Gakkougurashi! 12 – Graduation



The first batch of zombies Yuki runs into on her way to the broadcasting room is distracted with a fire extinguisher but she runs into another group just in front of her destination and is caught. She can’t really use the bat she’s carrying and it seems like all hope is lost before an infected Taroumaru charges the zombies near her, helping her out.

Meanwhile, Yuuri is holding onto Kurumi and crying while Miki is only barely keeping out of reach of the zombies and is sure of her death.

Yuki gets inside the broadcasting room and even captures Taroumaru using her hat. He’s aggressive and his skin is too cold but he’s still manageable since he’s so small. She hugs him and says that he does remember his time with the girls. After locking him in a cupboard, she thinks that the rest of them must be like that too – aware deep inside of their past selves. She announces that school is out and all students should go home. She continues to talk about her and everyone else’s love for the school and well, the zombie kids may not understand all that but they do acknowledge the earlier announcement and start leaving the school.

Miki gets the medicine to Kurumi on time and the next morning finds them all well and safe. Even Taroumaru, who’d also been given the medicine, is back to his normal self even though everyone worries that his infection progressed too far.

At first, it seems like he’ll be fine. He eats a bit and drinks some water. Miki thanks him for saving Yuki and also saving her earlier in the mall. He whines happily at her and then dies peacefully in her lap. There are tears everywhere, including mine.

They bury him beside Megumi. Miki maintains a stoic facade and even tells Yuki that she has to send him off with a smile but Yuki rejects that, saying tha if you bottle up all the sadness, then you’ll lose sight of what’s important. She ties her own ribbon on Megumi’s grave marker and says she’d forgotten for so long what Megumi’s last words were – that she was glad she got to be their teacher. Thus Miki gets her well-earned cry.

Back in the club room, they discuss what to do now. Since both power and water supply are in jeopardy, they’ll have to leave. Yuuri finds shelters marked in a map Megumi left for them, hinting that she was thinking of where to go next before she died. While Miki, Yuuri and Kurumi worry over whether the people in these shelters will welcome them, Yuki barges in with a food item from the basement whose packet sports teeth marks that are even tinier than Taroumaru’s.

They speculate that Taroumaru went down to the basement in the first place to seek out this other, mysterious dog – this makes sense since we do see him react to something like another animal’s cry the night he heads down there. They assume it’s outside now and hope it’s safe.

Kurumi says they should stop worrying about what could happen after they leave and just do it. Yuki wants to hold a graduation ceremony – Miki gets to skip a grade – and they make preparations. Touching speeches are made, tears are shed – none of mine this time – and they get their fake diplomas, all the while Megumi’s teddy bear presides over them.

They finally leave the school which is still free of zombies. But as they go, Miki sees a single zombie that bears a striking resemblance to Kei heading to the school. She doesn’t bring it up with the others though and they drive off.

While the credits play, we see another dog standing near Taroumaru’s grave. And a post-credits scene shows a woman picking up one of the balloon letters that the girls sent.



And it’s over.

The dire situation of the last episode got turned around pretty quickly. But they built up the residual memories thing enough over the prior episodes that the zombies listening to the ‘school is out’ announcement makes sense. I’m slightly surprised to that there are no human casualties since watching zombie stories have pretty much conditioned me to expect at least one important person dying by the end.

But I’d day Taroumaru’s death fills the tragedy quota since his peaceful passing was ten times sadder than when he got zombified by Megumi. I wasn’t even surprised when he showed up to save Yuki. Combining his persistent protective streak with an emotional passing got me hard. Why did the dog have to die…

Yuki saying it’s important not to bottle up sadness seems to be from experience. Maybe she tried too hard to smile and give others strength that her mind took it up to eleven and gave her delusions that would enable her to keep smiling. She’s clearly better now and that’s good to see.

One thing that’s been left vague until this point is what happened to Kei after she left the school. And well, seems like we’ve got our answer. Though not shown clearly, it’s still obvious that the lone zombie heading for the school is Miki’s friend. It’s not an unexpected fate but still, it’s sad to know that Miki won’t ever meet her again as she wished to.

Though it’s obvious that the story continues, I’m fairly satisfied with how this has ended. I wouldn’t say no to another season but the girls’ school adventures coming to an end makes for a good conclusion. Definitely the best ‘cute girls club’ show I’ve seen. (Yes, it’s the only such show I’ve seen and probably ever will see but it’s still damn good.)

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6 Responses to Gakkougurashi! 12 – Graduation

  1. raistlin0903 says:

    And so we have graduated (oh come on, you knew that pun was coming right?). Yeah I was surprised, and honestly even a little bit disappointed that nobody died. Well not counting the dog ofcourset which definitely was a sad scene, to say the least. But the series ended in quite an upbeat atmosphere. Then again, after all the darkness, I guess it is not bad to see a bit of brightness as well.
    And so it’s over. I have to say I totally agree with you. Despite one episode that was pretty bad, and the ending that for me was just a tad bit too happy, this was a fine series that I enjoyed very much. It was certainly one of the most unique shows that I have ever watched. If I had clicked on this series, and would only have seen the first few minutes without knowing what this would turn into, I would have most likely stopped watching. But of ourse I didn’t and it was all worth it. I really enjoyed reading your posts, and watching along with you. Until next time 😊

    Liked by 1 person

    • D says:

      Yeah, the sudden upbeatness after the burial was surprising but I guess it fits with the tone of the show. Does zombified Kei’s appearance count as sad though? Maybe. I get this feeling that the more you think about the series, the worse it gets. Does that make sense?

      Anyway, yes, it’s not perfect (what is?) and episode 9 needs to disappear but this was still a damn good show. I wouldn’t have given it a chance either without knowing the primary twist but I’m glad I watched this. It’s been a blast, especially discussing it with you guys 😀

      Liked by 1 person

      • raistlin0903 says:

        Yeah, I guess it does fit in the tone of the series for it to have a bot of a happy ending. But is it the end though? It would not surprise me if there would ne a second season at some point. I hope there will be, as like you, I had a blast with this one 😊
        As for your question, yeah it really does make sense. I had that some thought, but I guess that only happens when a series is truly awesome like this one. It just keeps staying in your mind. And I thought Zombified Kei definitely counts as sad…let’s say it wasn’t upbeat 😉

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  3. Remy Fool says:

    It was a great conclusion to a great series. I’m glad you enjoyed it.

    Liked by 1 person

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