Another Episode 08 – Hair Stand


Hey, here’s our beach episode.

The opening shot is kinda ominous with what seems to be blood spraying into the air but it turns out to be just watermelon (called it!). We see Kouichi, Reiko, Izumi, Yuuya, and Mei on the beach. After that we go back a few hours to find out how they got there.

Kouichi talks to Reiko about Matsunaga but she still can’t recall details and her attempt to contact him also fails since he stays at the resort where he works, which is outside Yomiyama. She offers to accompany Kouichi and the Countermeasures Committee there. Thus the two of them, along with Yuuya, Naoya, Izumi and two others whose names I don’t know, set out for the resort. Things are tense until they pass Yomiyama after which they all relax. Reiko shows her true colors as an…interesting…driver while Izumi and Kouichi indulge in some teasing banter.

At the resort, they’re told that Matsunaga is away for a while so they decide to make the best of the fact that it’s a seaside resort. Hence the beach episode.

Once there, Kouichi spots Mei sitting by her lonesome and brings her into the group. He finds that her summer house is close by and that she doesn’t even really know what her father’s job is. He only rarely comes home and when he does, the three of them put of a family façade. Mei seems thoroughly disenchanted with her family actually.

The kids all act their age for once, messing around on the beach and having fun – yes, even Mei. Naoya even organizes a beach cooking session with gathered ingredients. Mei admits to Kouichi that it’s not bad to be connected to another now and then.

After a while, Matsunaga joins Reiko and the two of them discuss the shrine trip and what stopped the calamity. Just like Reiko, Matsunaga is also experiencing some seriously scrambled memories. He can’t recall any details of how he stopped the deaths. When prodded about what he ‘left’ as clue for the coming generations of 9-3, all he can say is that it’s not paper.

Just when he seems to be remembering something else, vicious winds blow on the beach. The ball they’d been playing with flies out on to the sea and a guy – whom I only know as Carsick Boy – goes out after it.

Yes, this is the moment you know something’s going to go wrong.

And sure enough, Carsick Boy seems to go under a few times and then a motor boat comes around and severs his hand. He’s also clearly dead, which shocks everyone since they should have been safe outside of Yomiyama. The trauma of witnessing this death prompts Matsunaga to remember that the clue he left is in 9-3’s classroom.



Y’know, I think this is the beach episode I’ve appreciated the most in any anime. It was just nice to see all of them relax and have fun rather than worry about who’s going to end six feet under the next day. It was pretty cute, especially Mei. Every time we see her softer side, she becomes all the more endearing. As for her family situation, wow, I identify so much. Though in my case, it’s not just awkward family trips but awkward…everything.

The general laidback feel of this episode aside, I had a feeling from the start that something would go wrong at the end. It’s a horror anime – something has to go wrong in the fluffy episode. That said, I was lured into complacency just like the characters with the combo of the beach setting and their being outside Yomiyama. That still puzzles me though. How did that guy die even though the calamity’s influence doesn’t extend to outside Yomiyama? More importantly, how do you die instantly from a severed limb? It wasn’t like he had time to bleed out. Was it shock or something?

On a far less serious subject, does Izumi have a thing for Kouichi? It sure seems that way some(most)times.

I’m curious to know what it is that Matsunaga left in the classroom, where it is, and if the shrine really had anything to do with the calamity stopping. I’m sure we’ll find out eventually.


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9 Responses to Another Episode 08 – Hair Stand

  1. raistlin0903 says:

    I think this was pretty much spot on: this was the best beach episode from an anime ever 😀 I usually despise beach episodes, but given that this series is so dark, it was actually nice to have a bit of a relaxing episode for a change 😊 Which ofcourse had to end in disaster lol 😂😂
    Oooh….all those questions at the end…no, I’m not going to say anything lol. Oh yeah, I just saw episode of school live….really WTF. Now I know what you meant by restraining yourself not to bingewatch this 😂😂

    Liked by 1 person

    • D says:

      They typically bore me to tears because girls/guys in swimwear is cute and all but it’s dull af to just sit around and see them mess around on a beach for half an hour. But Another took that and made it kinda fun.

      Right?? What even is happening.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Artemis says:

    I would have so much more appreciation for beach/onsen/generic fanservice episodes if they all culminated in the grisly death of at least one character. Seriously – can we make that the next big anime trend? Please??

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Karandi says:

    I have to admit, even I liked this beach episode. For once I was supposed to be worried about someone dying and it had nothing to do with the water and just a curse.
    I agree that Mei really shines in these softer moments where she becomes less a plot point and more a person that you can kind of start to feel sorry for given she was being ignored by everyone until recently.

    Liked by 1 person

    • D says:

      Hey, you’re back. Kinda. Hope you’re enjoying the vacation!

      I bet that was a welcome distraction. And yep, it’s nice to see more of her normal life. She’s still an oddball for sure but now it seems like she’s got actual reasons for it rather than plot saying so.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Karandi says:

        Kinda back. I have about a day and a half at home before I have to head off to the city and then I get a few days before flying out. Still, at least the no internet part of the trip is done and now I just have to put up with limited internet and fairly inconsistent wi-fi connections.

        Liked by 1 person

  4. Remy Fool says:

    This should totally be the new gold standard for beach episodes.

    More questions with more episodes is the trend here! If only we received more answers…

    Liked by 1 person

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