already, holy moly. So many assholes in this show.

    Will catch up on AoT and Blood Lad later today, hopefully.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. oooh! new drinking game!
    wait…we will all be shit-faced if we do this.

    Liked by 2 people

  3. raistlin0903 says:

    Note to self: don’t read these reviews while drinking a hot cup of tea. I had to laugh so hard that I literally spilled me tea (I’m allright, no damage mind you😂). Well…this sounds like a very interesting show. I am really missing out on this one. Ofcourse I am being totally sarcastic here 😂😂 Well, at least I get a lot of laughs out of reading this reviews. All I can say is: goodluck with continuing this series 😊😊

    Liked by 1 person

    • D says:

      Haha sorry? 😀

      Making others laugh has become the primary purpose of these, I think. Well that and some cathartic venting.

      This is a realll gem though. I can’t believe this has two seasons. And thanks, I’ll need it.

      Liked by 1 person

  4. Keiko says:

    Hahahaha I really enjoyed reading that! 😂😂 I really do hope you continue enjoying the rest of the show as much as you enjoyed this ep! 😂😉

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Karandi says:

    So dropping this when?

    Liked by 1 person

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