Gakkougurashi 9 – Holiday


So. The Pool Episode.

The mood shift after the big reveal of the previous episode is jarring and I am so not impressed. It was kind of a chore to get through this episode – it was pretty damn boring. Cute antics for the sake of it don’t do much for me and girls in swimsuits would be more appealing if they didn’t look like middle school kids.

Anyway, this is what happened. Yuuri, Kurumi and Miki (hey, I only just noticed that all four girls’ names end with an ‘i’) are stressing over the big reveal and wondering whether Megumi knew. Miki seems to think not as the manual wasn’t meant to be opened unless instructed. They also become curious about the second basement level mentioned in it. Just then, Yuki bursts in with a dirty Taroumaru and proposes cleaning the water tank on the roof.

Yeah, she just wants to play in the water. A great and noble goal, methinks.

Yuuri approves because they all could use the respite. It’ll give them time to collect their thoughts about the nature of the outbreak and also Megumi. What follows is the usual fun shit – beach balls, water guns etc etc. It’s once again noted that the school is designed to be wholly self-sufficient. Yuuri even wonders how many people it was originally intended to shelter.

A nice moment occurs towards the end where Miki notices that Yuuri has brought Kei’s music player up to the roof. As she’s holding it and thinking of Kei, Taroumaru comes to her. He seems to recognize Kei’s scent on it and even softens towards Miki, letting her pet him and play with him. Miki is naturally over the moon about this.

Later, as they’re cleaning up, Miki tells Yuki about missing Kei. Yuki’s advice is to have fun in school until Kei returns to her. Right.

That night, as the girls are all asleep, Taroumaru hears something and tries to rush out. He slips out of his collar, opens doors that shouldn’t be opened and ends up running into what is absolutely confirmed as zombie!Megumi.


R.I.P, boy.



I realized something this episode. I don’t actually care for any of the characters in this show. It’s their situation and the way they’re handling it that keeps me so captivated. Usually, not being into the characters would seriously affect my enjoyment of a story but in this case, it doesn’t seem to matter much. I’m not saying I hate or even dislike the characters. I don’t, though I do find Yuki to be annoying more often than not. I just don’t care much about them as people even though I do care about their survival – if that makes any sense. The one I’m most interested in is Megumi actually. I want to know the exact circumstances that led to her sacrifice and also about whether she knew about the evacuation manual.

As for this specific episode, yeah, it was dull. I couldn’t even turn off my brain and enjoy the fanservice because the art style makes these high school girls look like they’re twelve (except for bust size) and well, no thanks. Matt (of Matt Doyle Media) mentioned that this same style actually enhances the tragedy of their situation and I absolutely agree. But it doesn’t translate well into fanservice, at least not for me.

On the bright side, we have zombie Megumi confirmed… even if Taroumaru had to get in deep shit for that to be the case. I want to hope that he won’t die but well, we’ll see.

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9 Responses to Gakkougurashi 9 – Holiday

  1. Yeah, the fan service was completely unnecessary, and I have the same issue with it as you: the age that the characters are drawn as. To me, the whole point of this episode was to set up Miki and Taroumaru reconciling and then send the doggy off to help with the Megumi confirmation. All of which could have been acheived in a different setting and quicker, but there you go. I try to look past it all for the reconciliation. It’s a temproary blip in the overall quality of the show, at least.

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    • D says:

      I don’t really see how the swimsuits were necessary for the Taroumaru-Miki reconciliation either. It was a nice moment definitely but it could have happened any other way.

      I do get Yuki and the rest’s desire to mess around in the water because that’s always fun but why did we have to sit through a whole episode of it??

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      • Aye, if they felt that they really had to show it, it could have worked just fine as a five minute montage with a couple of shots of the characters getting a sense of foreboding about the files they found and so on. But then, I find myself thinking similar in most beach episodes on shows too. swimsuits seem to have become far too standard a trope.

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  2. Karandi says:

    I was in the same boat by this episode. It was really trying my patience. Cute girls for the sake of it just isn’t my thing. Fortunately, that tone shift at the end kind of gave me hope for a decent finish.

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  3. Remy Fool says:

    The swimsuit episode is not escapable. Even in a zombie series.

    Sorry to hear that you don’t particularly care for any of the characters. Maybe they’ll cause you to change your mind before the series ends?

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    • D says:

      At least it’s better than HOTD’s version of it. I think that had actual zombies in swimsuits.

      Mayyybe. I think it’s a case of the situation being more engaging than the people.

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  4. raistlin0903 says:

    I was a bit behind on the series, so I finally managed to catch up. Have to agree totally with you on this episode. It was the worst of the entire series. The fanservice was totally uncalled for in my opinion as well (though luckily not as bad as the Highschool of the Dead, that would have been really gross), but yeah, did not see the point either. I can understand that maybe they simply wanted a bit of a lighthearted episode in what is becoming a darker and darker show by the minute, but no for me this didn’t work either. Luckily we do get zombie Megu-nee at the end of this one, which redeemed it a bit. Glad episode 10 got things back on track, but yeah this was a pointless and boring episode.
    As for the characters…I actually didn’t realise it, but you make a fair point. I really don’t feel much forbtheforfor either, despite not disliking them. Strange really. Doesn’t happen very often, especially not in series like these (and not hating characters either). Oh wel….it’s going to go bad now anyway 😊 For the characters that is, not for us 😂

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    • D says:

      Highschool of the Dead took tasteless fanservice to a level that’d be hard to surpass. I only watched three episodes but I remeeber them showing a girl’s underwear while she was being eaten.

      This was far milder but still unnecessary. I can see why the girls needed the break but we didn’t need to see the break. The bit at the end and the follow-up in the next episode are great though!

      Yeah, it’s a strange fee;ing for me too. Usually, if I don’t like a character I don’t care what happens to them or the show. Here, it’s all convoluted 😐

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