Apology and Gratitude

Hey. I’m still alive.

When I said last post that I might disappear now and then, I didn’t think it’d happen so literally.

I don’t think I’ve said this before but I’m trying for a Master’s in English literature. I knew this degree ain’t easy but I sure as hell wasn’t expecting to show up for the first day of class and be bombarded with work. No, really, read+analyze Hamlet, read a 200 line poem, read the whole fucking history of England, prepare a seminar, prepare an assignment…all on the first frickin day.


Along with this, I moved to a private hostel and found that it sucked monkey balls so had to move again, all the while remembering how much I hate sharing a room. Plus other stress stuff that I won’t mention for fear of oversharing.

Basically, the week’s been hell in many ways. I’ve settled in a bit now but I haven’t been online in all that time and honestly? I don’t know if I can manage it at all while studying for my M.A while also prepping for another exam I want to take. Seriously, I’ve mostly used the internet to download texts recently and gods, that’s sad.

I hate to say this but forget the hiatus, I might actually disappear from blogging entirely for a while. I know some people can juggle full time work/study with these things but I’m unfortunately not such a person. I’m not happy about this but I’m not happy about a lot of things lately and what can ya do.


BUT I didn’t make this post to whine – well not just to whine.

See, around last week, a certain blogger had dropped a hint that he’d do something on Oct 8, my birthday. Now, he denied any plans – I didn’t believe you, Michels – but I knew he was going to do something. And truth be told, I was curious to see what he’d come up with.

But life’s a bitch like that and Oct 8 was actually the day I had to move. After that, it’s been, well, hectic is an understatement. Only tonight did I get back home and manage to log in to wordpress to see Michels’ post.

You can find it here.

Is this guy for real? No, seriously, how can one person be this sweet and kind?? I’m having trouble wrapping my head around the fact that someone this nice actually exists but at the same time, I can’t find it in me to be too surprised because Michels has consistently been an absolute joy to blog with.

So thank you, Michels. I can’t express in words how much your post meant to me. I hate this birthday of mine for many reasons but your kindness is something I’ll always remember and treasure.

It’s not just Michels. Those of you who wished me a happy birthday in the comments also have my deepest gratitude. I know some of you – Karandi, Remy, Weekend, Otaku Judge, Arria – while others are strangers just like I’m a stranger to them, but still, you guys all took some time out of your own busy lives to shoot me a wish and I’m a wee bit (read: a hella lot) stunned here. Thank you.

Thank you.

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15 Responses to Apology and Gratitude

  1. DerekL says:

    One of those posts where you never know quite what to say… But it’s OK to vent here, we’re here for you.

    And belated happy birthday! (We’re a month apart, you & I.)

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  2. Karandi says:

    Sorry to hear moving didn’t go so well but I hope you do settle in and things go well for you with your study. I miss seeing you around online but totally understand that what you are doing has to come first and it is going to eat a lot of your time. Best of luck.

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    • D says:

      Honestly, I miss your posts too :/
      I’m holding on to hope that things will calm down (preferably before summer vacation during which I’ll have to study anyway). And thank you!

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  3. raistlin0903 says:

    You do seriously know here that reading a post like this has me blushing all over right? What to say to a post like this…well…first off: there really is absolutely no need to apologise for this at all. I’m sorry to hear it all did not work out as well as you hoped it would. Truly as you say, life totally sucks some time…so there. But that really is no reason to apologise: I completely understand, so really no worries. As for the rest, man you are just too kind. I’m very glad to hear that the post had it’s intended effect: giving you a smile, which is what I was trying to achieve. Sad to read that you are going to be disappearing for a while, but it’s totally understandable. I hope all is going to change soon, and things will finally turn into the right way for a change. I wish you the best of luck, and really thank you for these incredibly kind words: it means a lot 😀

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    • D says:

      Clearly, I have an ulterior motive and that’s making you blush. 😉

      Ugh the reason I did my undergrad from home is that I’d been fed up with hostels. Guess I should have expected it to be as bad the second time around. Ah well, at least the second place I moved to is more tolerable. And the college is cool enough. I’ll find my equilibrium soon-ish, I just don’t know if that will include blogging. I will be back one day.

      Thank you, again, for that post. I stand by everything I said about how great you are. I’m glad I met (even if only online) you.

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      • raistlin0903 says:

        Likewise, but that should not be a big surprise 😀No problem, take all the time in the world. I of course hope you will be back, but as for now all the luck in the world with sorting everything out 😊 I hope it will go the way you want to soon 😀


  4. It sounds like it’s been really though thus far. Honestly, you don’t need to apologise though. Do what you need to do to get through it all. If that means disappearing for a while, so be it. The main thing is to get yourself in a good position.

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    • D says:

      Thanks for understanding, Matt.
      I honestly have no idea wtf I’m doing right now I’m hoping I’ll figure it out soon.

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      • Things have a habit of falling into place sometimes. I’m sure that you’ll figure it all out, it just takes time. The main thing is that you’re taking steps to put yourself in a position where you can get things on tracks.


  5. The Otaku Judge says:

    Hope things get less hectic as time passes. If you disappear for a while we shall understand. Your education is more important than blogging.

    Raistlin is a great guy. He’s usually the first person to leave a comment on my reviews, even if the post doesn’t cover one of his interests. Glad to hear that his kind gesture has lifted your spirits.


  6. I’m seriously just impressed that you had enough time to write this post. That sounds seriously difficult, and I’m kinda amazed at all the work you had ON YOUR FIRST DAY. Yikes. Take all the time you need for this; school is more important, and I think we’ll all be happy when you can return!

    And I believe in the concept of blogger friends, and it sounds as though you have amazing ones. I didn’t know you had your birthday this month, so: HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY! 🎉🎂

    Anyway, good luck. It sounds like you’re having a difficult time now, so…yeah. Good luck. (Is there a better, more interesting way of saying that? I can’t think of it. Just know that if there is, I am subconsciously saying it.)


  7. Remy Fool says:

    Heya D. Sorry, I’ve been a bit overwhelmed lately, too.

    I’m super sorry to hear that moving and the graduate life isn’t off to the best start. But it’s only just begun! Your dreams are still there! I hope you remain hopeful and motivated as you chase after them.

    I’m sure the blogging community understands that your hectic schedule makes staying active nearly impossible. I’ll miss you sorely. But we’ll cheer for you with all of our heart while waiting. Go get ’em, D!


  8. Arria Cross says:

    Raistlin is the man. He’s so sweet. I was really touched when I read his post about you. Anyway, I hope that everything works well in life with you soon. Just hang in there, D!


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