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The second episode is not as exciting as the first but it’s still quite engaging. We see Sasha and Connie return to their respective villages in the south while Eren and company leave Sina with the priest, Nick, in tow.

Armin speculates that titans may not be able to penetrate walls made of titans. When Maria and Rose were attacked, it was the gates that were destroyed rather than the walls themselves. Plus the construction of the three walls are oddly smooth, leading him to think that it may be made out of the same kind of material that Annie enclosed herself in. That pretty much means that it’s titans who have been protecting the humans until now and ain’t that a blow?

Eren, Mikasa, Armin, Hange and Levi take Nick with them in hopes that he’ll his change his mind and reveal what he knows of the titans in the walls if he sees the carnage of the titans himself. Eren yells – I missed that – and Levi unsubtly threatens to blow a hole in the guy. But Nick is stubbornly silent. Old guy’s got some serious guts even if we want to punch his face in for it.

Elsewhere, Sasha heads towards her village alone. We see a flashback of her with her father in the days after Maria’s fall. They were hunters but the influx of refugees from Maria drastically affected their livelihood. Her father considered changing their ways but Sasha refused to let go of her culture and conform to the wishes of outsiders. Her dad said she could stay in the forest if she wished but that it also meant she’d have to survive on her own and not ask for help even if she’s in danger because she can’t expect others to be there for her if she’s not there for others. It’s all one big lesson on how humans are social animals.

In the present, she reaches a new village and comes across a house with a titan in it, eating a woman as her child sits there in shock. Sasha takes an axe to it like an utter badass. It’s no use though so she takes the kid and runs. The kid says that everyone else escaped but no one came to help despite knowing that the kid’s mother had bad legs.

Cue another flashback, this one from Sasha’s trainee days. In contrast to the first one, here we see a Sasha who has changed. She’s abandoned her native speech and adopted a more formal style. The frecked-girl-who’s-always-with-Christa-and-whose-name-I-almost-accidentally-mentioned-here says that Sasha shouldn’t be ashamed of the way she is and should just speak naturally. I swear it’s the most aggressive pep talk ever. Meanwhile, Christa-the-Goddess says that Sasha is free to choose the way she wants to be.

This has no importance whatsoever to what’s going on with Sasha right now. Even she acknowledges that. But guys, keep this scene in mind. It’ll be very important shortly from now and then again a long time from now, maybe in season 3.

Once again, back to the present; Sasha lets the kid escape and stays behind to take on the titan by herself with a bow and arrows. Some shots miss but she manages to get one of its eyes. Then there’s only one arrow left. She is completely badass in the following scene. She’s terrified, she’s unarmed except with something that’s all but useless against titans, she’s even shaking too hard to shoot properly… and yet she soldiers on and bodily slams the last arrow into the titan’s remaining eye. If that’s not amazing, then I don’t know what is.

Right after that, she runs away and comes across a group of riders with her father as well as the kid from before among them. He says she’s proud of her – damn yes, he should be – and all is well.

For Sasha. For Connie, not so much.

He too rushes to his village but along with other Corps members. Unfortunately, he finds ruined houses and no sign of life. There’s no blood or bodies either but that’s not as much of a relief as you might think. He goes to his house and finds a titan right of top of it.

Everyone freaks out for a second before they find out that the titan’s limbs are too puny for it to so much as twitch.

So then…how did it even get there?


Another good episode and the questions keep piling up. Armin raises some good concerns about the titans and Sasha’s segment caters nicely to the action part of the show. The real mystery is what happened at Connie’s village. If any of you’ve got any theories about that, please share.

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26 Responses to Attack on Titan Episode 27 – I’m Home

  1. Karandi says:

    My theory is simple. Someone else has done an Eren and turned into a Titan with no control over the transformation (like the time he only really got the skeleton because he just needed defense). And they did it either next to or inside of Connie’s house which makes for some interesting thoughts about who the person is. My theory could be wrong but it is the simplest explanation and it makes sense. I guess we’ll find out eventually.

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  2. Akaluv says:

    I’ve read the manga, so I already know what’s going to happen. I’ll probably stop watching the anime soon, since for me, the manga went south.

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    • D says:

      As did I which is why I didn’t put forth my own theories. I don’t mind the way the manga goes from here but the last couple of chapters are not really to my taste.

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  3. raistlin0903 says:

    This second episode still managed to impress, even though as you say it was a little less exciting than episode 1. I loved Sasha in this episode. She was so incredibly strong, and the way she slammed that Arrow in the Titan’s eye had me cheer with joy. As for the end of the Episode, I have to agree with Karandi’s comment and theory. It’s probably someone who turned Titan in the middle of the house, and had no control over it. But maybe that is the most obvious theory and there is something else going on entirely. I guess we will find out soon enough 😊

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    • D says:

      She put the bad in badass 😀 But yeah, I’d kinda that whole scene from the manga so it was absolutely exhilarating to see her push past her fear and physically attack it like that. Go, potato girl.

      It is a great theory! I kinda felt sorry for that titan in that scene though. It looks so pathetic lying there like that.

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  4. avathenerd says:

    Great post! I really liked this episode. It was executed perfectly. And the part about the girls mother having a bad leg really got to me. It was too cruel. I love the thrill this series offers. Are you also a manga reader? I simply waved away that Sasha-Christa scene as a filler, but does it really hold importance?

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    • D says:

      This show seems to love to remind us that the humans everyone is fighting to save can be real scumbags at time. The way that woman just lies down as if in relief after Sashs takes the kid and runs was a nice touch too.

      Yup, I am. And well, from a plot perspective, it’s got no importance. It doesn’t have much to do with Sasha either. But later, when Christa and Freckled Girl’s characters get more development, their words in that scene become important as it shows their fundamental approach to life.

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  5. Anjim Plays says:

    I gotta watch the second season

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  6. Adam says:

    I rather liked the decision to focus on Sasha for this episode. A good narrative needs ups and downs, and right now the Armin/Mikasa/Eren thread is definitely cooling down a bit, but that leaves room for other threads to rise. I like it when stories fill in their lulls with little character conceits like this one.

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    • D says:

      A lot of people seem to be enjoying the focus away from those three. I’m not particularly fond of Sasha and Connie – I don’t dislike them but neither do I love them – but even so, I admit that the varying focus is doing the plot a lot of good.

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  7. yukinocake says:

    The manga is so confusing.. I don’t think I can take all the truth craps but I managed to reach the latest chapter anyways.

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  8. KING says:

    I do have high hopes for this season….I hope it doesn’t disappoints

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  9. Remy Fool says:

    My favorite commander appeared yay.
    And screentime for the lovely Sasha was great. Her father acknowledging her growth had me getting misty-eyed, haha.

    That scene with Ymir and Christina and Sasha was touching. Also makes for good ship tease /and/ foreshadowing.

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    • D says:

      Your old man thing is showing again…

      Yeah Sasha had a nice mini-arc there. She has grown a lot from the old potato girl.

      Yumikuri will always be a great ship! The hints are great too though it’ll be a long while before learn enough about them both to put it all in place.

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