Blood Lad Episode 06 – That’s Friendship


Picking up where we left off last episode, Staz is in the Acropolis with his meddling older brother who’s just unsealed his magic. Staz is not at all pleased and considers Braz to be too much like himself. Braz, as always, is an odd mix of doting and threatening.

Meanwhile, Wolf fights the hybrid Akim but while Wolf can keep up with him, Akim’s true form as a phantom controlling dead flesh sewn together means that even decapitation can be just shrugged off provided that there’s enough magic, which Akim has in excess. He is quite impressed by the ‘beauty and frailty’ of Wolf’s battle style. As Wolf is not a pureblood werewolf, his transformation to his true form has a time limit of three minutes. But while that’s usually enough time to take care of his enemies, Akim manages to outlast him easily.

But worry not, there’s a newly powered-up Staz to the rescue! He and Wolf band together and Staz heads off to take on Akim while Wolf recovers his magic. Staz is more than a match for Akim, except for his reliance on techniques takes from Dragon Ball Z.

Yeah, really.

It’s funny but also very cringeworthy, particularly when Akim just attacks while Staz ‘builds up’ the attack. On the bright side, Akim insulting the technique pisses Staz off – how dare he insult the greatest hero in the universe! – and he just pummels the guy with his own technique. It’s a very quick fight and it seems like Akim dies. In reality, he manages to escape right in time to fall to Bell’s grasp.

She tries to interrogate him about his spatial magic but Akim is unaware that it’s a stolen technique. So Bell resorts to interrogating Franken who reveals that an anonymous benefactor delivered him a package containing the body of a spatial magic user. The mystery gets more…mysterious, I guess.

Back with Staz, he’s challenged by Wolf because the latter is angry about Fuyumi’s condition. Staz wins of course. This whole thing where they fight over Fuyumi was obnoxious the first time around and that hasn’t changed. We do get an interesting flashback out of it though – it shows how Wolf and Staz first met as well as Wolf’s insecurities over his power level.

Wolf leaves, saying he’ll get Staz to fight him seriously one day but Staz says that won’t happen as Wolf is his friend. Cue impromptu entry of Braz and Liz who seeks him out after sending Franken and Akim to prison. Braz fawns over Staz, Liz is as unimpressed as usual and they want to meet the girl Staz wants resurrected, i.e, Fuyumi.



As with last episode, I like the direction Blood Lad has taken. Its usual humor is still very much there but there’s also some interesting plot developments occurring alongside the gags.

The hybrid wasn’t as much of a big deal as expected but he was a decent mini-villain. And from the way Braz talks, it seems like he’s got something bigger planned for Staz. Braz remains my favorite character so far despite the questionable intentions behind his actions. He’s definitely the most interesting of the lot. Plus his strange relationship with Staz never fails to be amusing.

That said, I am suspicious of why he sent Franken and Akim to Liz’s prison before Franken could help Fuyumi. Since it’s hinted that Braz has some kind of plan for Staz that the latter would not be pleased by, it’s likely that he wants to use her as a bargaining chip. I guess we’ll find out soon enough given that there’s just four episodes left.

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8 Responses to Blood Lad Episode 06 – That’s Friendship

  1. Karandi says:

    Unfortuantely you are going to be left with quite a few questions because things don’t exactly resolve at the end, but at least you are enjoying it at the moment.

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  2. Alas, you won’t get to see the end gave of Braz’s plan sure to it nit adapting everything. He remains a great character though, and you’ll get to see a bit more of the Demon World too.

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  3. Remy Fool says:

    Braz and Liz made the show worth it, in my opinion.

    I also like Wolf but I, too, dislike how he fights with Staz over Fuyumi. She’s an individual, not a prize….

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