Blood Lad Episode 02 – Back Home, But Not Really



Staz and Fuyumi enter the human world and ends up in her bedroom, which Staz finds disappointing due to its plainness. I guess he needs manga and figures to make a home. Her father is naturally upset about her disappearance and the strange boy with her but a nice spray of Staz’s diluted saliva (classy!) makes him passively accept their presence and go about his way.

The saliva spray doesn’t work on Fuyumi which reminds her that she really isn’t human anymore.

Staz sprays his way around school as well, altering all of their memories. Two of Fuyumi’s friends get into an argument over whether or not she was at school the previous day, eventually coming to the conclusion that she was. This makes her feel like her existence is inconsequential – if a simple trick is enough to make others think that she was with them when she wasn’t, then what’s the point of her being there? She wants to disappear.


She snaps at Staz about it but he reveals that he didn’t do all of it for shits and giggles but because if he altered their perception, then Fuyumi can have a normal life when she comes back from the dead. Plus her desire to disappear is making her literally disappear, mostly because her existence in the human world is a tricky, unstable thing. Staz then feeds her his blood to use his magic to give her strength.

One vaguely erotic finger-sucking session later, Fuyumi is drunk on magic and happily faint.

Staz is confused by his own words as he’s not sure if he wants to let Fuyumi return to the human world after she returns to life. At the same time, he notices that he does not feel drawn to other human girls as he had to Fuyumi.


They return to Fuyumi’s room and find a girl happily bouncing on the bed. It’s Hydra Bell a.k.a Bell-chan, the owner of the portal that Staz and Fuyumi used. Typical meeting shenanigans later, Bell blackmails Staz into going on a quest for ogre underwear (yes, you read that right) that ends up being a test of strength. Turns out that though the portal is Bell’s, someone stole it and set it up so she can no longer take it down. She wants to find the guy and marry him because he must be strong.

And what if it’s a girl, Bell? How do you know for sure it’s a guy? Or do you swing both ways?

Then she reveals that she used to have a book about human resurrection but that she sold it back in the demon realm. It’s in the territory of some guy named Wolf, who Staz says is his old friend and rival. I suppose we’ll meet him next episode.



This was another fine episode.

The diluted saliva thing is a pretty good idea. It gives a more or less sensible explanation for the popular vampire-mind-control feature…provided that you don’t bother wondering how spraying something that should be directly injected into the blood has the same effect. It’s magic!


The part where Staz wonders about his own intention towards Fuyumi was low-key sweet. It’s clear to us that he’s got no intention of ripping out her throat. If anything, the desire to keep her close comes from his temporarily suspended attraction to her. Speaking of, I’d like to see him regain that attraction before she returns to being human. Their relationship would be extremely shallow otherwise.

Bell is bubbly, devious and altogether fun so far.

The only thing that bothered me in this episode was one shot where Fuyumi’s organic melons seemed to gently bounce as she breathed. That’s…not how it works, anime. At least make her jump around or something if you’re so eager to animate jiggling breasts.

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9 Responses to Blood Lad Episode 02 – Back Home, But Not Really

  1. Karandi says:

    I did like the saliva spray. It makes no real sense but is far more practical than Staz having to vamp every character they meet in the human realm. To be honest, as much fun as the demon world is, it would have been nice for the characters to spend more time in the human world because there’s so much they could do with the set up of a human ghost and a vampire. Looking forward to you next review.

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    • D says:

      Yup, it’s definitely easier than biting or even mind-mojoing every individual. You make a good point – I’d have liked to see a bit more of Fuyumi’s family too, especially how everyday situations would go if she and Staz had to stay with them. But I guess we won’t get that.

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  2. raistlin0903 says:

    This really is an interesting idea. I always like it when a show/movie does there own take on something that is popular, like the Vampire mind control feature. That said….I do think it is best to not dwell on it too much: I mean, diluted saliva, seriously 🙈🙈
    This week has definitely not been a good week for my to watch list encyclopedia: in between Karandi’s and your posts, I am also highly enjoying the rewatch feature of WeekendOtaku for your lie in April. Still….I wouldn’t have it any other way. Looking forward to the next post 😀

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    • D says:

      You’re right, it’s better not to think about having someone’s saliva sprayed on you, no matter how diluted. Maybe that’s why Fuyumi freaked out.

      Haha soon, you’ll have enough shows to last ten lifetimes to watch. The things we (happily) do to ourselves. 😀 I’m not participating in the rewatch but I am keeping up with Weekend’s posts. They’re great.

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  3. Remy Fool says:

    The diluted saliva spray bottle was a nice touch. Vampires seem to get more and more perks in the modern era.

    Yeah…I noticed Fuyumi’s puppies breathing, too. It was quite abrupt and unneeded.
    I wasn’t too impressed with the finger sucking, either. I guess fanservice is to be expected in a series like this, but hopefully it stays at a reasonable level.

    Liked by 1 person

    • D says:

      Who would say no to instant mind control?

      ‘Puppies breathing’ – Remy, you’re a genius. But yes, that scene was…odd. The finger sucking was the opposite of subtle but I didn’t mind that. You know me and my issue with unreasonable boobs.

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