Gakkougurashi! Episode 11 – Scar



Last episode ended with the barricade giving away as the zombies all rush inside the building to avoid the rain. Now we have Yuki whose delusion breaks just in time for a zombie of her classmate to show up. Yuuri hears her scream and turns to see a lone zombie shuffling past the room she and Kurumi are in. And Miki, who’s crying over Taroumaru’s fate, is cornered by a number of zombies.

Miki freezes up and it looks like she’s a goner but then Yuki of all people barrels in to save her. The two of them escape and lock themselves in a room. Yuuri is locked in another room with Kurumi who’s screaming in agony. The zombies are all over the place, even the roof. A bolt of lightning messes up the power supply and also sets a lot of zombies on fire.

Miki remembers the medicine and prompts Yuki into acting like her usual self for a bit. Then she takes the shovel and heads out, telling Yuki to lock the door behind her and stay safe. As she goes, Miki realizes that using the shovel isn’t as easy as Kurumi made it look. She gets cornered again but manages to trick the zombies using Kei’s music player.

Yuuri has a flashback to the return trip from the mall when she and Kurumi talked about the whether or not the zombies are aware. Kurumi prefers to think they’re not and tells Yuuri to remember her promise. In the present, Yuuri says she’ll keep the promise and takes out a knife to kill Kurumi.

Meanwhile, Miki has reached the basement and encounters Megumi. She takes the time to talk at her from the other side of the shutter. Miki seems to think that Megumi somehow trapped herself in the basement so that she won’t end up hurting the other three. Miki assures her that they’re all fine and taking care of each other. Just then, Megumi grabs her leg and Miki bashes her over the head after assuring her she can rest in peace. The power goes away soon after and the siren signaling emergency power use attracts the zombies especially since the CD player also breaks just then.

After that, Miki reaches the place where we used to see zombie!Megumi lingering and writing her journal. There, she finds a box with bloody handprints all over it. Inside, there’s medicine including an experimental antidote for the newly infected. But as Miki is about to escape with it, she runs into a huge horde attracted by the siren. She manages to lock herself into the room where Kurumi trapped Taroumaru. He’s released in the process but just runs away rather than attack.

Miki sees how similar her current location is to the safe room in the mall and despairs over being trapped with no way out and no help to come. Yuuri’s also shown to be breaking down since she can’t bring herself to kill Kurumi.

Then we’re back with Yuki. Earlier, she had a dream which showed her growing break from her protective delusions. Now, she tells the Megu-nee in her mind that she has a feeling she needs to go help the others. Megu-nee tells her she can save them if she goes to the broadcasting room. She heads out, armed with a bat. There are no zombies in sight since the siren attracted all of them.

On the way to the broadcasting room, she stops by a barricade and remembers the time they all built it. Yuki had felt at the time that she was a burden since she was clumsy and not strong. But Megumi said her smile gave them all strength and made her promise to keep smiling no matter what while promising in turn that Megumi will always watch over her.

Then she stops again at the place where Megumi died. She says she’s scared but that she kept her eyes closed to the scary things all this time and let others do the hard stuff. She can’t do that anymore. Megu-nee tells her to remember to keep her promise to always smile and then disappears. Yuki opens the door and finds no one on the other side. Megumi – even the illusion of her – is well and truly gone. Yuki cries for a bit but then firmly bids her goodbye.

The ribbon on Megumi’s grave comes loose and drifts away in the wind.



This was easily the most emotional episode so far and wow, I’ve got something in my eye.

I know I said I don’t much care for the characters but this episode constantly had me worry for their safety and the more emotional moments felt spot on. Megumi easily remains the most interesting of the lot even when she’s dead. For instance, how did she get herself trapped in that basement? Did she do it while she was alive but infected and running from the zombies? I can’t see how she got away from the horde that we see in the flashbacks but it still seems to be the most likely scenario. The bloody handprints on the medicine box indicate that Megumi at least tried to give herself the antidote but probably turned fully before she could manage that.

