Blood Lad Episode 05 – Unidentified Demon Object



Like the last episode, this one also follows the developments with Staz and Fuyumi at their respective locations. Well, it’s more Wolf than Fuyumi since she’s unconscious for the majority of it.

Staz fights Liz’s two zombies – another kind of demon here – and are thoroughly beaten up by them. But he stubbornly keeps challenging them over and over to the shock of the other prisoners and exasperation of the zombie twins. He never does win but he’s insistent all the same about getting out of there and saving Fuyumi.

Braz visits Liz, asking after the new prisoner. She’s reluctant to tell him but just then, one of the zombies burst in to tell Liz about Staz’s consecutive challenges and the cat’s out of the bag. Unlike Liz, Braz is very much happy to see Staz and heals him immediately. Staz wastes no time asking about human resurrection, Braz refuses, cue awkward brotherly banter.


Liz is jealous of how Braz seems to favor Staz. And to be honest, I can’t blame her since his bias is very obvious. She describes how Braz didn’t pay attention to her even after Staz ran away, instead opting to look through old pictures and watch the demon world using a crystal ball. A tiny tantrum and a matter-of-fact reproach from Staz later, Braz says that he will help Staz with the book if he does a favor for Braz.

And that brings us to Wolf, Fuyumi, Frankenstein and the rest. Franky names the vampire blood Fuyumi drank as the cause of her disintegration but also adds that ghosts have the power to absorb the magic of any demon species and become a hybrid creature. It comes at the cost of the original demon though and that means Fuyumi can be saved only if she kills Staz in the process. Naturally, this ‘solution’ is a bit worrying. Don’t worry, Bell comes to the rescue and says there’s another option Franky is withholding – they can simply remove the vampire magic from Fuyumi.


But thing is Franky, like Mary Shelley’s original, did some experimentation with body parts. He put together demon parts to make a powerful hybrid but the creature thus formed decided that it needed some better parts and went looking for them. So now there’s a powerful chimera demon on the loose harvesting demon bodies. Wolf goes to take it on so that Franky will help Fuyumi but the creature may be out of his league.

This leads us back to Staz and his siblings. Braz wants Staz to take care of the hybrid. But as he is, Staz can’t do jackshit. Braz redirects his attention to his experiments on kid!Staz. He says that rather than try to kill him or seal him, Braz really was trying to unlock his potential but that it backfired when Staz’s young body proved incapable of handling the strain. The bullet in his heart’s purpose was to save Staz’s life by sealing his powers. Now that Staz is grown, his body can handle it.


Buuut Staz declines the offer, saying he doesn’t want such responsibility and that’s the end of all brotherly affection. Braz sics the zombie twins on Staz and in the midst of battle, removes the bullet anyway. Staz easily obliterates the zombies, his powers finally unleashed.



Last episode, I said that this was starting to bore me. This episode changed my mind. Maybe it’s Braz because the guy may be a jerk but he’s an entertaining jerk.

It was good to hear both sides of the story about Staz’s past without drawing out to make drama – though I guess this ain’t that kinda show – and I am pretty interested in the three siblings’ relationship dynamics. Liz is just an insecure, attention-starved girl with vague homicidal tendencies while Braz is a well-meaning asshole with extreme measures. And Staz is…Staz, enough said. They’re very engaging when together.

The whole deal with the hybrid should be fun.

Also, I’m starting to think Fuyumi can’t really be called the heroine of this show. She has very little agency. Bell has much more of a presence.

Anyway, I’m back to being more or less invested in this show for some reason. Maybe it’s because they dialed down the clowny bits somewhat? I have an odd relationship with humor. I enjoy a good laugh as much as the next person but pure comedies tend to fall flat for me a lot. Remy pointed out that Blood Lad was like Hataraku Maou-sama (which I really didn’t like) in that regard and until last episode, it sure felt that way. But this episode brought some plot progression with it and was very enjoyable.

Will that last? Who knows.

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4 Responses to Blood Lad Episode 05 – Unidentified Demon Object

  1. raistlin0903 says:

    I have to agree, I also don’t like full on comedies (maybe because I don’t have a sense of humor? Lol…kidding here ofcourse 😂). But yeah I know what you mean, I usually skip comedy only anime series. It’s nice that you are back into this series. This episode discription really does make the series sound interesting. As always: a great and fun post to read 😊

    Liked by 1 person

    • D says:

      We have cold, shriveled hearts that don’t appreciate happiness.

      Or we just have different tastes than mainstream comedy. That works too 😀

      I’m glad it picked up a bit – that’ll make the remaining half a better watch hopefully. And thanksss!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Remy Fool says:

    Mmm the show is kind of diverting from its previous tone and that’s fine. Just took a while for that to happen…

    Too bad about how Fuyumi is so helpless so often. The damsel in distress trope remains alive, I see.

    Liked by 1 person

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