Gakkougurashi! Episode 5 – Meeting


Meeting immediately follows the previous episode, so we have Miki who’s been abandoned by Taroumaru and the rest of the gang driving out of the mall. Miki hears something from the outside and starts moving boxes, thinking it’s the dog but it turns out to be friendly hangry zombie instead. She doesn’t get eaten but she does panic afterwards.

Elsewhere, Yuki and gang are at the mall. Yuuri gets Yuki to remain quiet by mentioning some concert event that was set to happen. There aren’t many zombies out and about since it’s a weekday and they’re busy zombieing in schools and workplaces. But there are quite a few scattered inside of the mall, nothing our hero Kurumi can’t handle. They gather supplies, Kurumi heading alone to the supermarket for canned goods. That’s when she meets Taroumaru and over a tussle for some beef, ends up making enough ruckus to draw a small horde. She manages to escape and reach the others.

Taroumaru also follows her and Yuki falls in love at first sight. But Yuuri first checks if he’s bitten (that answers my question about whether animals can also be infected) before handing him over. Then they proceed to go clothes shopping and we get to see the girls in swimsuits because reasons. The higher they go, the less zombies we see because they can’t handle stairs well. Then at the top, Taroumaru starts barking manically and this gives the girls hope that someone – perhaps his owner – is alive in the mall.

Unfortunately, it’s not to Miki that they’re led. Instead, Kurumi hears noises from the mall’s cinema and goes to check. You get one guess what she finds inside. Yep – plenty of zombies. They deem her more interesting than the silver screen and give chase. They escape and rest for a while. Yuki sleeps it off while Kurumi makes Yuuri promise to kill her instantly if she gets infected.  Afterwards, they try to get out of the mall. It’s a close call but Kurumi is once again our very own action hero because she flattens enough of them to carve a safe path out of the mall.

However, all of the noise they make plus Taroumaru’s barks alert Miki to people being in the mall and she finally ventures out of her safe room. But she ends up surrounded before she can reach the others.

Outside the mall, Yuki and Taroumaru both hear Miki. Kurumi and Yuuri are unconvinced but when the dog runs inside along with Yuki, they also follow. And sure enough, they find Miki on top of a piano, fending off way too many zombies. Yuki immediately tries to run to her but Yuuri stops her, saying it’s dangerous. And then something weird happens – Yuki’s vision of Miki surrounded by zombies is momentarily replaced by an indistinct image of someone else being attacked. Yuki kinda freaks out and rushes to Miki, Kurumi following to attack the zombies before they hurt her.

In the end, it’s Yuuri who saves the day by using some kind of alarm she got earlier to disorient the zombies long enough for Kurumi and Yuki to rescue Miki. Once safe outside, Miki asks them if they’ve seen another girl her age. They haven’t but we can hope that Kei’s out there somewhere, hopefully still human.



So, swimsuits. Usually, I’d be annoyed at anime’s attempt to shove fanservice into an episode that has no business having it but this time around, I’m fine with it. The whole clothes shopping incident makes sense in a way. These are young girls who’ve been living a nightmare for who knows how long. They saw the opportunity to relax and took it. I was tense as a nail throughout the whole thing though, expecting something to try and take a bite out of them any moment.

Now onto Yuki. I’m really curious to know how her mind’s going to deal with everything she went though this episode. Will it just be forgotten and replaced with images of a totally normal mall visit? Will rescuing Miki turn into some meet-cute scenario? Earlier, when they were running from the cinema zombies, she just blanked out and had a nightmare about her classmates turning into zombies. But during the Miki incident, she was aware and active and even recalled some similar event from her past. I really want to know how Yuki’s mind works.

Speaking of the event from the past, I’m 99.9% sure that the image flashing in Yuki’s mind was of Megumi, clutching an injured arm and surrounded by zombies.

I stared at this frame a lot, okay?

I was paying a lot of attention to Megumi this episode as well and that combined with the above thing is making me more and more convinced that Megumi isn’t really real anymore. Can’t wait to know for sure.

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18 Responses to Gakkougurashi! Episode 5 – Meeting

  1. Remy Fool says:

    Phew. Despite what I said in the previous episode post, that was all in hindsight. Even though we /know/ Miki will be alright, I was still incredibly tense watching this episode.

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    • D says:

      Haha I was worried too but for the other three during their shopping trip. Kept expecting zombies to jump out from behind mannequins. That cinema scene was the best of it though.

