Another Episode 09 – Body Paint


The mystery of how Crasick Boy – actual name Nakao – died outside of Yomiyama is solved at the beginning of this episode. Turns out he didn’t die of the collision with the boat but rather from a head injury he got from banging his head on the staircase at home. That explains the vomiting and his clumsy swimming. Chibiki is the one who tells them this, piecing the story together from the words of the detective on the case and Nakao’s family.

Kouichi has yet another creepy dream where all the victims so far show up in all their bloody glory to tell him that it’s all his fault.

Later, he calls Yuuya and Naoya and tells them about Matsunaga’s words at the beach. Kouichi was the only one who heard him say that he left ‘it’ in the classroom and he wants to keep it between just the three of them so that more people won’t be in danger. His justification is that Nakao wouldn’t have died if he hadn’t accompanied them to the beach.

They assume that the classroom in question is the old 9-3 class and decide to search for it the next day. As Kouichi and Yuuya head to the art club where they’ll meet up with Yuuya, they run into a couple of girls from their class. Naoya asks if they want to join the search but both of them decline and leave. At the art club, they find Mei rather than Yuuya and after some fumbling attempts at secrecy, she joins them. Kouichi’s not too keen on this but Mei doesn’t even seem worried.

The old classroom is an utter mess. Mei almost gets shredded trying to open a window and a locker almost falls on Naoya. In the end, Mei points out the broom closet as a possible hiding place and sure enough, Kouichi finds something ducktaped to its top. It turns out to be tape from Matsunaga. They sneak into the AV room to play it.

Matsunaga sounds pretty anxious on the tape. He says it’s both a confession of his sin and also advice to the future students of 9-3 on how to stop the calamity. He starts by recounting the day they visited the Yomiyama shrine. Their homeroom teacher believed it could help lift the curse. The shrine was on top of a hill and all but abandoned. They cleaned up the place, prayed and left in a cloud of careful optimism that was promptly shattered when a thunderstorm suddenly arrived and bodies started dropping.

One guy got hit by lightning, a girl ell of the cliff and everyone panicked. But just when the tape starts to get to the important part, someone’s footsteps is heard and the group scrambles to hide. Naoya messes up the tape in the process too. Yuuya says he’ll try to fix it so all hope may not yet be lost.

Meanwhile, remember the girls whom Kouichi and Naoya talked to earlier?

Well, one and her family flies off a cliff while presumably trying to leave Yomiyama. Another returns home to find her brother dead in a freak accident.

Another sure likes to end its episodes on a bright and cheerful note.



That was a smart move they pulled with Nakao. It makes us think for a moment that the established rules of the curse are not so rigid after all but then subverts it soon after. I wonder though if that’s common knowledge or if most still think it’s suddenly possible to die outside Yomiyama. The two faceless students chatting at the beginning of the episode seem to think so. They also express reluctance to go on the class trip and blames Kouichi instigating the calamity.

Other than this, there wasn’t a lot going on this episode. Kouichi’s logic for limiting the information about the clue sounds faulty to me. People are going to die no matter what they do, as the two deaths in this episode made clear. Nakao may have died even if he hadn’t gone to the beach. The mere act of looking for the clue isn’t any more likely to get them killed. But I’m going to assume that he’s not really thinking clearly due to the stress. Or maybe he was always a bit of an idiot. I don’t know.

I’m kinda annoyed by the way they handled the tape. Seriously, cutting it off the moment something big was going to be revealed? A bit of a cheesy tactic, don’t ya think? This story’s already got a lot of mystery going for it. Some answers would be nice, especially since merely knowing them is unlikely to make things magically easier. Matsunaga wouldn’t be so nervous otherwise.

Speaking of, what is his ‘sin’? Did he kill someone or what?

Just 3 more episodes to go.

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5 Responses to Another Episode 09 – Body Paint

  1. raistlin0903 says:

    Haha, I agree it was a bit of a lame tactic…but…it will all come together soon 😊 There was still enough to enjoy….that freak accident for instance, was seriously horrifying, but in a good way.
    But yeah, the wasn’t one of the best episodes of the series….the tension will get cranked up pretty soon now though. Especially pay attention to the music in the upcoming episodes…it really will make some of the scenes even more tense. And no…my lips are still sealed about what’s coming up next 😊😊

    Liked by 1 person

    • D says:

      It honestly reminded me of Final Destination. Actually, all the deaths kinda do.

      Hmm yeah, the weakest so far but I have faith that it’ll pull itself together. I’m sure more deaths await. And worry not, I appreciate the surprise 😉

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Remy Fool says:

    Yeah it was pretty lame. But yeah Naoko’s death was interesting!

    At least we’re getting some answers to accompany the increasing amount of questions.

    Liked by 1 person

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