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Gakkougurashi! Episode 6 – Welcome

Overview: Miki takes over the narration in this episode and continues the story from after she was rescued by the other three girls.

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Gakkougurashi! Episode 5 – Meeting

Overview: Meeting immediately follows the previous episode, so we have Miki who’s been abandoned by Taroumaru and the rest of the gang driving out of the mall. Miki hears something from the outside and starts moving boxes, thinking it’s the … Continue reading

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Gakkougurashi! Episode 4 – Outing

Overview: This episode is about how Miki survived the zombies before she joined the rest of the girls. It starts with Yuki drawing a graduation album and Miki helping out. One of her pictures show another girl and from there, … Continue reading

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Gakkougurashi! Episode 3 – That Time

Overview: This episode focuses on Sakura Megumi, the Japanese teacher, as she prepares a journal and recounts how the zombie outbreak began.

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Gakkougurashi! Episode 2 – Memories

Overview: This second episode focuses mostly on Kurumi, the shovel-carrying girl with purple hair, and we finally see the girls’ situation from a perspective that’s not Yuki’s normalized version.

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Gakkougurashi! Episode 1 – Beginning

Overview: This show has a ridiculously peppy OP and if it gets stuck in my head, I’m gonna break something. Moving on.

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