Blood Lad Episode 03 – You Had It All Along



We meet Wolf, a territory boss who seems to be on an expansion campaign. Not the most chill guy out there but mentioning girls seems to make him all shy and flustered. Staz reveals that they’re childhood friends but that he can’t just march up and ask for his help because of both their status. Bell refuses to help because she’s still suspicious that Staz is the one who stole her magic. So they have no choice but to go to Wolf via super fast demon-bird carts.


Their meeting is very bro-y but just like Staz said, asking for help isn’t a straightforward deal. They decide to fight for it. If Staz wins, Wolf will help him. If Wolf wins, Staz will give him…Fuyumi.

What the hell, hero?

Why does episode 3 of both this and Diabolik Assholes have girls being assigned as prizes?


Anyway, Staz and Wolf are more tolerable about it than the sick sextet. Staz is adamant that he won’t lose Fuyumi while Wolf finds her cute and innocent like a bunny and wants to protect her. I don’t know how he associated a sexy school swimsuit with innocence but whatever floats your boat, wolfy. And she does look cute in it.

Staz thought they’d be bowling but turns out that they’re boxing instead. While his magic gives him an edge in the former, the latter is more suited to Wolf’s skillset. Staz gets his ass kicked, even his rapid healing not enough to keep up with Wolf’s furious blows. But in the end, Staz drains Wolf of magic using a neat trick. The match doesn’t end there. Wolf transforms, demanding to know why Staz is willing to go so far. The answer that he wants to return Fuyumi to her human form does not convince Wolf and their argument escalates quickly to deadly levels.


Alas, the boys are stopped in their tracks by the power of tears. Fuyumi slaps Staz, cries about two good friends fighting and bam, they stop. Good job, Fuyumi.

Bell interrupts then, transporting all of them out of the ring. She then reveals that she had the ‘Book of Human Resurrection’ with her all along and the whole thing was just a test for Staz. I assume he passed. Even the bowlingàboxing was her doing.

They now have the book…which none of them can read because the whole thing is in code. Staz has the wonderful idea to seek out its author and to be fair, it’s a good idea except that the author turns out to be Staz’s older brother Braz whom he seems to be terrified of. Poor things just can’t catch a break.



Third episode and my opinion of this anime remains the same. Good but far from exceptional.

Humorous segments aren’t lacking but whether or not they make you laugh depends on your sense of humor. As for me, there haven’t been any scenes that really cracked me up but their shenanigans are admittedly amusing.

Staz wagering Fuyumi did not sit right with me, especially since he didn’t ask her permission and she didn’t put up even a token protest. But Blood Lad seems determined to take anything and everything as a joke, and this is that kind of show, so I’m not going to read much into it.

Other than that, there’s nothing worth mentioning in this episode except that I’m liking Bell more and more.


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12 Responses to Blood Lad Episode 03 – You Had It All Along

  1. katrinasade says:

    I basically had the exact reaction to this show. I didn’t finish it… I think I got about half way through. The problem was basically what you said, it’s good but not exceptional and with so many other anime shows to watch this quickly fell to the wayside for me.

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  2. I found that Bell became a favourite quite quickly, I must admit. She’s a fair bit more ballsy than Fuyumi, who honestly bored me a little.

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  3. Karandi says:

    I think the first time I watched this I was annoyed with Fuyumi being the prize. On rewatch Staz’s actions make more sense given it seems unlikely he would have ever lost the fight and really just needed to give Wolf an excuse to help. Still, people are not prizes. Maybe that should be put on a bumper sticker.

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    • D says:

      It definitely should be. I was also surprised at how little Fuyumi protested. She just…went along. With everything.

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      • Karandi says:

        Unfortunately that is going to be a recurring Fuyumi theme. She isn’t the most active participant in the story. She has a few moments but mostly is a passenger as the narrative drags her along.

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  4. Remy Fool says:

    Fuyumi sort of needs to grow a spine, but it’s tough when she’s a mere ghost, I guess.

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