Gakkougurashi 8 – Future


Here we have another episode that’s half cute antics and half wtf-ery.

The opening shot is of an indistinct zombie figure, whom I’m 99.99% sure is Megumi, ambling about in the area where Megumi kept her journal. We can see a lot of scribbles on the pages, including what looks like messy, scrawled versions of the three girls’ names.

In the safe zone, Yuuri is searching the staff room for the lock that belongs to the key she got from Miki. A dirty Yuki is shown chasing an equally dirty Taroumaru, both running into Yuuri and getting scolded before proceeding to a bath. Afterwards, Miki and Yuuri dry Yuki and Taroumaru respectively. At the end, Miki berates Yuki for being her unique self and wasting the time before graduation. A discussion about the future they may never have proceeds. Throughout it all, Yuuri is oddly subdued.

We then get a flashback to when Yuuri and Megumi thought up a name for the School Living Club. They also take commemorative photos afterward.

That night, Yuuri can’t sleep and is joined by Miki who also can’t sleep. Miki says she can’t stop thinking about a certain thing, which is the way their school is a little too well-equipped with solar panels, food supplies, water storage etc, almost as if it’s designed to house people for large periods of time. Rather than doubt her, Yuuri says she’s also thought of it as suspicious. While it’d be normal for a new facility to have one or two of these things, this is a little too excessive. She shows Miki the key and says she thinks it might be the key (heh) to solving this mystery.

So the two of them start searching the staff room again. Shortly after, Yuki shows up all sleepy. She woke up from a dream and got worried to see Yuuri and Miki missing so she came looking. When Miki tells her that Megumi told them to look for what the key is for, Yuki deems in a treasure hunt (it must be an interesting place in this girl’s head) and they start looking. Yuki hinders more than helps though. She finds teddy bears, sleeping bags and a mic, even cajoling Miki into taking her picture. She also reacts to the instant camera used as if she’s never seen it before which prompts Yuuri to try and remind her of the real past. Miki covers it up though.

They find nothing and decide to stop for the day. Before they leave, Yuuri notes that there are more zombies in the school now, even at night time. Just then, Yuki announces that she’s found something. And it’s actually something relevant this time because she finds a false panel with a safe inside. The key does open the safe and in it, they find a DVD and some documents. It seems innocuous enough but then Yuuri sees something that shocks her.

Yuki rushes off to tell Megu-nee that they found what she wanted them to find. Yuuri shows the document to Miki and it turns out to be a manual for emergency staff evacuation.

Well then.

The contents are worse. It speaks of a biological weapon that may have more casualties than predicted and the need to prioritize the human race over individual life. Miki and Yuuri are frozen in shock while Kurumi gets her rage on. Elsewhere, Yuki’s at the door where Megumi died, talking to air again.



Told ya. Half cute shit, half holy shit.

Personally, I prefer the latter.

It was nice to see a relatively Yuuri-centric episode. She’s the one we know least about at this point, appearing only as the wise woman of the gang. This shows that she’s still a young girl, albeit one who’s way more mature than her peers. Her obvious bond with Megumi also adds something to her portrayal since we’ve only seen Yuki’s and Kurumi’s relationship with Megumi until now. It shows that for all that Yuuri appears perpetually cool and composed, there’s a lot of emotions underneath it all.

Yuki, on the other hand, was irritating this episode. I still haven’t become used to her voice. It grates. And I don’t know if the stuffed toys and sleeping bag she found in the staff room will end up significant – at this point, I wouldn’t put it past this show – but those parts were still annoying.

As for the big reveal…

What the actual hell?

Okay, it was mentioned offhand in some earlier episodes that the school was very well-equipped and yes, it seemed odd at times but never did I consider it being deliberate. Clearly, the zombies ain’t an accident. But what exactly did their school have to do with it? It’s a high school, why was it even involved with biological weapons to the point that there was an evacuation manual for the staff? Also, this information puts the Vice Principal’s demand that Megumi not get too friendly with her students in a whole new light. Hard to leave kids to die if you’re attached to them, hm? Speaking of, did Megumi know? Also, what’s in the DVD?

Anyway, this was one hell of a twist and combined with the glimpse of what’s probably zombie!Megumi at the beginning, the remaining episodes are sure to be a wild ride.

…even if the next one seems to be the swimsuit episode.

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7 Responses to Gakkougurashi 8 – Future

  1. raistlin0903 says:

    Haha, yes the preview for the next episode had me frowning too. But who knows, for all we know this might just be a decoy to lure us into false safety, I would not put it past this show. Like you I had pretty much the sane reaction. Yes I though it odd that the school was so well equipped at times, but never in my wildest dreams did I expect this. Like…what the hell? What’s even creepier…was this school deliberately luring kids in to have them turned into biological weapons? That is really like beyond evil.
    I agree with your thoughts on Yuki though…she was seriously annoying in this episode. I get that she is the focal point of the show, but still…why have her be such a pain in the ass at times. And that voice…/uugh.
    But besides that: can’t wait for the next episode 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    • D says:

      I’m curious to know what the hell the school was doing too. ‘Staff evac’ implies that they intended to leave the students to rot (literally). It might not be far-fetched to think that the students becoming zombies was a likely scenario. There’s still so much we don’t know though.

      Yuki’s voice will feature in my nightmares. Just -no. I can’t stand it. And I’ve given up hope of it ever becoming better.

      As for the next epiosde. Erm. Well. Good luck? 😀


  2. Artemis says:

    This was the point where the show kinda broke down for me. No spoilers, but just speaking from personal feeling, this episode came a little out of left field in terms of plot compared to all the episodes that came before it. And then yeah, as you can see from the preview, we get the swimsuit episode next – which basically has nothing at all to do with the contents of what we got in THIS episode. It’s like watching two completely different shows, and for me, the series never quite recovered after that. Of course, you may well have a different take on things, and I’ll be curious to see how you view things.

    Liked by 1 person

    • D says:

      I was surprised by the reveal in this but I’ll be pleased if they deal with it well. As for the swimsuit episode, I watched it yesterday after posting this and I was bored out of my mind. I really don’t see why they had to include that.


  3. Remy Fool says:

    I didn’t think about connecting what the vice principal said to the emergency manual. Nice catch.

    Sorry to hear that Yuki is still annoying to listen to. Ah well, I think most people would agree.

    Liked by 1 person

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