Diabolik Lovers 07 – Some Classic Mindfuckery

Some Classic Mindfuckery

An almost inoffensive episode for once


A miracle has happened. This episode was actually tolerable until the last five minutes. What has the world come to?

We get a happily sleeping Yui who wakes up in the middle of a thunderstorm, and instead of turning around and snuggling into her blankets like normal people, she decides to mournfully gaze out the window. And lo and behold, she sees not the churning skies pissing on the pretty castle grounds but a woman with violet rapunzel hair standing below, conveniently waiting for Yui to see her and be shocked.

Their eyes meet – well, not really since purple lady’s got too much hair in her face – and Yui’s chest starts hurting. The same thing happened in episode 1 too and I am so impressed with myself for remembering that amidst the riveting scenes of molestation that followed.

Next thing we see is Yui walking somewhere in a daze, still dressed in her night clothes. She wanders into a drab building and then all of a sudden, she’s in the courtyard in broad daylight, watching the child versions of her abusive captors play.

It’s very cute; would have been cuter of every single one of them didn’t grow up to be absolute bastards. Then again I think this is an attempt to tell us why they’re all so fucked up. First we have Ayato who just wants to play with Kanato and Raito but is accosted by his mother Cordelia, the same woman that makes Yui’s heart hurt in the not-so-good ways. She bullies him into studying in a spectacularly heartless manner, saying that he should become number one. Otherwise, he’s not his mother’s child and he’ll be sunk to the bottom of the lake.

Some A+ parenting right there. She seems more laidback with Kanato and Raito though.

The scene then shifts to Shu and Reiji with their mother. Reiji is diligently reading a book when Shu pops up with a puppy his friend gave him. He’s obviously enamored with it but his mum takes it away since Shu is the eldest son and must act with decorum. Shu runs off and the woman is left with Reiji who makes a bid for her attention by telling her that he memorized the whole book but is completely ignored.

Ouch. Did they all take a course on ‘How to be Shitty Parents in Three Simple Steps’?

Yui inures her hand on a rose in the vision because she doesn’t have the common sense to watch out for thorns. But then the scene shifts suddenly to little Subaru who’s staring up at a woman in a high tower while clutching the silver knife from last episode.

Now that we’ve covered all six brats, the scene changes again to Cordelia being wooed by a man while Ayato watches. All of a sudden, everything freezes and Yui’s heart starts hurting again. The Cordelia in the vision seems to spot her too.

Yui wakes up to Ayato’s voice and finds that she’s in the underground waterway with no recollection of how she got there. A mysterious door catches her attention before Ayato directs it to the cut on her hand. Looks like the injury from her vision is real which raises all sorts of question.

But don’t worry, we won’t have to dwell much on paltry things like possible plot developments because the next moment, Raito joins them and he and Ayato proceed to munch on Yui. Ayato goes first and actually backs off when Yui’s chest hurts again, not because of her condition but because he senses something odd. However, Raito takes that chance to suck on her thigh and Ayato shifts his attention to her shoulder in some ridiculous attempt at one-upmanship.

Did I mention that they pull off her clothes during the whole thing?


That’s one way to end a semi-interesting episode.



I have a feeling this show’s gearing up to tell us why the sick sextet are the creepy bastards they are. And to be fair, it does seem likely that they all had lousy childhoods. But for some reason beyond any comprehension, I’m not feeling much sympathy here. Still, that past segment was far more engaging than the repetitive blood-drinking we’ve seen so far.

Speaking of that, I’ve noticed that we never get to see the aftermath of Yui’s torment. The brothers feed on her, often in very threatening manner, and episodes usually end in that fashion. And without fail, Yui will be alone and fine – in a manner of speaking – when we see her next. In other words, the anime is neatly ignoring her trauma of being repeatedly violated. Actually, with the way she frequently behaves as if none of that shit ever happened, it’s probably less that they’re ignoring it and more that they never even considered it.

This is some real stellar storytelling, folks.




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21 Responses to Diabolik Lovers 07 – Some Classic Mindfuckery

  1. It almost sounds like it was trying to throw you off guard with the vision there, just so it could turn back arounda at the end and say, “Don’t forget that they still act like this!”

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  2. Karandi says:

    It really wouldn’t matter what backstory these characters had at this point. It isn’t going to overcome the fact that they are horrible now.
    Nice that this episode wasn’t so painful to watch though.

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    • D says:

      Yuup, exactly. No amount of sympathy I might feel for their child selves will change the fact that their grown up versions are irredeemable monsters.

      I could honestly use more episodes like this. 5 minutes of b.s is better than 15 minutes of it.


  3. Keiko says:

    Though their past may have played a role in how these bastards turned out, it doesn’t change how f*cked up they are now. This episode had no sympathy from me because at this point who even cares about their childhood?
    At least this ep wasn’t as bad as the rest.
    I have to agree with you, this show really didn’t consider the trauma such abuse would cause. It’s not simply missed out, it’s like they didn’t even factor it in. That’s quiet unsettling especially because of the whole misogynistic sexual undertones this show has.

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    • D says:

      Bad childhood, though a staple in stories, is not an excuse or a way to handwave all shitty behavior. I wonder if Yui ends up sympathetic. With how lousy the writing is, it’s likely.

      It is very unsettling and makes me angrier the more I think about it. This whole series is a trainwreck.

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      • Keiko says:

        You’ll just have to wait and see 😉 haha.
        So true. And to think this is based off a game… who would play something as disturbing as this?!

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      • D says:

        A whole lot of people, it seems. The VN is pretty popular or so I’ve been told. On one hand, I get the appeal of disturbing narratives but this story doesn’t have anything substantial to offer under the shock factor.

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      • Keiko says:

        You have got to be kidding me, really?
        I agree with you, this story has nothing that would make the game interesting or playable at the very least.

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      • D says:

        Yup. Taste is an odd thing.

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  4. Akaluv says:

    This anime is just so, so, bad. I wonder what they thought when they made this.

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    • D says:

      I’m not sure I want to know. Maybe they just blindly copied the VN’s storyline but that still leaves the question of what the original creators were thinking.


  5. I agree with everything you said, my brain was burnt to a crisp while watching this anime.

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  6. raistlin0903 says:

    Whoa…an almost tolerable episode? Really what is the world coming to here? This really is amazing. But ofcourse there had to be a twist in it, and I am glad that the last 5 minutes of the episode gave back that familiair feeling lol. Seriously I still give you a compliment for sticking with this one. At least we still get this highly enjoyable and funny reviews to read for it 😂

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  7. Remy Fool says:

    Episode was tolerable until the end, I agree.

    I think Yui just doesn’t learn from her mistakes and doesn’t let herself get traumatized. She’s somehow dumber and stronger than any other woman in the world. I can see why people dislike her, though.

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