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Yuuri Katsuki & Finding Strength In Yourself

  Yes, it’s another Yuri on Ice post. The blogosphere has been flooded with those these past few months but all the same, I have my own piece to say. As my recent review made clear, I love Yuri on … Continue reading

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Parasyte: A glaring flaw

Once is happenstance. Twice is coincidence. Three times is…bad writing? And four times is really irritating bad writing. I recently finished and reviewed Parasyte – The Maxim, a sci-fi horror anime about tiny worm like creatures that take over human … Continue reading

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Noragami: Some unsettling implications

(Warnings: Spoilers for the anime. Highly subjective opinions.) (Trigger warnings: Suicide, bullying, corporal punishment) Noragami didn’t work out for me. Finishing the entirety of the first season was a tiresome and at times painful chore. But plot-wise and character-wise, Noragami … Continue reading

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Shingeki no Kyojin: Of Dark Clouds and Silver Linings

Spoilers for the whole anime I’m fairly sure that shonen is the genre I watch the most and while I do love it, I’m also aware that it’s plagued by a great amount of clichés, particularly the action/fighting anime. Most … Continue reading

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Relationships in Uraboku

This is basically my thoughts on some of the major relationships in Uraboku. As I mentioned in the review, Uraboku’s strength lies in its characters and their interactions with each other play a major role in propelling the narrative. Here … Continue reading

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Why did the Claymore ending fail?

Spoilers for the anime ending.  It’s hardly uncommon for anime to give its own twist to manga adaptations so that a season or series will not be left incomplete. Sometimes, these original elements work. Sometimes, they don’t. Unfortunately, Claymore belongs … Continue reading

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