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Btooom! Episode 3 – Survival

Summary: Sakamoto Ryouta makes a new friend. Also, food is serious business. Review: Episode 3 marks the stage where I’m starting to really get into this anime. Continuing from the ends of the previous two episodes, Himiko flees from Ryouta … Continue reading

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Btooom! Episode 2 – The Bloodstained High School Girl

Summary: Himiko’s life goes to hell in more ways than one. Review: The second episode basically introduces Himiko in the same way the first introduced Ryouta. We see a bit of their past from before the island as well as … Continue reading

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Btooom! Episode 1 – Start

Summary: Sakomoto Ryouta finds out the hard way that games don’t translate well into reality. Review: The episode opens with a scene from Btooom, an internationally successful game in which the players use bombs rather than guns to eliminate each … Continue reading

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Poll: Btooom, Lord Marksman and Vanadis, Ao no Kanata no Four Rhythm

I’m three episodes away from finishing Terror in Resonance (review of ep 8 will posted soon) and the whole thing has been easier as well as more fun that I initially expected. Since I want to continue these episodic posts, I … Continue reading

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