Attack on Titan Episode 32 – Close Combat

Compared to the last six episodes, Close Combat is very straightforward. Eren and Reiner face off in their titan bodies and it seems to be going well until it all goes to hell in typical AoT fashion. It’s glorious.

There are a few flashbacks as well and we get one right at the beginning when Eren remembers Reiner and Bertolt during their training days and how they’d seemed so genuine. As seen last episode, his grief quickly turns to rage and he shifts to fight the Armored Titan. Meanwhile, Mikasa laments not beheading either of them when she had the chance and wonders why she failed.

Back on top of the wall, Bertolt as the Colossal Titan eats Ymir and another scout. Well, he puts them in his mouth but from what we know so far, the titan shifters have no need to eat humans. Hange and the scouts attack him and while his huge but slow body seems to give them an advantage at first, that’s soon nullified by a massive burst of scathing steam from his body. Because of it, attacking him is impossible and the scouts just hang around and wait while Eren and Reiner fight.

Reiner’s armor protects him against both Mikasa’s blades and Eren’s fists so Eren gets his ass kicked in spectacular fashion. As in, he literally goes flying and just lies there thinking about how he used to see Reiner as a stand up guy who put his comrades above himself while the Reiner of the present approaches him in slow motion.

In Reiner’s defense, he can’t really move fast while fully armored.

Mikasa desperately and uselessly tries to make a dent in Reiner with a half of her last blade – which is a stupid move since he could squash her like a bug if he were so inclined – and Eren uses that time to use his tried and true method of reliving his bloody past in order to fire himself up. This time, we get to see his hometown’s destruction and his mother’s death both of which are direct consequences of Reiner’s and Bertolt’s actions.

It works enough to get him back on his feet just in time for Reiner to send him flying again.

This allows for more flashback, this time about Annie. I won’t lie, I am very happy to see more of her. We get one of Eren’s close combat spars with Annie which mostly involves her laying him on his ass by using his own strength against him. She offers to – more like insists on – teach him her style but it also comes across as lowkey flirting. Since Mikasa can apparently smell that kinda thing around Eren from a mile away, she interferes and challenges Annie. The two of them face off and Eren returns to the present.

There is more of a point to that last flashback than showing us a possible love triangle that would have been a beautiful disaster. It reminds Eren of Annie’s techniques which he promptly uses on Reiner to great success. He even says(to himself) that their greatest mistake was teaching him how to fight.

It’s a full on fight from this point onwards. Eren is in full control of himself for once and collaborating with the scouts (we get to see Hange have a ‘moment’ over this fact – bless them). Not even Reiner boosting his speed and agility is enough to beat Eren, especially not when Mikasa also assists. He gets Reiner in a headlock and seems to be making great progress at tearing off his head and putting an end to the Armored Titan.

Hope spots, people. Attack on Titan loves its hope spots.

Reiner drags himself and Eren to directly below where Bertolt is on the wall and what we see next is the Colossal Titan, in all his oversized glory, plummeting towards them.

Ow. Here’s hoping Eren won’t be a particularly bloody sandwich by next episode.

Also, can I just say that I loved Eren this episode? He was his usual angry, growly self but he was also in full control of his titan form and he used his head to fight. The combination, as Reiner found out the hard way, is spectacularly deadly.


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16 Responses to Attack on Titan Episode 32 – Close Combat

  1. GeekyGirlWrites says:

    These AoT episodes are getting even better! I am so excited to see what the next episode has in store for us, fans.
    One problem I had with this episode was the Collosal Titan. The CGI for the Titan looked somewhat awkward compared to the first season, but it looked kind of cool when watching the cadets use their ODM gear to defeat the Collosal Titan.

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    • D says:

      Same! I’m really happy with how season 2 is turning out.

      Yes, I noticed that too and it was somewhat jarring but thankfully, it was brief.

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  2. Karandi says:

    Eren was surprisingly useful during the episode and I find it kind of wrong (and funny at the same time) that despite Eren finally doing something thoughtful and helpful is now going to have a colossal titan dropped on his head. The writer of this really hates his characters or at least does not want them to ever be happy or successful.

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    • D says:

      I think you comment made me laugh harder than I ever did during the episode. But good point. It does seem like that guy wants to torture his characters in increasingly cruel ways.

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  3. Anime_Girls_NYC says:

    This episode was awesome. Eren and Reiner went hard at each other. Best Titan fight. I thought Eren and Annie’s fight was good but this was awesome.

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  4. Adam says:

    I loved this episode. I thought the opening flashback with the lake was visually beautiful, and as a flashback this felt appropriately brief. In a lot of ways this was the episode I’ve been waiting for. The fight between Eren and the Amored Titan felt good. I even think they inserted a little humor in the form of Eren talking big only to get completely overpowered and sent flying again.
    I thought the flashback with Annie was well placed, and a good way to keep her in the story.
    I think my only criticism would be the CGI of the Colossal titan. I know why they did it, but it still felt awkward, though thankfully they were smart enough to cut away quickly and not linger on it.
    Visually I think the combination of the Armored and Colossal titans make for a nice visual. The Armored has a very sleek, geometric design, while the Colossal’s exposed muscles give him a nice grainy look. And that last shot, that’s just a wonderful “Oh come on! You’ve gotta be kidding me!” In some ways it reminds me of the Walking Dead running gag that whoever functions as the moral compass is marked for death. In this case it’s “Wait, Eren’s got his shit together…oh no…” Of course on the other hand, they’ve made it pretty clear that one of their powers is enhanced healing, so I guess if Colossal had to fall on someone, might as well be Eren. Anyone else that would be a death sentence.
    I am definitely looking forward to the next few episodes. Odds are we’ll be seeing a lot more of Armored & Colossal now that they’ve unmasked themselves. I can’t wait.

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    • D says:

      I also liked the flashbacks in this. The part where Eren thinks that he once looked up to Reiner is a favorite scene of mine and the same can be said for the parts with Annie. Both of them were people Eren respected for various reasons and they both turned out to be his worst enemies. It’s tragic but makes for great storytelling.

      The CGI is jarring, yes, especially when compared to the Colossal Titan of season 1. The scouts were cool in that scene though.

      And the cliffhanger is really evil, isn’t it? At least it’s safe to assume that Bertolt’s intention is not to kill since Reiner is also down there with Eren. They’ll probably just be banged up a bit.

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  5. raistlin0903 says:

    Oh man…this episode was seriously wicked. I had a couple of totally WTF moments while watching this one. The fight sequence was incredible. But as Karandi said, these writers must surely hate their characters. It os the only way to explain all this 😂 Seriously though, I love this season. It gets better and better with every episode. Shame that we are already halfway through now. (But I try to avoid thinking about that lol😂). Great post as always 😊

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    • D says:

      Denial is only ever a river in Egypt. Totally. Season 2 will never end.

      I enjoyed this episode tremendously as well and hell yes, that fight!!! It deserves all the exclamation marks. The mangaka may nor may not be out to torment us all.:D

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