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  2. raistlin0903 says:

    This so far was the best episode in a series that continues to grow with every single new one I watch. Ofcourse after your last post, I did the same: I payed a lot of attention to Megumi, and I came pretty much to the same conclusion: Megumi is not real. There were too many things in this episode that convinced me of this. It might even be that she’s Yuki’s defense meganism in some way. Maybe by letting her be a figment of her imagination, it is her way to escape into a dreamlike fantasy that allows her to escape the horrors of this post apocalyptic world. Whatever the case may be, I love this series. It is seriously unique, and truly a real fantastic way and original twist on the zombie genre. I really have to avoid bingewatching this series lol. But no, I am keeping patient…and watch a new episode every two days 😊 Looking forward to the next one, and ofcourse your post for it 😊

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    • D says:

      My current theory is that Megumi’s death is what pushed Yuki into her defensive delusion and that the Megu-nee hallucination is ‘aware’ of the zombies as a protective measure. Like in the first episode when Yuki mentions almost going home but being stopped by Megumi and the library incident. In both cases, Megumi protects her but if Megumi isn’t real, then it means that she’s a projection of Yuki’s mind that’s meant to keep her safe.

      Am I making any sense?

      But yeah, I get ya. The temptation to binge is stronger than when I see a bag of my favorite Lays flavor. We must be strong! And resist!

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      • raistlin0903 says:

        Yes you are definitely making sense. I like your theory…and find it to be the most likely scenario. I would be really surprised at this point if Megumi does turn out to be real. That was also be a nice twist 😊
        Haha…I can still resist no worries (with Lays however I have more trouble to resist lol 😂).

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  3. Karandi says:

    The thing that got me this episode was how little the girls took with them. I get the whole travelling light but given how risky it is venturing out, it just doesn’t seem to make a lot of sense that they don’t pack a rnage of more appropriate clothes, food, things that can be used as weapons, or just anything that might fit into the car. They don’t even grab that much food in the end which just seems like they wasted the trip.
    Admittedly, they did do a good job making your feel stressed for Miki even though we know in the future she’s living in the school and fine.

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    • D says:

      You make a good point. I get why Yuki wouldn’t carry a weapon but it’d be smart for Yuuri to keep one at hand. And yeah, the supermarket trip was a bust. In the end, it ended up being more of a pleasure trip than a supply run.

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  5. Artemis says:

    Don’t worry, you’ll get the actual swimsuit episode later (probably my only really major disappointment with the show, and frankly, you can safely skip most of it).

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  6. I agree with what’s been said thus far. Despite knowing they’ll be fine, it does do a good job of keeping the tension up. I think you’re right about the swimsuit shopping too, and the reasoning you gave makes sense in the context of the world. You may yet find the same reasoning fits when the swimsuits re-appear later on. Still, there’s plenty of fun to be had yet!

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    • D says:

      Zombies stories in general are good at keeping me on edge and this one does that pretty damn well, even in these flashback segements. That seems to be the general sentiment too.

      Artemis told me about there being a proper swimsuit episode later on. I’m both curious and wary.

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      • Oddly, it being a zombie thing was a big part of how much it impressed me overall. I’m not a lover of zombie stuff, not in a “it’s too scary” way, but in a “zombies bore me” kinda way, so finding another zombie thing that I enjoyed was a nice surprise.
        In fairness to it, if memory serves, it’s one of those things that could have been far worse than it was. Not strictly necessary, and almost entirely set up to make a scene from a later episode more touching, but certainly not horrific.

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      • D says:

        I don’t mind the gore elements but the ‘dead people eating not-so-dead people’ part’s always creeped me out. I think that’s why zombie films are the horror films I’ve seen the most of. (Yeah, I’m weird like that.) The only other zombie anime I tried to watch is H.O.T.D though and well, I didn’t last three episodes.

        That doesn’t sound too bad. I was mostly worried it would be pointless fanservice.

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      • I saw some clips for H.O.T.D and decided to give it a miss. I’m not sure what it is about zombies that put me off. I have the same problem with most vamps though. There are some good (and some odd) zombie flicks out there though.
        To a degree, it is pointless fanservice, but there’s at least a minor plot progression underneath it all (again, providing i’m not remembering it incorrectly). I’d have rather it have avoided it regardless though, simply because it wasn’t needed, but there you go. It’s such a staple of anime, I wonder if studios sometimes feel pressured into it.

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      • D says:

        Wise decision. That show thinks it’s a good idea to combine headshots with pantyshots and the overall effect is…creepy. And not the good kind. I do like vampires though, provided that it’s not the Twilight kind.

        It’s likely. To be honest, I think my biggest problem with fanservice in this show would be the art style. I know they’re in high school but they look like little kids.

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      • Yeah. I read that HotD was trying to be creative with how it showed the fanservice. Somehow, that didn’t make me want to see it any more than the clips did.
        The have been drawn to look young. I’d guess that was intentional so that the overall effect of Yuki’s mind and the real situation would be more uncomfortable. It certainly works that way with regards to the general feel though, at least IMO.

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      • D says:

        Oh yeah, it does work in that regard and drive home the fact that it’s just a bunch of kids stuck in an impossible nightmare. It wouldn’t translate well into fanservice though.

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