Gakkougurashi! Episode 10 – Rainy Day


Miki and Yuuri are in the club room and Miki has finished the book she got at the mall, which is about a group of kids travelling with their dog after their home burns down during a war. It has a sad ending where the dog dies.

Guess who’s gonna be dead this episode.

It looks like it’s about to rain and Miki notes that Yuuri doesn’t like rainy days. Yuuri says it’s because Megumi died on one such day. They were setting up the barricades and expanding their safe zone. It began raining and the zombies rushed inside for cover, surrounding them. Megumi sacrificed herself so the others could escape. Miki worries if they’ll be okay that day since there are even more zombies in the school now but Yuuri says that the barricade won’t fall so easily as it holds their hopes and Megumi’s love.

Guess what happens at the end of this episode.

Yuki shows up and reveals that Taroumaru is missing. He doesn’t return even when they bring out the food so Miki decides to go look for him. Yuki and Kurumi join in, the latter going off on her own. She promises Yuuri she won’t be reckless but where have we heard that before?

Kurumi goes up to the roof first but he’s not there. Megumi’s grave catches her eye and she flashbacks to the time shortly after Megumi cut her hair. They talk about the School Living Club and how having a purpose might help keep them going despite everything. It’s also just a nice moment between the two. In the present, Kurumi asks Megumi – well her spirit, I guess – to keep an eye over Taroumaru, who’s also a club member.

Guess who infects Taroumaru in the first place.

Kurumi continues her search and finds that the dog’s footprints go past the barricade. She also jumps over without a second thought and sees that the paw prints go down a set of stairs none of them has been down before. Zombies appear behind her and she runs down the stairs, eventually ending up in the room mentioned in the evacuation manual.

She does find Taroumaru but he’s feral from the infection and attacks her. She can’t bring herself to hurt him so she just runs and manages to lock him away. But rather than get the fuck out of dodge, she instead rushes to attack the zombie that turned Taroumaru.

It’s Megumi of course. And Kurumi couldn’t hurt Yaroumaru. Can she hurt Megumi? Hell no.

She tries though and gets bitten because she freezes up before she can land the blow. Somehow, she manages to get back to the others. Yuuri, Yuki and Miki care for her but it’s clear that the infection is spreading fast. Yuuri seems to be considering putting Kurumi out of her misery. Miki finds something in the manual that mentions medicine down at the basement. Yuuri says she’ll go but Miki volunteers instead. Yuuri’s against it and even snaps that Kurumi also promised to be careful. But Miki says Kurumi only got hurt because of her love for Megumi and that Miki won’t have that problem.

However, as she retrieves Kurumi’s shovel, Miki sees Taroumaru’s food bowl and breaks down crying, knowing from Kurumi’s earlier words that the dog’s gone.

Yuki’s protective delusion seems to be failing in the wake of recent events.

Megumi’s seen scribbling in her journal again.

Outside, it’s raining hard and the zombies rush inside the school. The barricade falls.



Wow, this episode really compensates for last episode’s fluff, doesn’t it? Rainy day indeed, literally and otherwise.

Let’s start with Kurumi. I know that she’s very brave. But damn, there’s a thin line between bravery and recklessness and Kurumi doesn’t just cross it this episode, she fucking trashes it. The ‘should have nots’ in this episode are many. She shouldn’t have crossed the barricade alone while knowing zombies would flock inside due to the rain. She shouldn’t have run down the stairs – I still don’t know why the zombies didn’t follow her down and box her in. And she sure as hell shouldn’t have tried to confront Megumi.

I’m not going to say she shouldn’t have hesitated because that part is completely understandable in both cases. It’s the part where she actually goes toward the zombie who killed Taroumaru instead of running away that infuriates me the most. That was colossally stupid. The sad thing is that it’s also very in character. We’ve already seen in prior episode that Kurumi has lone wolf tendencies with a liberal helping of anger and recklessness. All of this is present in spades this episode.

But the real question here is – why ain’t she dead?

She could have run from Megumi after getting bitten. But what about the zombies upstairs? Could she even have fought them in her state? Or did they conveniently disappear so that Kurumi could reach the others in time to warn them?

Ah well. Kurumi seems to be on the verge of becoming a zombie herself and Yuuri considering killing her seems to be due to their conversation in the mall. I doubt she’ll go through with it though, especially now that there’s hope in the form of medicine down at the basement. But I do wonder of Miki can make it down there with the zombies seemingly pulling down the barricade at the stairs.

Speaking of which, I kinda had to laugh at the part where Yuuri says the barricade won’t fall because it holds their hope and love. I mean, no, sweet and fluffy emotions won’t act as structural reinforcement, are you kidding me? It was thus a little funny to see the barricade give away so easily at the end of this episode Then again, maybe Yuuri was just trying to comfort Miki and herself. A little optimism to get them through the day.

Before the end, a note on Megumi. Since her zombie self is down at the basement and seems familiar with it, does it mean that Megumi knew of it back when she was alive? It’s said again and again that zombies are driven by the memories of their live selves but the rest of the girls seem unfamiliar with the place. Megumi’s journal also holds handwriting that’s somewhat legible, presumably from before she turned. So did she use to sneak down there or something?

Anyway, I’m eager to see how all of this will turn out.


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8 Responses to Gakkougurashi! Episode 10 – Rainy Day

  1. It was a major tonal change from the last episode, and very much needed I thought. I remember watching this one and being glad that it was back on track.

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  2. Remy Fool says:

    Quite the (welcome) change from the previous episode’s events.

    I was nice seeing that they put in the little hints that foreshadowed what would happen, in my opinion. Better than letting loose with stuff that was completely out of left field.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. raistlin0903 says:

    Well, this episode was definitely sooo much better than the last one (but that really isn’t a real big surprise lol). It was bound to happen, one of the characters getting bitten. But it really infuriated me how stupid she was. Exactly: why did she not run away? Why head out there in the first place …it was really a stupid action on her part. I don’t know if there now is some kind of miracle medicine that will save her life in the end (honestly I hope not, it just would be a really easy solution in my opinion).
    Also…might Yuki now be returning to her old self because of the rain? She finally noticed that the window is broken. Something that has never happened before. Might the train have been some kind of trigger or something? I really think things will get extremely tense now, with the barricade going down. I guess Megu-nee’s love has run out in holding it together huh? Lol 😂
    Looking forward to the final two episodes. 😊

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    • D says:

      Yeah, episode 9 is pretty easy to surpass all things considered. I spent most of the episode wtf-ing at Kurumi. I get why she did what she did from an emotional standpoint but logically? Boy was she stupid.

      Yeah, they seemed to be hinting at that. I think seeing Kurumi injured + feeling the rain through the window might have done it. I’m sure that Yuki is subconsciously aware of what’s really going on so maybe Kurumi’s impending zombification may have pushed for the illusion to shatter.

      They’ll be funnn 😀


  4. The Otaku Judge says:

    My Jenga tower cannot be toppled. It is held up by love and hope.

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