Blood Lad Episode 10 – The Dark Hero Rises


It’s over! Except not because the story goes on though we don’t get to see it. The curse of anime.

Most of the episode takes place in Hydra dimension. Staz meets Hydra Heads, Bell’s father and Neyn’s very devoted husband. We also get to see what happened when the two Neyns merged. There was confusion about which husband she’d live with as she loved both of the men and their kids equally. It was even suggested that they could all live together but Fuyumi’s father chose to let his wife go so that he could give Fuyumi the normal life she deserved.

Heads really respects Yanagi for this and also cares for Fuyumi a lot. Neyn and he were planning to adopt Fuyumi as their own since she’s now a demon but since Braz is willing to bring her back for Staz, Heads wants to leave the decision up to Fuyumi. Before that though, he wants to know Staz’s real feelings about Fuyumi. Bell asks Fuyumi the same question about Staz at the same time and their answers are practically the same.

They don’t know and won’t know until Fuyumi is alive again.

I have not one idea what having a pulse has to do with liking a person, romantically or otherwise, and from Bell’s and Head’s reactions, they’re just as confused. What even.

In the end, Heads says that he’s willing to let Staz deal with Fuyumi on two conditions. It must be what she wants and she must also consent to let him drink her blood. It’s good to see someone finally give importance to what the poor girl ants from all of this.

Anyway, Heads deals with Neyn while Fuyumi and Staz are transported to the Hydra dimension entrance/exit. There’s a lot of talk which is kinda cute and kinda annoying where Staz proclaims himself a villain who’s willing to turn into a hero if Fuyumi wishes it. In the end, he asks her if she wants to return to life. While Fuyumi seems a bit conflicted thanks to Bell’s comment that she’ll forget everything if she’s resurrected, she chooses to return to life and her human father.

Neyn and Heads were watching the whole conversation. Neyn tries to protest that parents sometimes need to lead their kids for their own safety but Heads counters that Fuyumi’s parent is not ether of them but Yanagi. He’s got a good point and she backs down for the moment while making it clear that she will be meddling later.

Elsewhere, Braz escapes from Goyle with Liz’s help and is on the verge of resurrecting his father with Franken’s help. That’s one way to overthrow Wolf Daddy.

We also get to see Wolf, who’s still hung up on losing to Staz, getting an invitation to the Acropolis, presumably from the King.

The end. Kinda.



Aaaand that’s it. Well, there’s also scenes of Staz’s underlings defending his territory but that’s not too important for now. Or ever unless I plan to read the manga which I don’t. I do want to know what happens after this. I have so many questions. But me and manga do not get along and time is also an issue. I need another ten hours in the day. We all do, I think.

Fuyumi was more palatable than before in this episode though not by much. She’s still terribly dull. Still, I gotta say that the parent issue was dealt with in a way that’s pleasing to me. I’m a big believer in blood alone not making family – I have odd views on family in general – so it was nice to see Fuyumi easily choose the father that raised her rather than agonize over a mother she just met. Speaking of that, Fuyumi’s connection to the Hydra family makes me wonder if the portal that appeared in Fuyumi’s room was a deliberate ploy to get her into the demon world. It’s too big a coincidence.

On the matter of Staz and Fuyumi’s relationship, I remain as unimpressed as ever which is a pity since that’s supposed to be the backbone of this series. But hey, all of the other elements more than compensate for it. Literally every other relationship is infinitely more interesting. Even Hydra Heads who was this episode’s one hit wonder managed to be more compelling in the course of a few minutes than the ‘central’ aspect.

All things considered, I liked Blood Lad. It’s far from a favorite and I won’t call the season satisfactory but it was fun to watch this crazy cast of characters do their thing for ten episodes. And as always, discussing this show with you guys was the best part.

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12 Responses to Blood Lad Episode 10 – The Dark Hero Rises

  1. Remy Fool says:

    Yeah it was an okay ride. Not gonna win any awards but I didn’t HATE it. Talking about it was what made it more fun, though.

    Will be looking at your poll for your next shows during lunch!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. A fun outing, though I do wish they’d adpated more of the manga. It definitely felt to me like it wasn’t taking itself too seriously, which was nice given the set-up. Still, despite the non-ending, it’s certainly worth watching in my eyes.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Karandi says:

    I had a lot of fun watching Blood Lad but, yeah, it just doesn’t end leaving you waiting. It also doesn’t really have a lot that remains with me after I finish watching it. I always remember I had fun and when I’m looking for something just to binge I remember all the fun bits and forget that Fuyumi never really has much of a personality. It has been a lot of fun following your thoughts on this series. Looking forward to your coverage of whatever got voted on last time.

    Liked by 1 person

    • D says:

      Yeah and that’s a shame since there are some interesting ideas toward the end. Fuyumi aside though, the characters are a fun lot. Not the most developed but fun all the same.

      Thank you for following the posts and sharing your thoughts!

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  4. raistlin0903 says:

    More hours in a day? Naw….never need those. I always have plenty of time in a day. What’s that I’m lying? Erm…okay you got me. I wish I could get a year of work someday. That would truly be awesome to catch up on everything. Oh well wishful thinking on my part I guess. I am sorry that the series was not ended on a satisfactory note. As mentioned before, I also hate it when that happens. Looking forward to the results of the poll (one thing that is positive is that Another does get resolved in a good way, and so does Kabaneri (well the last one a bit less than the first one, but hey, Kabaneri gets a second season😀).

    Liked by 1 person

    • D says:

      A year off sounds lovely. I was going to take one before grad school but now I may not.

      Yeah, it always sucks when that happens and it happens a lot. I’m happy to hear that about Another and Kabaneri. Resolved horror is better horror, amiright.

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