Diabolik Lovers Episode 08 – Enthusiastic Matricide

08 – Enthusiastic Matricide

Something tells me it’s warranted


This episode echoes the pattern of the last. We get glimpses of a somewhat interesting past followed by the usual repulsive shit.

It starts with Yui hearing someone play the piano. She goes looking for it – why, Yui? – and ends up finding Raito. She asks him about the pretty woman with the purple hair and bam, Ayato and Kanato pop up out of nowhere. Yui asks them what their mother’s name was. All three look displeased but confirms that it was Cordelia.

Then, for some damn reason, they go on to explain how they killed her. Ayato ripped a hole in her chest while licking off her blood and groaning about how sweet it is. She runs to Raito and demands that he keep her safe. He’s far from sympathetic but compiles all the same, right until the moment he pushes her off a balcony. It’s implied that he got tired of her false proclamations of love and wanted to keep her to himself forever by killing her.

Okay, moving on.

Kanato finds her ruined body and frets about how cold she must be. Then he kindly warms her up by setting her on fire.

We then return to Yui who’s running frantically through the gardens, thoroughly fed up with the place because three of her housemates just confessed to happily murdering their mother. She says as much and Subaru – where do these guys keep popping up from? Do they stalk Yui so that they can time their dramatic entrances well? – pipes in that she should have run when she had the chance. He makes a good point. Yui asks him whether he’d known if the asshole trio from before had killed their mother and also about why he gave her the knife. He kinda just walks away but she persists and asks him about his mother.

It’s official. This girl does not have a brain.

Subaru doesn’t snap immediately, just asks why she’d want from someone as powerless and polluted as him. It seems to be a harmless scene but the next moment, he’s sucking on her neck BECAUSE WE CAN’T HAVE ONE DECENT VAMPIRE NOW CAN WE.

He does draw away long enough to tell her that he gave her the knife so she could kill him if needed or, if she’s incapable of that, kill herself. I know what option I’d pick but Yui doesn’t seem too keen on either.

Of course being a bloodbag is a better option that shoving some sharp silver up these bastards’ butts, Yui. Of fucking course.

Subaru adds that she has no choice in the knife matter nor in letting him feed on her. We get this gem of a line too:

“Just be quiet and allow my fangs to enter you. Always.”

What does that remind you of?

It’s fade to black here, followed by a shot of Yui in her bed. Then Ayato slips in and…cuddles her? While telling her not to disobey him?? What???

I am so confused, it’s not even funny.



Like with the last episode, the first half of this was palatable.

I don’t feel anything but curiosity over the way the three killed Cordelia. Well I say ‘killed’ but she’s been popping up here and there so who knows. There are a ton of hints that point at her being a terrible parent. If she’s anything like her kids, then her murder was probably well-deserved. Not that it detracts any from Ayato’s, Kanato’s and Raito’s supreme asshole status.

Until this episode, Subaru has been the least disgusting of all the vampires but that seems to be being quickly rectified. How…nice.

And I have no idea what to make of that last segment and I ain’t even gonna try. D out!


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6 Responses to Diabolik Lovers Episode 08 – Enthusiastic Matricide

  1. Akaluv says:

    And the horrible storyline continues, but you’re near the end =)

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Remy Fool says:

    The ending was so confusing.

    I think Subaru slid down a bit on ratings, but he’s still heads and shoulders above the rest. Good lord.

    4 more left! ;__;

    Liked by 1 person

    • D says:

      We made it this far and we deserve cookies for it.

      He did yeah and I admit he’s garnered some points for trying to get her to run away but honestly, I just want to burn them all for the misery they’re putting me through.

      Liked by 1 person

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