Attack on Titan Episode 36 – Charge

This week, we’re back to the crazy over-the-top action with charged emotions that’s characteristic of Attack on Titan. Needless to say, I loved it.

I’m going to skip a recap this time and just assume most of you have watched the episode. Instead, I’ll talk about the parts I liked best and why. This post would be a monster otherwise.

First up is Ymir and Historia. I’ve already made it clear how interested I am in their relationship, complicated as it is. And the first several minutes of Charge is devoted to them. I love how from the beginning itself, Ymir corrected herself from using Christa and started calling the girl Historia. Everyone else is still sticking to Christa which makes sense since you don’t just wipe away three years of habit in a day but Historia revealed her name in the first place for Ymir’s sake. It was a revelation meant for her. So it’s sweet to see Ymir remember that despite her state and use it.

After that it’s back to these two’s habit of doing extreme shit for the others’ sake. Ymir has already made it clear that she’s expecting to die and wants to see Historia one last time. At the same time, she wants to take Historia with them because she believes, for reasons yet to be revealed, that the people inside the walls do not have a future and wants to take Historia away from there. But when this vague explanation doesn’t fly with Historia who insists on Ymir returning with her, Ymir chooses to say that she’s planning to use Historia to save her own life.

It’s a big fat lie. Literally everyone other than Historia figures it out, even Connie and he’s a self-professed idiot.

But Historia believes it (for a while) and since she’s a girl who joined the scouts with a heroic death wish, she agrees with a 100W smile and just reiterates that she’ll be Ymir’s ally no matter what. We know that Historia already puts everything above herself and she puts Ymir above all else so her response is no shock and Ymir clearly used that to her advantage. Still, girl’s got…issues

Still, it’s sweet in a sad kind of way to see Ymir willing to paint herself as the villain and use her knowledge of Historia’s unique mindset to keep her safe. It’s not noble or nice but we’ve long since established that Ymir is neither of that. But like Connie later says, there’s no way someone who fought so desperately to keep Historia safe would turn around and use her like that. And maybe if Historia got out of her own head, she’d see that too. As it is, these two are a trainwreck in motion and it’s as beautiful as a tragedy can be.

Oops, got a bit carried away there.

Then we have the kids of the 104th confronting Bertolt and Reiner, but mostly Bertolt. Unlike Eren, Mikasa and Armin, the rest of them haven’t had the time to come to terms with their comrades’ betrayal. And this shows in the way Jean, Sasha and Connie start by talking quite amicably to Bertolt, even coaxing him to talk back, but ends on a much less pleasant note where they voice their hurt that’s not yet morphed to anger. Bertolt is also visibly affected by their words and his outburst later makes it evident that he’s as full of guilt as Reiner. I can’t tell if that guilt is doing everyone more bad than good though. Bertolt and Reiner feel like they’ve done too much to be forgiven and are therefore determined to finish what they started. There’s no redemption anyway so why bother to make amends?

Unlike Connie and the rest, Mikasa is as blunt as a hammer and acts the part. She’s willing to kill even Ymir and Historia for Eren’s sake. As she says, she can only care for a few people and Eren has priority. I don’t think she actually wants to kill her (former) comrades but I have no doubt that she will if she needs to. Seriously, we get some golden shots of her crazed eyes in this episode and I think her glare shaved ten years off Bertolt’s lifespan. She’s scary.

But the real star is Armin. He can’t do much physically and he knows that so he opts for psychological assault and it works. It’s already been hinted that Bertolt has a thing for Annie so mentioning n detail how she’s being brutally tortured – another lie; this is the episode of lies – sets off the guy and ultimately leads to Eren’s release. It’s a devious thing to do and shows that while Armin is not the single-minded determinator Eren or Mikasa can be, he too is willing to cross lines and “abandon  his humanity” for the sake of his goals. He’ll just do it in a different way.

Speaking of which, Erwin was pretty amazing this episode. Sure, all that yelling made me laugh more than I should have but the guy has some serious guts, being able to give commands while dangling by the arm from a titan’s mouth. It’s nice to see him survive sans limb because frankly, humanity inside the walls would be fucked without him. Plus I like him. He’s cool.

This is all I’ve got to say about Charge. Well, there’s also the bit at the end where Eren and Mikasa come face-to-face with the same titan that ate their mother but more on that the next episode.

You know, I’ve decided not to review this season after it ends. It’s clear that I can’t divorce the story I see onscreen from the knowledge in my head of what’s going to happen. I love Attack on Titan a hella lot and am biased as fuck about it. I really don’t think I can just take this season and only this season into consideration and write a balanced review of it. Sorry.

I’m also not going to do this in the upcoming seasons. Reviewing an airing show has been fun to an extent but I do not want to keep doing it. I have a whole new level of respect for bloggers like Karandi, Remy, Marth, Keiko and many others who blog multiple seasonal anime. I don’t know how you guys manage but kudos to you!