Miki’s theory that Megumi willingly got stuck in the basement also probably has some merit. She can’t seem to get past the shutter as a zombie (without using a leg to pull herself through) so she must have gotten down there when she could still move properly. And the last legible words we see in her journal reads ‘Kurumi Yuki Rii LIVE” so I assume that’s what she managed to write that before she no longer could.

Megumi’s the most badass character in this show and nothing will convince me otherwise.

As for Yuki, seeing her delusion break was as satisfying as I hoped it would be. It’s gradual, allowing her time to take action rather than freeze up and get bitten. Her final farewell to Megu-nee can be easily taken as her accepting reality once and for all. The ribbon thing was pretty cheesy but I very much appreciate the symbolism of it.

The only thing that makes me squint is how long Kurumi’s transformation is taking. The only other zombie character who turned onscreen was Kurumi’s senpai who did so in a much quicker and quieter way. But all the hints about Megumi implies that she also took a long time to turn so maybe it depends on the individual. I’m pretty sure that Kurumi and Miki will both make it but I am worried about Yuki.

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9 Responses to Gakkougurashi! Episode 11 – Scar

  1. This series sounds really good. 🙂 I really want to watch it, but by the sounds of it, I’d end up crying like a baby. 😦

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  2. raistlin0903 says:

    Lol, I had the same thought. It was just yesterday that I said that I did not care about the characters in one way or the other, but here I was really worried over their respective lives. Strange if you come to think of it. Honestly, I thought this series was going to throw a curveball at us,and kill everyone. It certainly looked that way a couple of times. But ofcourse that didn’t happen in the end.
    I agree with you on Megumi, I really think she is the best character from the show as well. Which considering she is dead is saying something. As for Kurumi’s transformation, I don’t know. If I take the Walking Dead as an example, there also characters in that show that turn almost instantly, and others that take far longer. It is even said once in the forst season that it takes different times for people to finally turn, maybe that is also the case here. That said, it is of ourse a coincidence that this happens to be Kurumi who seems to hold out the longest.
    I now it was maybe cheesy, but I still loved the ribbon scene on the roof. It just worked somehow, I don’t know. Well only one more episode to go. I will go and watch that now, and get back to you on the final post for this series 😊

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    • D says:

      I admit I thought that a few times too but hey, the manga is ongoing apparently so anything could happen at its end.

      Right? If I pause to think about her, I get emotional because she’s this inexperienced teacher whom everyone said would screw up but in the end, she was the best guardian the girls could have hoped for. Not to mention how she tried to protect them even in death.

      Fair enough about Kurumi. It seems consistent in-series too if we take Megumi into consideration. Maybe it’s got something to do with each person’s natural resistance to the infection. Or something. Look, I can’t science ok 😀

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      • raistlin0903 says:

        Haha, no worries , I don’t know science either 😂😂 But yeah, it’s a sound theory so let’s stick with that lol 😂 But so true about Megumi. I have way too much imagination, so I can almost see her final moments in my mind, and let me tell you, not a pretty sight. But that only makes her even more of a hero 😊

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  3. Remy Fool says:

    The last few episodes are just so emotional, wow.
    It really was satsifying to see Yuki snap out of it once and for all. And just in time, too.
    Nice to see Miki rise up to the occassion, as well. She was probably best suited for this since the others are simply too attached.
    Kurumi’s zombification really did a long time huh? Way too convenient, in my opinion.

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    • D says:

      Yep, it caught me off guard too. As for Yuki, hell yes and I also like how they did it kinda slowly so she wouldn’t just freeze up like she did in the mall with the theater zombies. Her goodbye to Megumi got me all teary too.

      It is convenient but I think it’s also consistent. If Megumi had time to drag herself down to the basement in her injured state with zombie hordes everywhere and also try to get her hands on the medicine box, then I guess some people taking a while to turn is already established.

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