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11 Responses to Attack on Titan Episode 36 – Charge

  1. raistlin0903 says:

    Yes…I have caught up again with every post, and it took me only erm, let’s see what time is it now erm five and a half hours. Hmm, okay, forget the only part lol 😂Anyway it was worth it. But I did take a break for one thing and that is ofcourse Attack on Titan. What an episode wow!. There were so many good things that I am hardpressed to name them all. But boy did I enjoy seeing Mikasa back in full action, scary as shit mode again. I can’t help it, but she is still my favorite character from the show (but Ymir is a very close second now). Having not seen her in much action sequences this season, it had me whopping for joy!
    But besides the action, there was also a lot of intense character moments. I still don’t quite get what Ymir’s plan in all this is. Ofcourse I don’t believe her lies either. But still one wonders what she knows.
    Reiner throwing Titans across the field as if they were footballs was another great moment. I had not realised it, but last week is the final episode for now. I was just commenting on someone else’s blog who had a review for this episode that we would have to undergo som serious withdrawal symptoms. I’m not kidding here 😂
    As for reviewing this season….I can understand what you are saying. I myself have not yet decided what to yet. Seeing as I have not done a review for season 1, I might even go back and watch that season again to give it a proper review. This show certainly deserves it 😊 Well…this is the first time that I am not looking forward to next week…even though I want to find out how it will end….I don’t want it to end lol 😊

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    • D says:

      5.5 hours sound reasonable enough 😐

      Agreed about Mikasa. She wears crazy very well. And that freaky gleam in her eyes never gets old. She’s not my favorite but I do have a lot of things I like about her and lemme just say that if they make more of this anime, you’ll get to see her grow as a person. And Ymir is complicated and tragic and I love her. She really shone this season.

      Reiner does look like a stereotypical jock character so maybe him throwing titans like balls was appropriate 😀

      Ah, man, I hadn’t even noticed it was the penultimate episode until I read someone else’s blog. I’s figured early on where it would end – since there’s really only one point where they can end this and have a reasonable season finale – but I’ll still be sad to see it go. Hopefully there will be s3 soon because the next arc is slower but also crazy (in a good way).

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      • raistlin0903 says:

        I hope so too, but it will probably be another two years until we see season 3. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that it will be sooner, but who knows? Next year we are getting a second season of Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress (which I don’t mind either honestly seeing as it was a great series 😊).

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      • D says:

        I still need to watch that since it got beaten in the poll by Another and Gakkougurashi. Not that I mind but I still plan to watch Kabaneri soon.

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  2. Karandi says:

    Shame you won’t do another airing show, but I get what you mean. Some weeks even I wonder what I’m doing to myself when I want to go just crash and then I remind myself I haven’t written a review for x, y or z. While I can have all my other posts for the week written by the end of the weekend, the episode reviews kind of have to be done as the shows come out and that really is challenging to balance with having a life and a full time job.
    Still, I’ve really enjoyed following your thoughts on Attack on Titan, even if I’m not quite as in love with it as you are. This episode really didn’t do much for me (admittedly I was all in favour of Reiner just rolling forward and crushing all the scouts at one point). Still, kind of hoping for a good end to this season and really hoping it isn’t another 4 years before the next one.

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    • D says:

      I can’t even imagine doing this everyday, honestly, which is why I’m very, very impressed at the content you manage to release on a reglalr basis. And keep in mind that I’m currently on break so juggling it along a full-time job like you do…ya sure you aren’t superhuman?

      Thank you! It was fun blogging this and keeping up with other bloggers. I saw you mention something like that on your twitter feed. It’s a good question. Guess he either didn’t want to kill his friends or didn’t want to waste precious time.

      And I really hope the wait won’t be long. There’s enough material for another season and then some so maybe we’ll get s3 soon. Fingers crossed.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Karandi says:

        I’d like a season three even though I’m not really enjoying where the last few episodes have gone. It is one of those stories that once it is finished I’ll have to step back and re-evaluate once I know what has been answered and what hasn’t. That said, any kind of end point is probably a long way away yet.

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  3. I loved seeing crazed Mikasa. I love yandere. I love Mikasa. So crazy+Mikasa (though she was already somehow a yandere…) is already 10/10 for me. But Shingeki no Kyojin naturally had to make me regret not having a 11, as I also got to see Bertolt’s (had to copy-paste it from your post by the way) despair, regret and powerlessness(?(this is because I can’t find better words to describe what I feel, even though it’s an inappropriate word for the situation… blame my poor vocabulary)) in front of his companions’ accusations. This intense psychological(?) part, was seriously enjoyable. But the best part for me was… Irvin’s incredible charge. SHINZOU SASAGEYOU! SUSUMEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!! It was so exciting I jumped from my chair and screamed with him.
    Honorable mention to Armin too: his devious tactic was truly great. I love when characters use their wits and cleverness to achieve their objectives.

    Funny how many wonderful feelings it still gives me, even though I’m reading the Manga.

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    • D says:

      Mikasa does wear crazy quite well.

      Your vocabulary’s fine – I get what you mean. Bertolt really is in an unenviable situation in this episode. He’s being forced to confront the effect of his actions on his comrades/friends of three years and he can’t even defend himself because of his own guilt. The psychological damage endured by him and Reiner must be massive.

      And yes, same. I’m also caught up with the manga but it’s exciting to see it all animated.

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  4. GeekyGirlWrites says:

    This episode was amazing! And I agree with you, Armin was the star of this episode. This episode is the reason why Armin is my favorite character!
    And Mikasa’s death glare… 😱😱 gosh, I got goosebumps just from seeing her eyes!

    Liked by 1 person

    • D says:

      Yeah, he handled that situation splendidly. I love the nice, sweet voice he used to describe Annie’s torment.

      And none of us want to be Bertolt in that moment. I’m surprised he didn’t have a heart attack on the spot.

      Liked by 1 person

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